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Nothing to fear but fear itself by Adrian Cooper

I am sure Roosevelt knew the True Meaning of this iconic quotation. So why do I raise this now?

Well, in recent weeks, as I have shifted the focus of this Newsletter from a “Higher”, Spiritual focus, to an Experiential physical World focus.

As we Quicken towards the Singularity of this Cycle of Human Consciousness, it has become incumbent upon me to switch my focus from Higher Aspects of our Divine Triune Nature and Being, to the physical, Experiential Aspects of Our Triune Being.

As mentioned in recent weeks, if we are to be balanced and prepared for that which is to be Experienced in the context of this Great Transition of Consciousness, we simply cannot neglect any aspect of our Divinity if we are to Evolve and Progress.

Now whilst I much prefer to focus on the Higher, Spiritual aspects of Life, and believe me I would, I cannot and will not selectively disregard my Inner Guidance for fear that some readers might not “like to hear it”. We must remain balanced.

The events “taking place” in the World today are not only shaping our Personal Experience but also shaping the Collective Experience of Humanity as we conclude this current Cycle of Human Consciousness and Transition to the next Cycle.

We Are In This Together, for better or for worse.

Not only therefore must we acknowledge current events, but we must become One with these events. Any conscious effort to “reject” or “distance ourselves” from these events, is a rejection of Our Very Being, for we Are those events and they are Us.

The point is this. I have received messages from readers of this Newsletter for many years who have expressed distress by the recent emphasis, and in particular question why I have “been turned to the dark side of the force” by “propagating fear”.

Well first of all let me say I am Grateful to receive all messages such as these.

Second let me assure Readers that I have not been “turned” to the dark or any side.

I said in the final chapter of my book, Our Ultimate Reality, Life, The Universe and Destiny of Mankind, and have said in many Newsletters:

I know what I write is True, because I know the Source of that which I share in this Newsletter, in the book, on the website etc.

However, never accept anything I say as a fact simply because I wrote it. Always listen to your own Heart and Inner Guidance, and only allow that which you Feel is True and of Value on your own Spiritual Path.

Now let us analyse this emotion called “fear” more closely.

What is “fear”.

Fear is an emotional response invoked by an Experience that we do not understand.

Fear, along with uncertainty and doubt is one of the most powerful weapons that the “global elite” who would wish to control Humanity and the World have in their emotional arsenal against Humanity.

This “fear weapon” is invoked in numerous ways, for example through the control of money and debt, and the conditions of its distribution for basic survival needs.

Another very major and pervasive deployment of fear is through the medium of religions, who portray a vengeful, jealous, capricious “God”, whose “wrath” you will surely incur if you do not obey the rules set out by God’s ambassadors – the church.

The RC religion for example currently emotionally controls over 1 billion people through fear and guilt. The fear is of being “sent to burn in damnation and brimstone for all eternity”. Guilt is invoked through for example the “seven deadly sins” which, should you fall foul of, requires you to “attend confessional” and pay a “penance”.

Another, much more insidious application of control through fear created in the last couple of decades, particularly in and by the USA, is the so called “war on terror”, which seeks to make people feel fearful and insecure so that the “controllers” can exert all manner of onerous, oppressive and invasive controls over the people.

For example, after “9/11″, aside from invading Afghanistan for selfish reasons, the USA enacted the “Homeland Security Act” as well as many other controls, some by “executive order”, all designed to exert increasing control over their own people.

The “war against terror” is totally and utterly fictitious, but is designed to control the people, and to justify further strategic imperial invasions of countries for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with “terrorists” or “humanitarianism”, and everything to do with regime changes to control countries for military and natural resources.

Also keep in Mind that the “global elite” who would seek to control the World are practicing “satanists” who feed off and draw power from the fear emotion. The more fear they can invoke in as many people as possible, the stronger they become. To put it another way, these people are “vampires” who feed voraciously on fear.

Now we must, if we are to progress, rise beyond not only these false contrivances, but also, most crucially, It Is Absolutely Crucial to Transcend Fear Itself.

Let me assure you Dear Reader that it is virtually impossible to progress Spiritually if fear can be invoked within us. Spiritual Evolution knows no fear.

Fear is not only of a very low Vibratory Frequency, thus pulling down overall Vibratory Frequency – a major strategic objective of the “global elite” – fear also implies Spiritual “imbalances” or “disconnects” that can sequester that Crucial Inner Connection and Oneness with Higher Self and With Source.

Why is this?

Well the reason is profound yet beautifully simple.

Every Single Human Being, and All Life, Is Divine, Infinite and Eternal Expression of Source, Fully Inclusive of The Infinite Power of Source, the same Divine, Infinite, Eternal Power that Created the Universe and All That Is.

Each of Us Has The Universe Of All That Is Within Us, As Us.

Do you believe that Source, God, is capable of fear?

Of course not.

Everything that people are fearful of is already part of us, so to be fearful of anything at all is no different to being frightened at the sight of our own shadow. We are the very Experience that we would be fearful of. Are you “scared” of your-Self?

