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Project Forgive….

A friend recently sent me a link to learn more about Project Forgive and halfway through watching the short movie I just knew that I wanted in…

from the site…

Life happens.

We lose our jobs, we face bankruptcy and foreclosure. Some of us are dealing with a divorce, others of us are facing life threatening illnesses such as cancer. Culturally, we see deep political fighting, immigration issues, war, despair and violence. In the face of all this, how can we find the courage to forgive and cause a new realm of possibility, a new conversation?

We want to find out, so we’re making a documentary that will dive into a simple, yet complicated inquiry. The film will include exquisite stories of courageous forgiveness from celebrities, thought leaders, and people whose stories have yet to be told. Just like the one that inspired us to create the film.

I have been sitting here attempting to come up with the “right” words to motivate you to visit…

Project Forgive

and to get involved – either by sharing your stories, backing the movie, or just by passing the link along to everyone you know…

This project is sooooooo important – especially in these chaotic times.  I work with so many people who come to me with the poison of unforgiveness clouding their ability to live their Highest and Best Lives – and a poison it is.  Holding grudges, feeling “wronged”, doesn’t just affect the people who have “wronged you” – it slowly poisons you – as well as everyone who cares about you.  It sucks on your energy and motivation, it turns the world gray, and held long enough it will make you sick

By getting involved in a project like this one we can make a difference – in all of our lives…

So get involved with Project Forgive  – and then come back and share with us your own forgiveness stories…..


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2 Responses to “Project Forgive….”

  1. Nathanael says:

    To forgive you are freeing yourself. will start see new things which was previously not there. Forgiving brings more joy to forgiver then the one who has been forgiven. We must forgive and forget.

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  2. Leila says:

    This looks like an interesting enterprise. I have found that wanting to forgive leads to wanting to understand. When you understand a bit you forgive a bit more and so on until the snowball of forgiveness runs away with you and you understand a lot more than you ever did before. Thanks.

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