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New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse July 21 2009

Today marks a special day on the lunar calendar, as it is the NEW MOON. Observed and marked by mystics and farmers alike for the effect this particular moon phase has on the planet, including both human and plant life, New Moon is always a significant day.

While New Moon doesn’t carry the heavy-hitting “fire-power” of it’s larger sister, Full Moon, New Moon’s energy is best described, understood and felt by considering the terms “initiation,” “fertility,” “growth and manifestation” and “slow but steady growth.”

New Moon is when astronomically, the moon begins to gain a bit more light each day, growing in both perceived size and illumination, until it reaches the Full phase in about two weeks.

New Moon signifies a time when our desires, wishes, new projects or focused ideas and intentions, can receive blessing and as a result – manifestation energy – in great abundance. We are able to quite literally “jump in” to the moon’s cycle of growth and go along for the ride.

As the moon’s illuminated surface grows in light more each day, so too can our goals, dreams and projects – if that is our intention. And if we take care to both bless and insulate them properly.

It is traditional now, to light a white candle, perhaps simmer some cinnamon and basil, dab on a bit of patchouly essential oil (all items and botanicals associated with the kind of growth that can take place at New Moon) and hold the intention that our wishes be cast into the energetic fray, there to join with the tides of the moon and grow right along with her.

Sometimes, there are other correspondences besides just the lunar ones, such as Astrology signs, and these lend their own energy to the New Moon too. These energies contribute what I like to describe as a certain “flair” or their own unique “flavor.”

Today, because the moon is currently resting in the astrological constellation of Cancer, our New Moon is flavored with energies regarding hearth and home, family and tradition, psychic awareness, emotions and intuition – among other things. (I am *not* an Astrologer but I *do* have a very good working knowledge of Astrology particularly as it applies to spirituality and lunar and solar movements.)

With THIS NEW MOON of July 21 being in Cancer, and all energies pointed toward new beginnings, initiations and the starting of new projects, this is an ideal time to consider how you might improve your home or family life, or how they might positively grow. Would anything in your home or in one of your relationships benefit from an over-haul or some increase attention? Now would be the time to initiate that.

Of course, you must “stay with it” in terms of supporting your intentions and wishes begun at New Moon, on a daily basis through your words, thoughts and actions. One’s own negativity has been known to unhinge and cancel out even the strongest of New Moon intentions. Yet, it is without dispute that New Moon spiritual work, when created with the strong intention of benefiting oneself and harming no others, and when supported by positive behaviors that are in alignment with your goals, manifests smoothy and quickly if it is meant to be.

Tonight, things will go “quiet” so to say, when the moon continues her usual travels through the sky, and leaves the constellation of Cancer as she heads toward the constellation of Leo. Trouble is, there’ll be a bit of a gap between the time she leaves the sky in Cancer (10:34 p.m. EST) and when she arrives in the part of the sky ruled by Leo (11:27 p.m. EST)

When this happens, it is called Void of Course – because the moon is void of a course. She is not in a part of the sky where there happens to be a zodiac constellation. Therefore, she has no “flavor” save for her very own, at that time. She is merely floating, traveling, performing her planetary magnetic abilities, but not reflecting or “giving off” any kind of zodiac energy.

Incidentally, when this happens, humans on the planet often feel “blah” or detached; unenthused, tired or as though things aren’t going right. It is believed that this is due to the fact that the moon’s magnetics (as balanced by her presence in the various zodiac constellation signs throughout the year) are temporarily out of whack or “void of course.”

Soon enough though tonight, the Moon will leave that period of Void and navigate herself into the port that is known as the zodiac constellation Leo. At that time, she’ll begin emanating and reflecting again. What will she be reflecting? Leo’s qualities – strength, good health, vitality and ambition; passion, sexuality; ego and confidence, a real “go get ‘em” attitude and the ability to take control of any situation – among other things. Because the Moon is waxing (GROWING in light) it is believed that those Leo qualifies will be magnified, or grow, not diminish or decrease as may occur on the waning moon (when the moon is DECREASING in light).

Tonight, at 10:35 p.m. EST, a Solar Eclipse is to take place. Because of the timing, this will happen when the moon is transiting out of Cancer toward it’s temporary void position on it’s way to Leo.

Solar Eclipses are thought to be very powerful. They represent the joining of both moon and sun energy, which signifies the joining of both male and female energy, God and Goddess power.

As the Solar Eclipse tonight is conjoined with the New Moon energy too, this is an excellent time to work with balancing the light and dark halves of ourselves, the God and Goddess energies.

For those who are too feminine and perhaps lacking in the male qualities of strength, control, ambition, ego and kingly energy – this would be an ideal time to align your intention with wanting more balance. The same goes for those who feel they carry too much male energy – too much aggression, ego, too much of an eagerness to find an answer through force rather than being willing to sit back, intuit the answers and allow for things to play out, perhaps through talking and sharing ideas and feelings.

Magical or mystical work done at a Solar Eclipse is believed to be some of the most potent spiritual work one can do all year. If you are able, I encourage all readers to take advantage of this wonderful, mystical and powerful event.

Jo Lynne Gianvecchio-Valerie is a professional writer living in Western New York. She is a former magazine Editor in Chief, has co-hosted a television show for PBS and formed NY’s first ever whole foods food pantry. Jo Lynne’s work currently appears in a publication for police officers in the state of Arizona, for this magazine and in Ye Olde3 Witche’s Brew Magazine, for which she writes a regular column. She has authored her first book, a collection of spiritual fiction; this can be viewed and purchased on her website at www.JoLynneValerie.com

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  2. Annamarie says:

    great stuff,
    good to have all hat in the open now and shared easily.
    Love and Blessings

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  3. Madeleine says:

    Hi, Does anyone know if this solar eclipse would’ve had the same effect in the southern regions of the world??

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