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How To Create Positive Coincidences

The other day I got an e-mail from a student telling me about something wonderful that had just happened him – something that most people would say was either coincidental or pure luck.

But we both knew that wasn’t the case.

This student had been looking for a new job and had been working with my material for the past few weeks to help him accomplish this goal.

One day while at a mall he decided to go into a bookstore where he met an old friend – a wealthy old friend who had his own company.

To cut a long story short – my student was offered a job on the spot – which was close to what he had been looking for.


I don’t think so.

This student had been training his mind and subconscious mind on a daily basis – directing them to guide him to the right job. He followed up with action, and continued doing everything he could to get the right job.

Finally his subconscious responded and he listened to his instincts by going into the bookstore. One simple act – landed him a job that he had been looking for – but only after he had laid the foundation by instructing his subconscious mind to guide him to the right job.

That’s how it works I explained.

When you feed your mind and subconscious mind the positive messages to get a job – your subconscious then goes out and creates the situations, and attracts the people to help you accomplish your goals. You have to follow up – by following your instincts and taking action. Then you create the right coincidence to help you accomplish your goals.

You too can create your own little coincidences that will launch you to success.

I’ll show you how to create your own positive coincidences so that you begin creating the life you want and achieving your goals.

So read on and enjoy.

You ever wonder about those little coincidences that take place during your day? You know the kind where you just sort of scratch your head and say: “that was a weird coincidence – I was thinking about something similar and then this happens – how strange. “  Well, it’s not that strange and it isn’t just a simple coincidence.

Every day we experience what we believe are coincidences – that can sometimes shape or alter our lives dramatically.

You can direct these so called coincidences and in so doing – these apparent coincidences can help you dramatically improve your life and achieve your goals.

But if you don’t actively create your own “coincidences” you could end up creating the wrong events – and the wrong coincidences – which is what most people do. And by having the wrong coincidences you end up attracting the wrong people and fail to live the life you truly want.

What do I mean?

Suppose you could actually create little coincidences that would help you improve your life, achieve your goals and allow you to enjoy success and happiness?

You can!

There are some simple techniques that you could apply every day to help you create the kind of coincidences you want in life – all you have to do is work with them.

Is it Really a Coincidence?

What happened to my student was not a mere coincidence.

Those of you who are working with my material know that I don’t believe in coincidence.

Here’s a personal example. For several months I was looking to hire a contractor to do a rather large project on my home.

I did quite a bit of research and came across a spectacular home which gave me a lot of good ideas – but I forgot who the contractor was.

Instead of getting frustrated or angry I decided to focus on remembering who the contractor was. I did this for a few days and then forgot about it.

A couple of weeks later I was driving around in my neighborhood and saw a house having some work done the sign on the lawn said: Another home by Gorman-Mazzon.

A light bulb went off in my head – that was the contractor that did the work on the home that I thought was spectacular.

Now you may think it was coincidence but that’s not the way I see it.

These kind of orchestrated so called coincidences have happened to me my whole life – and keep happening to me every day.

I’ve been able to create the right situation at the right time including getting jobs, scholarship money and finding a home by orchestrating my own coincidences or by working in harmony with the universe and creating the right situations.

Now I’ll show you just how to create your own coincidences.

Understanding Your Own Coincidental Life

First let me clearly state that there is no such thing as coincidence.  Instead you orchestrate everything that happens to you – even what you think are coincidences are created by you on some level.

You create these so called coincidences by working with the power of your mind and subconscious mind – which works in harmony with the universe.

You can create good or bad things in your life – it’s really your choice.

The negative things that happen because you did not properly instruct your subconscious mind to create the kind of so called coincidences to help you.  Or you refused to obey the warning signs that come up every day.

These signs try to help you by trying to push you on to a certain path – when you fail to follow these signs, things don’t work out and you end up creating exactly what you don’t want.

