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Brave Heart: Instant Happiness System

Buried within the Wealth of Information and Tools contained within our “Best Mind Power Program Ever“  is 3 audios that can absolutely train you to “Feel Good” at any time by simply pressing two fingers together.

And you can purchase this treasure for only $19.95 by visiting:  BraveHeart

Combining State of the Art Brain Wave Entrainment, NLP, and Hypnotic Suggestion, these audios work together to create a state of  peacefulness – calm – feeling good and connected – and then helps the listener to create a “trigger” that can be used at anytime to reactivate those empowering good feelings.

Contained with the Mini BraveHeart Kit you will find…

7 Minute Natural High! – Encourage the natural production of feel good chemicals in your brain…
This audio is designed to be used during the day to encourage the production of ‘Feel Good’ Chemicals. This audio delivers a short and powerful burst of brainwave entrainment technology to instantly improve your emotional state, just about any time and anywhere.

The Fear Removal Machine – Experience a deep sense of well being, peace and security
This 60 minute audio contains a very special form of Brainwave Entrainment that is designed to encourage the production of “feel good body and brain chemicals” such as serotonin. The result is a profound balancing of emotions and a deep sense of well being, peace, and security.

The mere presence of these feel good chemicals will make it more likely that people will be unable to produce feelings of fear and anxiety…

As people begin to use this audio once a day, the brain becomes trained to produce these positive, feel good brain chemicals on a regular basis, on its own. The more you engage your brain in this new and positive way, the stronger your neural pathways become in this manner, making it easier for you to produce emotions of calm and balance in your life, regardless of what might be going on. These effects are additive and will increase over time with consistent usage of this track.

This audio also contains an affirmation sequence that, when heard while being guided into a deep meditative state, will assist in the re-programming of your non conscious mind to block unwanted thought and behavior patterns. As you allow the special audio to work you will be encouraging the ongoing acceptance of new and positive ways of thinking, behaving, and living.


The Feel Good Trigger – Reduce fear and anxiety while promoting a balanced and peaceful mindset

In this 30 minute audio we continue the use of sophisticated BWE technology to further train your brain to produce better brain and body chemicals on a regular basis.

In addition to the BWE technology you will be guided through a proven process that installs a ‘feel good’ trigger that you can use anytime you wish to reduce fear and anxiety while promoting a balanced and peaceful mindset.

The effects of this audio are also additive or time. We recommend that you use this audio to build your Feel Good Trigger at least 30 times over the course of 60 days. This will allow you to build a powerful conditioned response that you can use to overcome even the most challenging of circumstances.


Remember, the more you do it, the more you will become accustomed to living life in balance, peace, and harmony.

We want you to feel good – now and always – and we have decided to offer this kit to you for a price of $19.95 -  don’t delay – download your copy now…

Mini BraveHeart

Oh – and if Feeling Good with the touch of two fingers wasn’t incentive enough – there will also be a 2 free bonus audios given with every purchase

Doesn’t Life Just Keep Getting Better and Better all the Time? Click the add to cart button below to get all 3 audios


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