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Please Just Fix Me – By Misa Hopkins (and a very special Webinar Announcement)

When I was very ill, years ago, I called my elder and teacher. What she told me surprised me. I thought she would tell me to come over to her house for healing. Instead, she told me to get out my crystals, sit down and heal myself.

What I wanted is what most of us want when we are really feeling bad. I wanted someone to fix me. I was sick and I wanted to be pampered and attended to by someone else. It didn’t occur to me that for anyone to be able to help, the true healing needed to begin with me.

Even though I didn’t particularly “want” to do healing work on myself, I followed her instructions and in the process discovered a power within myself I had not yet tapped into.

Because of my teacher’s wise instruction I have since learned that when I need to heal, I begin doing the work first and if I still need support, I open to Divine guidance in locating the right and best healer to help me. Doing my work first has given me some significant results:

1) I often discover I can heal entirely with my own energetic healing gifts and/or healing knowledge I have already acquired.

2) I access new levels of spiritual awareness and healing ability I might not have otherwise reached

3) If I do need assistance, I have already established an inner field of commitment and dedication to my healing that attracts the right healer or doctor to assist me

4) If needed, the right person to provide me with help frequently enters my physical space before I ever even need to ask for help

5) Or, within one or two phone calls, I am with the perfect person to assist me.

I don’t shop around any more for the right diagnosis, doctor, healer, technique or treatment. Why not? Because my own energetic field is charged and committed enough to easily draw in the right insight, person, or treatment.

I have gotten quite used to this way of approaching healing—that’s the way my colleagues and students approach healing too, but a few weeks ago I was reminded that some of us don’t know there is a more effective way, and we are still shopping.

I was at a party recently where I was talking to a woman about the people I have met who have dramatic stories of self-healing that occurred when they applied themselves fully in understanding their conditions and responding to their intuitive guidance. Her response reminded me that not everyone is enamored with taking full responsibility for their healing journey.

In this case, the woman I was speaking with said out loud what I believe a lot of us really want but don’t admit. She candidly said, “I don’t really want to figure it for myself. I want someone to tell me what is wrong and how to fix it.” She is still looking for someone to make the diagnosis and prescription without her active involvement.

Now, sometimes you are fortunate enough to find a doctor or healer that really is able to nail it the first time. They know exactly what is wrong and exactly what treatment solves the problem. You do what they say and you heal. This can happen often enough, that you could easily believe this is the best way to approach healing all of the time.

However sometimes, as many of us know who have experienced chronic illnesses, diagnosis is more challenging than it might appear, and you end up going to one doctor after another and one healer after another, perhaps getting some relief, but never quite getting complete healing.

Finally, when we are about to give up, in a moment of awakening we realize we had better get a little more personally involved. And just maybe we need to get some insights from a higher dimension. That’s when we finally surrender the search for someone to diagnose and fix us. When we stop shopping and get involved, the healing journey actually begins.

Who wants to heal themselves, especially when you are feeling really bad? Quite possibly, no one. Who wants to get still and listen for intuitive guidance about what is happening and what you need to do? Possibly, not many of us. But I suspect my teacher’s wisdom applies for many of us.

If we truly want to heal, we are the first ones that need to be committed, open to our guidance and become actively involved. Then, if we still need help, we have primed the pump for the right help to be drawn to us.

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Many of us are getting weary of shopping for the right doctor, healer, treatment or cure. We have been taught that to become well: 1) you get qualified help 2) they tell you what to do 3) you do it and 4) you feel better. But, what happens when your symptoms are difficult to diagnose or treatments don’t work? Discover a place of healing beyond the need to be fixed.  Spend an hour with Misa Hopkins – Tuesday July 20 at 2:00 EST -  For the details click…

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Misa Hopkins is the author of the best-selling book, “The Roof of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything,” which has been named the first aid handbook for the 21st Century. Astutely observing the healing progress of her clients, students, and friends, and her own miraculous healings led her to ground-breaking conclusions about why people remain ill and how to break through the limits of illness to experience the joy of wellness. Her blog, Self-Healing Secrets has become a popular source for healing inspiration.