Nothing happens by chance. You orchestrate every coincidence that happens in your life. The more you begin to think about this the sooner you’ll realize that what I am saying is true.

Here’s how you orchestrate your own apparent coincidences.

When you are focused on something, when you think about it regularly, when it is a priority in your life then you will begin to notice little coincidences pop up.

When you are calm, relaxed and trust that you will find or get what you are looking for then the coincidences become more apparent. When your mind is quiet and not filled with negative thoughts and doubts then you will see these coincidences happen sooner.

This happens no matter what you regularly think about or focus on. So if you constantly worry, live in fear, or you’re frequently angry, frustrated or just plain negative then you will create coincidences that reflect what you think about regularly. You will likely attract the people who will support what you worry about. You will also likely create events that make you believe that you need to worry or be angry about something.

The classic example is someone who is looking for a job but can’t get one. You might say that my focus is on getting a job and that’s great.

But what thoughts and beliefs do you hold that sabotage yourself? What thoughts and beliefs do you hold that create the negative coincidences that you want to avoid?

Do you trust and truly believe that you will get a job?

Or are you filled with fear, worry, anxiety and despair?

Is there a sense of panic or is your mind calm knowing and believing that you will get the right job at the right time? Remember all of the elements have to be in place in order for you to create the positive coincidence you want to happen in order for you to get you that job or whatever it is you would like to see happen in your life.

Negative situations can arise when you focus on the wrong thing, or when you let your ego self dominate. When you let your ego dominate or when you focus on the wrong things, you then end up with a negative situation or what you don’t want.

If you don’t believe me — let’s do a little exercise.

You are where you are today because of a number of coincidences that took place in your life – they all led you to where you are today. This could be good or bad — but my point is that if one of those coincidences had not taken place at a certain time in your life – you would be in a different situation. Think about it for a moment and here is what you can do to better understand what I am talking about. Think about an important area of your life – it can be finances, love, home, career, family, travel anything – any significant area of your life.

Now examine where you are today in relation to that area. Then go back a year or 5 years – look at where you were then. Now slowly start to work your way forward and try to examine the decisions you made in that area as they came up. Notice any coincidences? If you had made one decision differently – would things have changed? If yes – then do you think that it’s just a coincidence that you made the choice you made? I don’t think so.

You focused on something, good or bad, positive or negative, the opportunity came – in the form of a coincidence – and here you are today as a result of what you orchestrated some time ago. On some level – your thoughts worked in harmony with the universe – or you refused to adhere to the warning signs – or you focused on the wrong thing.

Stop creating the things you don’t want in life and start creating the coincidences that will lead you to the life you want and enjoy.

Creating Your Own Coincidences

To create your own coincidences focus on what you want. Think about what you want to happen. Then begin telling yourself that everything is working out fine and you have just what you want and need.

Then trust and let go. This may not seem easy – but trusting and letting go is actually the most important part. So the sooner you get comfortable with the process – the sooner you’ll get results.

Be patient – and be alert.

Watch for little things that come up – remember there is no such thing as coincidence.

When you notice what looks like a coincidence – make a note of it and remember – the process is already at work and soon – the right coincidence will arrive to help you achieve your goal.

Remember – you will be guided to what is best for you — all you have to do is follow the signs along the road. Read them, pay attention to what appear to be coincidences.

You can begin creating the life you want.
You can attract the people that will help you.
You can achieve your goals and be happy.
Start creating your positive coincidences today – don’t waste another minute.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Creating Power program. I listen to your cds and do the exercises every day. In recent weeks I have seen myself grow more confident and my attitude and outlook on life has improved dramatically. When I started your program I was looking for a new job – I just got hired last week – and the pay is better than my previous job. Now I’m focusing on starting my own business so that I don’t have to work for anybody. I know I’ll make the right choices thanks to your Creating Power course. Thank you so much Karim.”

-David Jenkins, Minneapolis, USA

You too can begin improving your life.