Let me then state this emphatically:

No-thing Can Possibly Harm You Except To The Extent You Believe It Can

One of the most Crucial and Glorious Truths and Meaning Of Life, Is To Return To Our Source Through The Realisation And Expression Of Source. When We, During The Path Of Evolution Become Source Through Our Own Spiritual Experience, Then We Become Source Absolutely And Reunite With Source.

Now of course Earth is but the first step on the ladder, but nevertheless and extremely crucial one, because, just like the child in the sandbox of kindergarten who must learn to control his or her newfound abilities before being “let loose” in the outside World, so too must humans before being let loose in the Glorious and Harmonious Spheres beyond the Earth playground.

Now, as I mentioned previously, we are not only our physical body. We are Body, Mind and Spirit – Consciousness – and we cannot, if we wish to progress, selectively neglect any one aspect of our Triune Being, otherwise would be Spiritually unbalanced, and dis-harmony must surely follow – it is absolutely inevitable.

As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without, said Master Hermes Trismegistus.

If we harbour any Inner turmoil or instability, or react emotionally to that which we see or hear, then those thoughts, feelings and emotion must be reflected and Expressed in to your physical Experience.

Conversely – if we stand strong and tall, in Full Realisation of Who We Are, Living In the Moment, Pure of Mind, a Mind Like A Polished Mirror, With No Thought, Simply Observing And Allowing All That We See and Hear To Enter And Leave Our Consciousness As A Leaf Drifting By In The Wind, Then We Are “Invincible”. No-Thing Can “Harm” Us, All Things Are Possible.

Ask Yourself This:

Can you stand in the middle of a battlefield, bullets, bombs and missiles flying all around you, without thoughts, feelings or emotions, and In Joy For Who You Are, Knowing That No-Thing That Is Part Of You Can Ever Harm You?

If so – excellent. If not, ask yourself why.

Ask yourself – “what is it within me that makes me feel uncomfortable or fearful?”

It matters not what news I bring to you of the “World”, or the TV news, or what you read on the Internet – it is all part of the Human Experience which collectively is forging the Human Mind and Spirit in preparation for the Great Transition Which All Humanity is Quickening towards Right Now.

I will conclude this subject then with three most Wise and Enlightened quotations from Morihei Ueshiba, who invented “Aikido”.

Aikido is a “Martial Art” and like most Martial Arts is not intended to be about forging a Human Being to be a “deadly weapon” but is rather about forging a Human Being Spiritually and Mentally so that mere weapons become unnecessary and irrelevant.

So Aikido is first and foremost a path of Spiritual and Mind Development, but which also teaches that the best form of defence is no defence, because if you respond to an attack upon your person with force and aggression, the opponent will take the Energy of that force and aggression Energy and turn it against you.

However, just as darkness cannot make a Light room darker, but the Light can make a dark room Lighter, Inner Peace Always Prevails Over Aggression, But Aggression Can Never Prevail Over Inner Peace.

It will be clear therefore that total control over Inner Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions is absolutely central to this, and most other Martial Art Disciplines.

Aikido also teaches that no matter how aggressive or intimidating the “opponent” is, the best and only True Form of Defence is Peace.

Here now are three quotations from Morihei Ueshiba:

Each Day Of A Human Life Contains Joy And Anger, Pain And Pleasure, Darkness And Light, Growth And Decay. Each Moment Is Etched With Nature’s Grand Design – Do Not Try To Deny Or Oppose The Cosmic Order Of Things.

Do Not Look Upon This World With Fear And Loathing. Bravely Face Whatever The Gods Offer.

Life Itself Is Always A Trial. In Training You Must Test And Polish Yourself In Order To Face The Great Challenges Of Life. Transcend The Realm Of Life And Death, And Then You Will Be Able To Make Your Way Calmly And Safely Through Any Crisis That Confronts You.

These are Wise Words from a Great and Spiritual Person, and I would agree wholeheartedly with everything he said in these quotations.

I would like to also note that the Occupy Wall Street Movement is a Living Expression of these Principles, day after day, week after week, month after month.

They Live in Peace, Harmony and Service, Even In The Face Of Excessive, Unjustified and Provocative Force By The Police. This is how It Should Be. (see video below)

This Dear Reader Is The Power Rising Inexorably Around the World Today, And It is The Power Of Peace, Love And Transformation of Consciousness.

Our Collective Moment is Now.


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Please watch this extremely powerful video that highlights the hypocrisy of ‘the controllers’ …and the courage and determination of the people who stand for us – the people (…and thank you Adrian for the link)

I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street

…would love to hear your views on the issues raised in this article and video…

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2 Responses to “Nothing to fear but fear itself by Adrian Cooper”

  1. Leila says:

    Thanks Adrian for all your newsletters. It is always interesting hearing the news accompanied by your thoughts. I especially enjoyed how the message of this video gradually reveals itself.

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  2. james milne says:

    Thanks for this film,it will go a long way of providing proof to the many people i will be forwarding the film to.

    Peace and light

    p.s i am gonna sign up for your newsletter

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