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Introducing Nano Angel Tech by Rich Angelos

How Many Angels Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?

“All of them” Spirit Replies

Which got me to thinking . . .

What can an Angel that tiny accomplish?

And I thought of a concept I had read about in a SciFi book – “Robots” the size of red blood cells are injected into people with problems like Angina and they would go to wherever arterial blockages are and remove the plaque and any other blockages.

In one of the many trainings I’ve been too we learned that Angels were created to serve Humans and if we ask them for help they will tell us if they can. We were taught to inquire which Arch Angels would be able to help us.

Arch Angel Azriel is commonly though of as the “Angel of Death”, I was taught that it is better thought of as the “Angel of Transformation”. Therefore whenever I am doing transformative work I ask for Azriel’s assistance.

I invoke Michael for protection and Raphael for healing.

So I asked Arch Angel Raphael if it would be able to select and supervise Its Angels to do that for me.

( N.B.  Angels are created beings that are sex-less and therefore are properly thought of as an “It” rather than “He” or “She”. )

Raphael agreed to perform this function for me and let me know that It would provide Angels to go inside my body and repair any problems I asked them too.

While I have only been experimenting with this concept for about a week I believe the possibilities are endless.

Imagine Chemo Angels targeting and eliminating Cancer cells and not affecting any healthy cells. Or Radiation Angels doing the same.

Imagine Nano Angel Tech dissolving Kidney Stones or Gall Stones.

Or imagine them in their little HazMat suits cleansing your Kidney, Liver and Colon.

Maybe you need them to clean your Lungs, removing all the toxins you breathe daily, or from years of smoking.

Spirit tells me that any function you would see a Doctor for can be accomplished using Nano Angel Tech.

I’ve been taught that Angels are multidimensional metaphysical Helpers. That if you ask for help from the Angels they will let you know if they can help. I’ve been trained to ask the Angels which Arch Angels Dominion is willing and able to help with any problem.

After determining which Arch Angel to ask for help its time to ask It specifically for what help you desire and to make sure you give the Angels the parameters to work within.

How I am using Nano Angel Tech

I’ve asked that the Angels perform the requested task as fast as is possible while doing the tasks slow enough that they don’t cause any additional health concerns.

For example if they are de-toxing your liver we would want to make sure they don’t add additional stress to the colon and bowel.

I have two sets of Angels working on me currently.

Set one is working in my colon to eliminate any garbage that is attached to the colon wall and hasn’t been properly eliminated. I set the parameters on that group of Angels to take 30 days to go from bottom to top along a 90 degree section of the colon. This will mean that in 4 months they will have completely cleansed my colon.

I think of these Angels as my “Roto Rooters”.

Another set of Angels in working in my blood stream to remove any plaque or other obstructions to blood flow. Spirit tells me that in the last 10 days they have completed about 5% of my arteries.

How to Start using Nano Angel Tech

1)     Think of the issue you want the Angels to work on.

Consider the parameters you require them to work within.

Connect with Arch Angel Raphael and ask for its assistance and communicate your request and parameters.

Monitor your body’s response and request any adjustments required.

Rinse and Repeat

I’d love to hear your stories on how you use Nano Angel Tech and the results you achieve.

(Cyndi’s note:  I would also love to hear about your experiences if you decide to play with Rich’s idea.  Please let us know what happens by leaving a comment below – and also please leave any questions you may have.  I have a sense this could be really fun :-)   )

Rev. Rich Angelos
Minister of Spiritual Healing
Divine Intervention Facilitator
Reiki Master

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Introducing Nano Angel Tech by Rich Angelos, 8.5 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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4 Responses to “Introducing Nano Angel Tech by Rich Angelos”

  1. Conny says:

    When I was in my freshman chemistry class in college, the professor presented the problem of the number of angels that could just stand on a pin. To be fair, he gave the dimensions of the pin and the size of the angels feet. We were supposed to use math to figure it out. I struggled with the problem because my math skills were not very good. I came up with the wrong answer. One of the students said none, because he put butter on the pin and they all slipped off. He got full credit.

    What was the lesson? Maybe some times it is more important to be creative than to think logically.

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  2. Leila says:

    I wonder if the micro angels could be used to arrange or rearrange thoughts and bodies of knowledge. Maybe they could memorize for us. Thanks.

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  3. Rigo says:

    Leila, angels are actually all around us, both the 1/3 that fell and the 2/3s that support us everyday. You can think of an angel as simply a quality of service, they represent servants of man and messengers. So it makes sense that all inanimate objects, plants, animals, tools and technology that man uses and invents are all the good and bad angels represented. I’m not quite sure yet but the Atomic bomb represents the unchained fallen angel apollyon (or spelled something like that) mentioned in Revelations of the christian bible, the atomic bomb is could simply be the physical version of this demon (fallen angel).

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  4. Rich Angelos says:


    I’ve learned to ask the Angels what they are able to help us with.

    Anything you ask them to do for yourself or minor children is ok as you have spiritual authority over them. You must have permission for other people or things.

    I’m curious about what you are desiring them to do as far as rearranging bodies of knowledge and memorizing things and how that benefits you.


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