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Mission Statement

To help you discover your full potential

  • …or to simply help you discover inner peace and expanded awareness. You’ll get informative articles, fascinating videos, inspirational stories and valuable free gifts each week. You’ll also get free mind power training from Jeff Gignac …plus meditation training, personal development training and much more.
  • In other words, we’ll provide the training, tools and information that can transform your life in almost every way. You just need to put it all into action…


To help us co create a better world

  • We’ll provide further research into consciousness and mind power, and look at ways we can tap into the collective consciousness to help improve our lives, both individually and collectively.
  • All we ask is you keep an open mind …and if our research resonates with you, please continue with your own research. Follow your own truth.
  • We are not here to change your beliefs …but to help you find answers.


To share our knowledge

  • We also plan to run some experiments to see how we can work together collectively to make a difference, which should be a lot of fun …but we can also start working together today…
  • If you read a post you like, please share the knowledge with others by using the tell a friend form at the end of the post. It is easy to connect to email accounts, Facebook, and Myspace etc
  • Get involved, vote in our polls, rate our posts, leave constructive comments. With your feedback and support, we can provide a community with life changing training and resources.
  • Or maybe you’re an expert in developing the mind, body or spirit? Click here to find out how we can work together.


Many thanks for taking the time to read this …we hope you decide to stay with us so we can evolve together…

Iain, Phil and Cyndi

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