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It’s Not the End of the World – Book Excerpt

Hope Rules

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”
- Richard Bach

A new world is emerging at warp speed, and some of us will do better than others adapting to it.  One laid-off programmer goes home and writes code that turns his iPhone into a xylophone.  In ten months he’s a millionaire, catapulted into programmer heaven by mega-sales on Apple’s innovative App Store.  A second laid-off programmer stresses out and spends his days worried, bored, and depressed.

I’ve always been fascinated by the differences between these two kinds of people. Their outer circumstances are identical, but they respond to change in radically different ways.  One gives up and the other takes off.  One clings to the past, while the other becomes the future.

Understanding that the future isn’t something that happens to you, but something that you create is the key to surviving and thriving in changing times.  That’s what this book is all about.

We can all recite the fearful story line of the 21st century: The global climate is changing for the worse.  A mass die-off of species is under way.  Terrorists breed panic and uncertainty.  Financial worry creates chronic stress and threatens the survival of business as usual here and abroad.  The world population resembles a bacterial culture that has outgrown its petri dish.  Pandemics crouch in the wings, ready to pounce.  And that’s just the beginning of the familiar litany.

But what if there’s a more hopeful way to understand this postmodern story-this parenthesis between what used to be and the innovative, sustainable future that can be?  Those who will thrive and create that new future are the ones with enough vision and resilience to see the hope through the hype.

The late physicist Ilya Prigogine, who completed his distinguished career at the University of Texas at Austin, which now houses his Center for Complex Quantum Systems, won a Nobel Prize in 1977 for his theory of dissipative structures. Simply put, all complex systems from subatomic particles to human civilizations reach a point where their current level of organization becomes unstable.  Then they melt down.  When the old system crashes, it can then reconfigure in a better way, free from the determinism of the past.  Prigogine called this daunting event an “escape to a higher order.”  That’s where we are at this moment in history, and although the changes we face are disconcerting in the short run, they’re a prelude to great possibility.

The Chinese character for change is made up of two characters: danger and opportunity.  The danger lies in giving in to the fear that accompanies the loss of the familiar.  Fear is poisonous to creativity because when we’re in survival mode, the tendency is to regress and hole up in some “safe haven,” often turning to alcohol, drugs, television, or rigid ideologies.

The opportunity of change, on the other hand, lies in being ejected from our comfort zone.  Like a cave dweller suddenly thrust into the light, it takes a while to adjust.  But when we open our eyes and look around with an open mind and a curious heart, a whole new world of possibilities reveals itself.

My purpose in writing this book is to help you overcome fear; stress less; and learn how resilient, creative people think and act.  At the risk of sounding prophetic, I believe that in a few years, a new kind of natural selection will have its way with humanity.  Hopeful, stress-hardy people will rule the world.  And as change and uncertainty escalate, which is likely, those who are stress prone will be less and less able to compete.  Read on, and take your place in the new world that’s emerging.

Courtesy of Hay House
It’s Not the End of The World

In celebration of the release of It’s Not the End of the World by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Hay House is offering a variety of prizes, including a chance to see Joan LIVE! Hurry, the drawing ends on October 22.

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It's Not the End of the World - Book Excerpt , 9.5 out of 10 based on 15 ratings
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10 Responses to “It’s Not the End of the World – Book Excerpt”

  1. Jeremy says:

    That thing about the caterpillar is so true, and gives an insight to our world. Being the caterpillar, one only sees what one is programmed to see, and not the bigger picture. We are born into this transient world of humanity, coming from an older place in our reality, to learn to take the opportunities presented to us and expand on them to make our world experience a bigger place to be, then to leave and continue on to the state of being, …..a Butterfly. And to realize that life does’nt end just because our time on this plane of existence comes to an end, we continue to different planes of reality, different planes of existence where the best that we can imagine in this plane is really a very pale idea against the actuality.
    The trick is to know yourself and what you can achieve here, thereby paving the way to being a better butterfly.
    God Bless

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  2. Richard says:

    Hello, I’m not one for reading. Do you happen to have your book on CD or DVD?

    Thank you…

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  3. People who are masters at the art of change, embrace their feelings, they feel what they feel, move through it, and open to what else is possible. They also ask themselves new questions.

    In the shift of consciousness we are all in, we cannot stop the waves of change, but we can definitely learn how to surf. I created a free resource to help you make a life transformation easily, which is available at http://www.smartlifechanges.com

    Much light,
    Bright Michelle

    may we each embrace change and find our rightful place in the new world.

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  4. Sylvia says:

    I agree absolutely with this , and will order the book soon, just for

    I m gladly born as “Free Spirit” so I call it, and got more and more conscious
    WHAT WONDERFUL GIFT this is from the UNIVERSE to me giving !

