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Past Life Regression Part 2 from the Unexplainable Store

In this article  I’d like to take a look at some of the techniques for bettering your knowledge of who you were in past lives as well as give you a firm understanding of some of the aspects that may be holding you back.

In the last article we took a look at some of the great ancient philosophies of past life regression and the history, but in order to achieve a firmer understanding of past life regression let’s take a look at the philosophy of the famous prophet Edgar Cayce.

Cayce believed that reincarnation was not directly related to a single religious framework, but rather spanned all religions including Christianity and Judaism. In a responsible approach to reincarnation, the subject will not depend on an ego driven story or affiliation with a famous past self, but rather use the knowledge they gain from past life regression in order to come to terms with the problems they experience in each life and break the negative cycles.

Ultimately, the goal of past life regression therapy is to get the soul to a place where the subject can make wiser decisions with themselves and deal with the past that extends beyond conventional memory. As always, our entrainment therapy is there to help you achieve this goal. You can always find it at

Past Life Regression

Think about the relationships you have. It’s easy to assume that as soon as you meet someone you will be best of friends forever, but what relationships do you have that have lasted a long time? What relationships have challenged you in the past? These may be clues, as the relationships we have in life often reflect the relationships of our past lives as well. The concept of the “soul mate” is not merely meant to emphasize the word “mate,” but can have vast reaching effects on the other relationships you have as well. Someone you feel strongly about for unknown reasons either for good or bad may be reflective of something that happened in a previous life. Everything we are given is a clue about who we once were.

Now let’s take a look at some of the road blocks that stand in our way of understanding our true selves. One of these is pride.

Pride is a good trait to have when feeling pride over a job well done or when looking at the pride you feel to be associated with loved ones, but there is another kind of pride known as vanity that can act as a roadblock on your journey toward spiritual fulfilment.

This vanity tempts many people into believing they are the reincarnation of Cleopatra or William Shakespeare. These are figures you may admire very much, and may have admired in past lives as well, but these figures more often than not are considered reincarnations due to vanity rather than genuine spiritual kinship.

An exercise to think through in your head would be to ask yourself, “Who am I when I strip away everything that has ever happened to me?   When I lose all memories of who I am, what remains?” Some philosophers would say nothing, but the goal of past life regression is to discover those things that would remain and help you traverse that seemingly infinite void into who you once were and who you are destined to be all at once. Doing so will enlighten you, and may bring you closer to spiritual peace as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article on past life regression. Let your past life regression be something that empowers you and lets you draw on something beyond what you have experienced in this life.  In the next article  I’d like to take a look at some cases of past life regression from around the world to give us a better idea of the various ways these memories can manifest and how you can transform your life through better understanding of your own mind and spirit.

Have a safe and enlightened journey!

Jim McElwee


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  1. Leila says:

    There are so many unexplained things in our lives that anything that helps us to understand ourselves better is welcome. I am looking forward to the next article. Thanks.

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  2. Krupa Jobalia says:

    Eagerly waiting for the next article.

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