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Numerology: The Universal Mystical Language

Suppose a space ship were to zoom down from the sky and land right smack dab in the middle of your driveway. Go ahead, picture it…a shiny, silvery saucer type ship. Now suppose a side hatch opened and a unfamiliar looking being stepped on spindly legs down a ramp, heading straight toward you.

What would you say?! What words would you choose in order to attempt to communicate with this cosmic creature?

My friends, some of you may have realized right off the bat, attempting to communicate with words would be a laborious if not poor choice indeed. Numbers, on the other hand, just might get you somewhere – off in the direction of a realistic and understood conversation. It’s true;  any physicist will tell you: numbers are the Universal language. When all else fails – language, ideas, thoughts, telepathy – mathematics and the patterns and numbers we can create with them, transcends all communicative boundaries.

There’s a catch phrase today: do the math. We use it to convey that someone should literally do the arithmetic, and we use it when we’re trying to indicate that something of a non-mathematical nature needs to be figured out. Here’s another popular saying: the numbers don’t lie. Whether referring to the true cost of something or the actual weight, ratio, percentage or probability of any old thing, no – the numbers do not lie.

It is the same with Numerology. Each recognized digit from 0 through 9 carries its own numerical vibration or flavor. And once assigned to an individual, those numbers do not lie about who that individual is. In my experience, human beings are amazingly true to the numerological signatures attached to them.

One’s personal Numerology is derived by several methods, each used to glimpse at the various aspects of one’s personality or life. There are long methods used to create detailed, meticulous Numerology charts. There are short-hand versions used to derive abbreviated but no less accurate reads.

I can spot a person with a dominant 1 vibration a mile away.
And believe me when I tell you, nines carry a vibration in a spiritual class all their own.
An eight’s ambition is unmistakable, as is the heady energy of a five.

How about a quick tour of Numerology, including a few facts about origin and how you can learn to use the basics of this form of divination? Here’s a quick reference chart so you can compare the basics of the two Numerological schools of thought and practice.

Pythagorean System/ Chaldean System

*Originated with Pythagoras/ *Conversion is out of sequence, Pre-dates the Pythagorean System

*More popular and easier to use/ *Harder to use than Pythagorean

*Started around 600 BC /*Start date and who first taught it unknown

*Sometimes called Modern Numerology / *Sometimes called Mystic Numerology

*Gives a more materialistic meaning  /   *Gives an occult or mystical meaning

*All compound numbers reduce to single digits / *Shows behind the scenes forces

*Letters converted using #’s 1-9  /   *Letters converted using #’s 1-8


I prefer the system taught and used by the famed philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras. It makes sense to me and has proven to be startlingly accurate for the significant number of friends, family members and clients I have cast charts for. As they say, when you find something that works, stick with it.

Pythagoras believed in an oral tradition, that is, his teachings were passed only to the initiated by word of mouth, as the information was considered highly powerful and sacred. The man lived in Southern Greece and taught philosophy by day; under cover of night, he secretly taught Numerology to his students.

You may not know it, dear reader, but you were taught Pythagorean geometrical theories in high school. And Pythagoras may not have known it, but his system was nothing new – there is evidence that Numerology was in use long before he arrived on the scene, in China, Greece, Rome and ancient Egypt. Still, Pythagoras is considered the “father of Numerology” as his teachings pierced through boundaries to intrigue Christian scholars, including St. Augustine. Pythagorean teachings were taken up by Plato and eventually found a home in the Jewish Cabala. And lo and behold: here we are discussing his Numerology today.

Wouldn’t it be great fun if you could divine some Numerology for yourself? Here’s a quick lesson. To perform even the most basic Numerological calculations, one must grasp the Numerical Vibrations that are associated with each letter of our alphabet. Copy down this chart, it is essential.

1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9
A   B   C    D   E    F   G    H    I
J   K    L    M   N   O   P    Q    R
S   T   U    V   W    X  Y     Z


Next, you must learn the meanings of the numbers. Above we saw how the letters of our alphabet correspond to a specific numerical vibration. But what do those numbers mean? Below are brief but very powerful, meanings. Copy, paste and print, dear readers: understanding the meanings and being able to reference them, is important.

