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Mouth Watering Yum! by Nadine, N.D., C.N.S.

Hello, Hello, Hello.. Nadine here from the smoking skies of Fort Collins in Colorado.  Wow, such an interesting time to live here knowing the Elementals are at work assisting with shifts in energy and restoring balance.  While I am writing this, the winds have shifted NW, pushing the smoke away from my home; and the temperature has dropped from the high 90′s to a wonderful mid 80′s thus allowing me to write.  Normally I write quite a bit, however this edition will be very short and yummy.

Over the past few articles we have talked about some wonderful greens like kale and rainbow swiss chard as well as the healing properties of sea vegetables.  A few weeks ago I found these wonderful Kelp Noodles at one of the local health food stores.  I did some searching and found them online as well, so no matter where you live, you can try them out if you so choose.  The brand I found is by Tangle Noodle Company.

Kelp Noodles

Kelp noodles are FUN, Delicious and can be added to either hot or cold dishes.  All you need do is rinse them off, cut them into the size you desire and add them to your dish.  They are free of protein, fat, gluten and sugar with a 4 oz serving containing the grand total of ONE gram of carbohydrate.  So why add them to your dish???   Did I mention they are FUN and Delicious???  Additionally they are a Mineral-Rich RAW food with a unique texture.  They make a very healthful and tasty alternative to pasta and rice noodles so work wonderfully well for those who enjoy some bulk to their meal with out a ton of carbohydrates or calories.  No cooking required, just rinse, and eat.  What could be more simple than that???

Here are a few ways I have enjoyed these babies.

Dinner meal:  I sauteed a portion of onion in my skillet.  When the onion was translucent I added cut raw rainbow chard to the skillet to steam.  To that I added in my portion of cooked chicken so that it could re-heat.  Using scissors, I cut the amount of noodles I wanted in that meal and added it to the mix.  When everything was heated (about 4 mins tops) I removed it all from the skillet and added my Flaxseed Oil to the top of the meal.  Talk about Flavor, Color, Texture and overall YUM!!

The next day, while choosing to live on the wild side I thought to add the kelp noodles to my salad.  Instructions: create a yummy salad!  Add noodles to the mix.  Eat!  Enjoy!  Moan loudly!!!!  Can we say YUM??? I discovered the noodles added in a unique crunchy texture and some moisture.  I have since added them to recipes with tuna, turkey, sardines, swordfish, salmon and beef and have yet to find a combination I do not like.

I love them in my breakfast mix.  (please note I am an odd kid so enjoy odd flavors).  For this particular breakfast I had sauteed a portion of portabella mushrooms with onions and egg whites (7).  As that combo was within the last minute of cooking, I added in my cut noodles then added my fat (flaxseed oil) once the food had been removed from the heat.

Just in case you think I have lost my mind, I thought to search for a recipe someone else created.  I stole this one from the tangle noodle company web site for you:

1 clove garlic, grated
½ teaspoon grated fresh ginger
½ avocado
Bragg’s to taste, tamari, or soy sauce
2 cups greens (spring mix, buckwheat, spinach, lettuce)
3 ounces sea vegetable mix
Salt and pepper, to taste

Grate the ginger and garlic. In a small bowl, mash the avocado, ginger, garlic, and Bragg’s together. Toss all ingredients thoroughly.

As you can see… these little guys are easy, flexible, and ready to eat.  It is your turn now to be creative in your own kitchen as you incorporate the healthy greens and sea vegetables from articles of the past.  Much JOY coming to you and your kitchen from flaming Colorado.

~Dr Nadine

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods



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NADINE is a Naturopath and Holistic Nutrition Specialist with over 30 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry and teaches her clients the Art of building and maintaining lean muscle tissue as they drop body fat in a unique program designed for them. Nadine has coached all levels and genre of people and has taught a variety of programs including but not limited to Personal and Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, and Weight Lifting/Bodybuilding. Nadine is available for seminars and workshops based on availability. For more information contact Dr NADINE at 970-443-2541, email: Nadine@CoachNadine.com or visit www.coachnadine.com

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Mouth Watering Yum! by Nadine, N.D., C.N.S., 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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2 Responses to “Mouth Watering Yum! by Nadine, N.D., C.N.S.”

  1. Lois says:

    Thanks Nadine!
    These look yummy, who would have thought of such a great product.
    I will pick some of these up and check them out, and recommend them
    to some of my health coaching clients who are looking for some alternatives!
    Keep up the good work with your blogging! Lois “Lane”

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  2. Nadine says:

    That is awesome Lois.. thanks for writing in.

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