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Post Digital Stress Disorder by Edwin Harkness Spina

In today’s modern world, we are bombarded with electronic stimuli. In an ever increasing number of homes, stores, restaurants, airports, vehicles, shopping malls and workplaces, we are constantly subjected to demands for our attention from a myriad of electronic devices: HDTV, satellite radio, computers, digital billboards, iPods, kindles and countless other electronic gadgets.

Thanks to our ubiquitous laptops, smartphones, netbooks and tablets, we are on call 24/7. We are now expected by family, friends and co-workers to respond to emails, texts and social media posts immediately. It’s hard to escape the onslaught!

Even worse, we are being conditioned to seek out this electronic stimulus. If you’re not already being scared or entertained by the content of traditional media, you need only take out your smartphone and you can scare or entertain yourself instantly.

There’s a TV commercial I saw during the recent basketball playoffs that made fun of this. A child, dressed as a tree, is complaining because her father was busy downloading a “microstrategy app,” rather than downloading her performance in a school play.

The commercial’s intent was not to encourage you to turn off your phone and pay attention to your child, but rather to buy an unlimited data plan so you can both download your app AND your child’s video.

Currently, it’s estimated that the average adult is exposed to over 5,000 marketing messages a day. Thanks to living in such an overwhelming, electronic “notice-me,” “sound-bite” world, on average, an adult will change the focus of his or her attention EVERY 6-10 seconds!

While the long-term effects of living in such an electronics-intensive environment are currently unknown, it’s safe to say our lack of downtime is not only contributing to rising levels of stress, but may also be affecting our creativity. Your ability to create is directly related to your ability to “go within” and tap into your innermost self.

This is the fundamental problem of constant external stimulation – even when it seems to be pleasurable. We are looking OUTSIDE of ourselves for joy and fulfillment. This is the exact opposite of the adage, “The kingdom of heaven lies within.”

In earlier times, before electricity had been harnessed, there were many stories of spiritual leaders going to “the desert” or to “a mountaintop.” While the mountaintop is a metaphor for communing with God, in the more literal sense, both actions represent an attempt to escape distraction from external stimuli.

When your external, objective senses are not being stimulated, it’s much easier to “go within” to perceive the more subtle vibrations of your inner world and, ultimately, your own Divine nature. This is the goal of meditation, and it’s the reason most people choose to meditate in peaceful environments (as opposed to at a rock concert).

While heading to the desert is not always practical for people living in an urban setting, the first step is easy. For at least some period of time during the day, simply turn off your electronic (and other) distractions and give yourself some “downtime.” Ideally, this will provide you with an opportunity to commune with your innermost self.

For some people, their only respite from today’s electronic onslaught is sleep. This approach is very helpful, assuming your sleep is not interrupted by the “bing” of a voicemail, email or text to which you’ve been trained to respond … or even worse, that you’ve not fallen asleep while watching TV.

Sleep gives you a chance to recharge, surely; but there’s a faster and more efficient alternative to attaining the profound peace that reinvigorates you and lets you tap into the creative genius of your innermost self. That method is to simply flood yourself with higher vibrational, loving energy.

Rather than try to force your mind to “go within,” you can simply bathe your entire being with higher octaves of love. This energy will naturally entice you to go deeper (where all the “good stuff” is) to recharge and attune with your innermost self.

Here’s an example:

Stress Relief Meditation

It may seem ironic to offer an electronic solution to an electronic problem, but there are two sides to every coin in our world of duality. Unlike the 99% of electronic stimuli that merely distracts your mind, this particular meditation is infused with higher vibrational energies that facilitate going within and communing with your deepest inner Being

In the words of Einstein, “No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” The higher energies within this meditation are designed to entice you to go beyond your mind to a place of profound peace.

Best wishes for a mystically inspired life,

For an even more powerful way to attain a state of inner bliss, visit:

Peace Profound

Edwin Harkness Spina is the author of award-winning visionary thriller, Mystic Warrior and Mystic Secrets Revealed. He’s also the developer of Energy Center Clearing and Total Love Immersion. He was also chosen when Evolution Ezine asked for the “best teachers to investigate.”


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