These folks are original, independent and courageous. They are high achievers, known for their strength, lone wolf nature and creative talents. Self sufficient, inventive, willful, dominant.

This is the diplomat, friend, artist and/or enduring peacemaker. They are gentle, insightful, sensitive and compassionate. Excellent in partnerships, loyal and giving. Artistic, shy, analytical.

Creative and social, this is the easygoing visionary. Humorous, energetic, spontaneous with lots of imagination, enthusiasm and never-ending energy. Very social, loves to enjoy life.

These folks are builders who know how to use application, determination and serious planning. They are doers who love managing and traditions. They crave stability, security, productivity.

Above all, these folks want adventure. They love freedom, action and flair. They tend to be able to influence and promote people and/or things and they are known for their sensuality.

Domestic and responsible, these folks are careful and giving of themselves. They hasten to be the teacher and are willing to be the caring provider or worker. They love being the healer.

Yearning for answers to life’s deep questions, these people tend to be eccentric, thoughtful, spiritual and loners. They may be the specialist or inventor, tend to seek analysis or perfection.

These materialisitc types are often the executive, professional or entrepreneur. Exuding ambition and strength, they are problem solvers who love money, achievement and success.

Spiritual types who see globally or universally. Very spiritual, they are often multi-talented humanitarian teachers. They inspire others, seem like old souls and excel as healers or artists.

There is an elite group of individuals who vibrate at the freqency of what is known as a Master. There are three degrees of the Master vibration. Some might say it is unfair or inappropriate to classify certain individuals as elite. I would argue that with the work these Master individuals often do, they are deserving of such a classification. Of course, it is always up to the individual to both embrace and life up to, their assigned numerical vibrations. Here are the three degrees of Master:

This is the artist, the highly energized individual who quite literally inspires others. Often, they do so on a mass scale as a celebrity of some kind (actor, writer, musician, professor). They are psychological, radical, sensitive, romantic. True visionaries, they believe in living the dream and are able to convince or inspire others to do the same through their communications and actions. Some feel there is an abundance of 11s now, with the global expansion in consciousness that is taking place. It is said 11s are here in force now as a means to energize and stimulate others, to prepare for what is to come in our spiritual future.

Also idealistic, these individuals are expansive visionaries whose focus is on building. They do so through government or philanthropic work, for the purpose of global then eventual universal, transformation. These folks achieve what others merely muse about. They manage to do so on a scale that positively impacts many others. They see the archetype and bring it to material form. Some say there are a number of 22s on the planet now, with more arriving as earth seeks to expand and heal.

Think of Ghandi, Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa or Buddah and you have the 33. These people are compassionate healers. They are a blessing to others, a teacher of teachers. They can be the martyr, inspiration, the one honest voice. They can be the monk who chooses seclusion over the ills of the world. A fully realized 33 is extremely rare. Some believe there are a few 33s on the planet now, with more to be sent in so that not just our planet, but humanity itself can expand and heal.


Now that you’ve a basic understanding of Numerology’s alphabetical vibrations and the meanings of the numbers, shall we do a few calculations so you can peer into the recesses of your own life?


Let’s start by taking a look at one of the single most important numbers calculated for every indiviudal on the planet: the Life Path. In Numerology, the Life Path indicates your basic direction in this life and your general nature. Your Life Path is your perspective and “flavor” during this current journey through life. The Life Path number is derived from all the numbers in your birth date.

To arrive at your Life Path Number, simply add up all the digits of your birth date. Your goal is to continue adding, until you reduce to a single digit.

October 31, 1975 becomes 10/31/1975.
This becomes: 10+31+1975.
This becomes: 2016.
This becomes: 2+0+1+6.
This becomes: 9.
Therefore the Life Path number is 9.

Another example:

April 12, 1961 becomes 4/12/1961.
This becomes: 4+12+1961.
This becomes: 1977.
This becomes: 1+9+7+7.
This becomes: 24.
This becomes: 2+4.
This becomes: 6.
Therefore the Life Path number is 6.

To find out your own Life Path now, convert your birth date the way I’ve demonstrated, above. Derive a single digit. Now read about that single digit in the meanings of the numbers, also above.