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Please Just Fix Me - By Misa Hopkins (and a very special Webinar Announcement), 9.0 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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6 Responses to “Please Just Fix Me – By Misa Hopkins (and a very special Webinar Announcement)”

  1. lori says:

    How do you heal poverty? I have attracted many healers etc who could help, but I never the money to access them. This has been going on for over 20 years, I have education, etc, and life just seems to pass me by as my finances are always lacking in a big way. I feel like giving up. I contstantly ask higher power, but something blocks me from moving ahead.

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  2. Linda says:


    You have to learn to change your subconscious mind about money. If you are anything like me I came from a home that told me money was evil and that if you had a lot of money than you would never be happy. I had to learn to look at money differently and realize that even God wants us to be rich. Look in the bible. He talks about money tons of times and everyone he has in power has money. The reason being that with money you can do good. Is there evil of course. Money is not the problem it is people.

    When you learn to change your attitude towards money it will come. It has for me. Just remember to give back and make sure you are making your money work for you.
    There are tons of websites, etc that talk about this. That is why when people win the lottery and do not learn what to do with money than they are broke within a short period of time. They just go out and buy things. I never spent alot of money to begin with but when I got married that is what happened to most of the money. We had to have things and things for out kids. So now I am trying to teach them differently.

    Read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It will help explain a lot. the reason the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. It has to do with waht you do with your money.

    God can’t help if you are not listening. Educate yourself. There is tons on the internet go find it.

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  3. James says:

    Lori, The whole of life is a crap game. Linda’s reply is just double crap. I have worked hard all of my life, saved, invested, very generous with family and charities. Now I am as poor as the proverbial church mouse. Government has caused me to lose most of the investments, taxes has eaten up the rest. All this feel-good crap is for the birds. Good luck Lori, keep holding on.

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  4. Ruth says:

    You need to listen to Linda. If you feel that you never have the money for the healer you have attracted, maybe you should think about that for a minute. Ask yourself what you are doing to attract a healer that you can’t afford.
    Chances are that with the mind set you have – maybe you are not looking in the right direction. Some people think that unless they pay a lot for an item it is not worth anything. I can remember when I also thought that. There are a lot of people on the internet offering the same item for varied amounts. When I am patient I have noticed, many times it arrives and I do not have to pay, even if I have the money to pay.
    Most of our life is determined by our attitude. I get the best results when I state I would like (item or healing) something, then also state; thank you universe for giving me this item for the good of not only myself, but for the good of the universe and mankind.
    You see, even good health is for the good of the universe and mankind. Then I wait; Always feeling grateful. If you feel bitter you will get that back. If you feel bitter that you only attract back something you cannot afford, then that is what you will get.
    Everything is determined by our attitude. When I look at my group of people that I attract around me, I notice that there is one or two that I may have a problem with. I then ask myself what it is about me that I need to change in order for the people in my life to change. I don’t try to change them. It is always ‘my self’ that I work on. Then the people either change in response to me or they drift out of my life. It does no good to run them off or leave them. I would only attract the same situation back into my life. Until I change my inner self my outer situation will not change.
    I do not mean to preach; only show a point of view you may have overlooked. We all learn in the end. There is no deadline to learn and we are really healthy. We just learn at the perfect pace for each person. I hope you claim your health because health is every body’s birthright. If you have the right attitude you can receive everything you wish for. Actually every person is receiving what they wish for no matter what their attitude.
    Look within; it could save you years of misery and lift you higher than you ever thought possible.

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  5. Misa says:


    It seems to me you have already discovered part of your own answer when you said, “…something blocks me from moving ahead.” You sense the block.

    Do you think you could give yourself to be present with the block? Just sit with it compassionately, without having to know its name or why it exists. Could you allow the feelings of shame and doubt, blame and resentment—any of the forms of hurt that this block represents—to be held in your compassion?

    Would you be willing to be present with it, long enough to understand it? If you would be willing to acknowledge the block, you just might find your freedom from it.

    In my experience, being present with the truth, without judging it, creates an opening for healing to occur, whether the root is physical or emotional.

    I commend you for sensing that the block is there, and for having the courage to reach out for help.

    In my heart and songs,

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  6. Victoria says:


    Congratulations on an excellent article, and for your reply to Lori.

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