Yes you can create the coincidences to achieve success, happiness and much more.
Take control of your thoughts and you change your life. Start today – don’t waste another moment creating the life you don’t want. Remember – this is it. This is the only life you have. Use your incredible powers to make the most of it.

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Karim Hajee

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10 Responses to “How To Create Positive Coincidences”

  1. Nyakio says:

    With the Game of intention I got a read box & by & by am getting suprises…well it does work.
    thank you for the good article

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  2. Karim,

    Great article! I am constantly on the lookout for synchronicities, and over the past few months it seems that my life has flowed in a stream of nearly ENDLESS coincidences!

    Not only is this so much fun, but I’m earning more money than ever before, and it feels as if I’m “on track”.

    One thing you said that particularly resonated: it’s all about letting go…

    I totally agree. I used to panic and worry about whether I’d actually achieve my goals… However I learnt, through REPEATED practice, to delegate tasks to my subconscious – and then “not care” what happened. (I realised that this is a learned belief like any other)

    Now, not only is there very limited stress in my life, but I’m attracting more of the circumstances I want than ever before…!!

    It’s a crazy old universe…. :-)

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  3. Sunita says:

    Its really great article. Got to read it exactly when I was looking for a solution to my problems :) great coincidence created by me to get to read this article :)

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  4. Leila says:

    Thanks Karim for the article. Usually when I notice what I would call a coincidence turning up, I log it and move on. I think now I need to notice it and realize that it is part of the process of creating coincidences that I have put in motion. That way I will continue on a path of coincidences that I have created and will have more control over my life in a creative way. This article is itself a coincidence for me in that earlier today I was thinking about how to have control over life without being over-controlling. I think this is the way. Thanks. (I think too that part of this process is about improving our memory of our past actions and how it relates to our present).

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  5. Tamara says:

    Dear Karim,

    I got your newsletter on my e-mail. Don´t know how..but doesn´t matter, because like you say THERE IS NO COINCIDENCE! I am working that line and since a very short time I discovered that all what you say gets only reality if you DAILY feel full of JOICE and LOVE to everybody, everything, every situation. Now I understood recently what Krishnamurti ment with “the quiet observer”, the moment I see anger comming up or criticism (a very subtile kind of negativity) I think of s.th. which makes me laugh or switch on music which makes me happy or start singing. This I am doing since 3 weeks and I feel so good. There are no worries anymore and I know in very short time there will change a lot in my life.
    I am forced to give happiness and if people ask me how I feel (today etc.) I answer them: very very well, time on this planet is too short to loose for negativ stuff.
    With all my affection, Tamara

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  6. Susan Richards says:

    In essence Karim, what we think…we attract.

    I guess this explains why I was ‘shunted’ whilst in my car!!

    Eliminating thought patterns of worry, doubt, fear and doom about the future and replacing with what we purposefully want to manifest in our lives is paramount to manifestation.

    I appreciate your article Karim.

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  7. clemdegbaato says:

    This approach to create ones desires is very simple but power parked .

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  8. marty says:

    I liked the article, especially the part about negative thoughts will create events, people and circumstances to worry and fret about.

    Trusting and letting go of positive thoughts is also important.

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  9. Su says:

    I just wrote a few paragraphs for another section of Evolution Ezine, since I did not put in my e-mail address and submitted it, the whole piece was lost. I took that as one of those coincidences that I should just let be. I wasn’t meant to put that information out there (or not in this forum or at least not yet). In any event, I was inspired by writing it, .

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  10. Cheryl says:

    Very inspiring article. Have discovered that no detail seems to be too small for the Universe. Last week a coworker was commenting about a preying mantis she had seen in her backyard. I was thinking in my head that I thought walking sticks (a type of insect) were pretty neat bugs, too, and that I hadn’t seen one in years. Yesterday while I was pulling into my garage, there was a walking stick on the door frame, and I had to smile.

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