How much does this sound like you? If this does not seem in harmony with who you are at present, are you perhaps not in alignment with your Life Path? Would it benefit you to work toward achieving greater balance so that you can be?


It behooves every one of us to calculate the Soul Urge, because it is the thing that is behind every decision we make, every tendency we have and every word we ultimately say. The Soul Urge is what silently informs us in word and deed, and it can either propel us forward or trip us up.

The Soul Urge is usually kept private; individuals don’t usually expose it to others. Soul Urge is comprised of our inner cravings, our dislikes and likes, our true feelings. Here is how to discover your Soul Urge.

Make a list of all the vowels in your name. You must use your entire birth name. Some people have changed their name, taken on a new name or picked up a nick name. None of these new or pseudo names will give you an accurate Numerology read. At birth, we are given a name in order to establish a specific vibration and constitution. Who you go on to identify yourself as, does not change this constitution. It is true your constitution can be augmented by evolution of the self (as in when an individual takes on a spiritual name). That said, to reiterate, for an accurate Numerology read, you must use your entire birth name.

Once you have a list of all the vowels in your name, convert them into digits. Now add those digits up in the same way used to achieve the Life Path number. Continue adding until you reduce to a single digit. That single digit is your Soul Urge. Now find the meaning of that number. This reveals much about your inner self.


Vowels in that name: a, a, o, i, i, e, a.
Which become: 1, 1, 6, 9, 9, 5, 1.
Which becomes: 1+1+6+9+9+5+1.
Which becomes: 32.
Which becomes: 3+2.
Which becomes: 5.
Therefore the Soul Urge is 5.

Finally, let’s look at the Destiny number. This is also a very important number, because it describes the talents, attributes and natural abilities at your disposal during this lifetime. Not everyone utilizes all of their talents and therefore they often do not realize their Destiny. However, I have seen many cases in which an individual discovers or accepts what their talents and natural abilities are, only to then go on to embrace and use them much to their satisfaction and fulfillment.

Your Destiny number is derived from all the numbers in your name. Once again, you must use your entire birth name. Begin by converting all letters to numbers. Then add those numbers, reducing until you reach a single digit. That single digit is your Destiny number.


This becomes: 4, 1, 9, 4, 9, 6, 3, 1, 5, 4, 6, 9, 5, 1, 2, 6, 9, 4.
This becomes: 4+1+9+4+9+6+3+1+5+4+6+9+5+1+2+6+9+4.
This becomes: 88.
This becomes: 8+8.
This becomes: 16.
This becomes: 1+6.
This becomes: 7.

Finally, as an aside, let’s look at THEME NUMBERS. Theme Numbers are thought by some Numerologists, including myself, to potentially reveal an individual’s tendencies or likely attitudes. Theme Numbers are not cast in Numerological stone as the weighty Soul Urge, Life Path and Destiny numbers are. The idea that an individual may have and be influenced by Theme Numbers is not a theory all Numerologist agree on. However, in my experience, Theme Numbers can and do reveal themselves. In more cases than not, a person’s Theme Numbers accurately reveal other aspects of themselves.

Look, for example, at our imaginary friend Mark Roland Firestorm, above. Once his entire birth name is converted to digits, the numbers 9 and 4 jump out at you. Those numbers repeat and recurr throughout his name. I would argue that our dear friend Mark Roland Firestorm would be very prone to the defining characteristics and tendencies of the 9 and 4 – in spite of or in addition to, what numbers such as his Life Path or Destiny, may reveal.

There is so much more Numerology can reveal, including your Inner Dreams, the Pinnacles (high points) or Challenges that are to come in your life, and Relationship Compatability. Here is an interesting website with links to many books on Numerology, for the reader who would like to continue research. http://www.astrostar.com/books_9.htm

In closing, some might argue that Pythagorean Numerology is flawed as not all alphabets use letters A-Z. I would be willing to bet if our alphabet changed significantly, a new system of Numerology would emerge or be divined. It has been my experience that this is how the Universe works.

Until next time, may all your days be inspired, may your nights be restful and may your Numbers speak to you!