    A Paradox lives in People Minds and Life , so it was happen to me for long years of this my Life here int his time..
    we refuse to open our eyes… and stumble blind over the “Stones” til we mostly maybe hurt our self badly,
    So did I and got hard lessons because of my STUBBORNNESS & BLINDNESS.

    I did not know WHY I WAS “DIFFERENT” as others and as child was hard to take and later in my 20s and 30s this did break me totally down ,
    I could not understand Life anymore and “What and Who ” I am for what reason I had to take this EMOTIONAL PAIN IN MY SOUL to be “marked as NOT NORMAL” and I just wanted to get out of this “‘BURDEN ” CALLED life !

    After many years hard times , very hard for my two little kids and close People around me to take my “deeper as depression and fobias” ,

    I TOLD MYSELF, OK, when “THEY” no idea what I did mean with this “THEY”
    don’t let me dying,

    This was the POINT in my Life, I FOUND “MYSELF” and since this I m eager to KNOW all and everything.. questioning .. experiencing “IT” in JUST SO AS “IT IS” with Joy and Peace and Happiness deep inside me .

    .. and NOBODY or ANY is since this able to hurt me ever again !

    THIS IS A GIFT , I got to know and accepted few years ago and create my OWN WORLD with Responsibility .
    It is not hard, when accepting yourself and the UNIVERSAL Energy so it is and with JOY instead with Fear !

    I m very sensitive to “Energies” , that’s why I do my BEST possible to open people’s eyes with “Energy Work”.

    I feel it with Joy… otherwise I would sensing “Worry”.

    Even with this, People call me still nuts and crazy and all this “nice things”..

    OK, I became kind passionately to Quantum Physics , Old Cultures, Religions studien , to “see behind the “DOORS” ,

    and this was and is possible , because of my GREAT GIFT given to me :
    “BORN FREE” of any made up rules form out site .

    I m able to “see” and expire and choose from absolute my OWN FREE WILL
    any thing I decide on my own !
    NO RULES from anyone or any thing as from the NATURE AND UNIVERSAL LAWS OF ENERGIES existing for me in this Life.

    With this consciousness,
    I ask everyone, ask yourself “WHY WOULD ANYONE HURT THEM SELF WITH

    This is the SIMPLE UNIVERSAL LAW ” what you send out , you get it back with “growing power” to you !

    there are no made up rules necessary to BE A GOOD LOVIGN PERSON in this world!
    Rules are always limitating our Freedom to expiring and creating our OWN FREE
    happy world as such.

    A happy lovign person NEVER would send out harmful energy to anyone else .
    We area ll born “innocent ” or “neutral” and from there on ” get made to this someone else want as to be” for there image and EGO satisfying.

    Sadly , most let this happen , this si the easier way probably.

    BUT THE REWARDS are “low” and “Dependency” a Life in a Cage or Box made up from other people different in sizes !


    A LITTLE freedom is a Life in JAIL !

    Wish everyone a wonderful Weekend & sorry for this long comment,
    it just came from my SOUL !

    Love for ALL !


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  5. Sylvia says:

    I forgot just to say, I can offer ONE good opportunity for the “normal average”
    People to build a great Future up financial ways .

    I do not like to put “links” up to website here , WHO is interested , I will tell with no obligation all details .

    Just send me a note on Twitter or here.

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  6. Nyakio says:

    Evolution Ezine always giving all round information for stressfree living..thank you so much will want to read the book

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  7. Isabelle Brettenny (South Africa) says:

    I liked the overall excerpt, but was disappointed by what I can only call “poetic or author’s licence” to get the book to flow. It is CRISIS and not Change in chinese characters that signify danger + opportunity. Change is very different to crisis, one has to admit…please check this out on http://www.pinyin.info/chinese/crisis.html

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  8. Andres Sabbagh says:

    hi sylvia, i would like to know you and hear your financial ideas you have in mind to help other people…thanks. s3rdn@hotmail.com

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  9. petar says:

    Yes, I agree that a new world is about to be born and we have to face it with JOY rather than FEAR. However, let me remind you there are two sides – dark and bright:

    1. Birth and death (of the old world) are one. The process of change is inevitable but painful.

    2. Nothing happens without action – with peaceful, non-violent means.

    You can find a more detailed view here: http://www.holistic-evolution-spiral.com/2012predictions.html

    Love, Light and Unity,


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  10. shane says:

    Yes, this is the stuff we are looking for, info that helps people move from this NOW to the next now, and NOT the past and the future in the now. Thank you for your help, in times of BIG changes. Thanks

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