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A Gift To Open Your Heart from Krystalya Marie’ – $180 Total Value

Breakthrough Secrets for creating more Loving Relationships ~ Open your heart and allow yourself to Love & Be Loved More. This symbol and those included with the program provide you with tools to help you in the process of attracting more love. Experience the feeling of having your Heart Center opened and balanced by placing your non-dominant hand over the Heart Chakra Symbol©, closing your eyes and breathing in the energy. This feeling is just one of the feelings you will experience with this special gift.

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra ©

Learn how your body’s energy affects every person you meet, either positively or negatively. Discover a One-Minute Energy Tune-up that can help you create more positive experiences in your relationships and help you to attract more loving people into your life. Also receive a free copy of ‘The Empowered Spirit News’ where you will learn the Secrets to greater health and happiness.

To Sign up for this Free Gift: Attract More Love Now

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A Gift To Open Your Heart from Krystalya Marie' - $180 Total Value, 7.2 out of 10 based on 17 ratings
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  1. [...] was interviewed by Krystalya Marie (have you downloaded her free gift?  If not you can do it her: A Gift to Open Your Heart) and we spent an hour talking about the importance of keeping our vibrations high – and I [...]

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