~ Jo Lynne

ABOUT THE WRITER JO LYNNE GIANVECCHIO-VALERIE is an author and lover of all things holistic. She has been Editor in Chief of holistic and new age print magazines, and was on the production team for the PBS Television Show Nature’s Wisdom Television, which she eventually co-hosted.
Jo Lynne’s latest work is her debut book titled, A Tale For All Seasons: Magical Stories For Heart And Soul. She is the founder of The Natural Food Cupboard and facilitates spiritual circles, workshops and events. Jo Lynne holds a BA in Journalism, Creative Writing and Literature; she is a Reiki Master, Certified Herbalist and Licensed Holistic Aromatherapist. Learn more about Jo Lynne on her web-site, www.JoLynneValerie.com

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11 Responses to “Numerology: The Universal Mystical Language”

  1. Hi,

    I created quite a large list of people according to their numerological number.
    You can see the list here:

    I’m afraid that I’m not too familiar with numerology, beside the very computation.
    do you find these list useful?

    Are there other improvements you suggest that I’ll add?

    What Was Done

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  2. Knightowl says:

    Ther’se that word again; mystical.
    I think it’s insulting to those of us who understand that there is a science to this stuff.

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    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
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  3. Ewan says:

    Did the numbers on myself and ended up with three 7s (Life soul and destiny). Description is reasonably accurate

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  4. Charles says:

    As one who has studied Numerology, it is amazingly accurate, especially Matt Goodwin’s system of Numerology but I also add that all of the numerology interpretations (Pythagorean) are similar in nature.

    It strikes me funny that those who feel there is not a science to this, are actually subjectively judging it – whereas the view that science is objective is merely a decision based on one’s subjective opinion. I really pay no attention to those who doubt the mystical nature of not only numerology, but also Tarot and other divination methods.

    Personally having done numerology readings, I find it highly accurate, and simpler than Tarot- and a great complement to all of the methods of looking inward to determine the answers to one’s inner questions.

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  5. bob says:

    There is no science behind this…can someone please explain this and how they know its true

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  6. Annamarie says:

    I really appriciate to be reminded of numerology, I havestudied and used it as well and am to a certain degree always consider no for what thy mean, but your article made me aware that it has dropped in athe background of my life.
    thank you for reminding me.
    Love and Blessings
    P.S I have also worked out my adopted names at some time and have found that they did coinside with the changes in my life

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  7. Raj says:


    It’s good effort but I need you look into practice of Indian numerologists. In their practice they do not have alphabets associated with number 9.

    The list as below:

    A, I, J, Q, Y – 1
    B, K, R – 2
    C, G, L, S – 3
    D, M, T – 4
    E, H, N, X – 5
    U, V, W – 6
    O, Z – 7
    F, P – 8

    Thank you

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  8. melissa says:

    Fascinating. Does anyone know if the “Y” is considered a vowel?

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  9. Leila says:

    Thanks for this interesting and entertaining description of numerology. I’ve tried out a few names and I’m looking forward to trying out a few more.

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  10. Dharmesh says:

    WOW I think iv’e gone from sceptic to believer,

    LIFE PATH = 9 (very true i do look at things from a bigger picture or top-down or bird eye perspective and see where new knowledge fits into it)

    SOUL URGE = 1 (When I initially read all the descriptions this one stood out at me the most)

    DESTINY = 4 (I am practical and hopefully my destiny will see me build something that will satisfy my 1 and 9 nature but don’t know what it is yet, but I want it to be world changing)

    The THEME numbers are really telling for me and a clear pattern can be seen with the THEMES and 3 above, here are the top 3 most recurring numbers in the my full birth name.

    1) 1 (Shows up 6 times)
    2) 9 (Shows up 4 times)
    3) 4 & 8 (each shows up 3 times) – I feel that the saying ‘choosing between the power of love (1,9,4) and love of power (1,9,8)’ fits here, this is a challenge I am prone to coming into.

    n.b. I am a first Decan Scorpio.

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  11. liza says:

    Being a Numerology pratician (french), I can assure you that YES,
    the Y is considered to be a VOWEL according to the Pythagorean (numerology science). And after having followed numerology courses in 1995, I discovered myself to be a number (11) with my life path, my family name and my name all together. And this has contributed to understand who I am, with my true potential, and what could be (according to master number 11), my mission on earth. And that is why I am working, since then, as a Numerologist trying to help others to discover themselves with their true potential, their life path or mission…

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