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The Mind Manifesto by Jason and Skye Mangrum, Authors of Uberman, Almost Super Human

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In this life, there are two kinds of beings…

There are victims, and things happen to them.

And there are creators, who create as they observe.

At the deepest, sub-nuclear level, we are one.

There is no separation, as drops of ocean water existing in an infinite ocean… a boundless sea of possibility…

All we have ever experienced has lived inside the visual cortex of the brain. The outward projection is an illusion.

Our sense of touch, is but an electrical impulse… A wave of focused light energy with information in the carrier-wave… a set of instructions for the brain to decode.

To feel. To see. To smell. To taste… these are illusions.

Things are not as they seem. This is the veil shrouding the great mystery of life and creation… of consciousness.

You are existing right now, in your Mind.

These words you are reading, are in your brain, as every sight, every sound, every texture, every smell… but it goes deeper. The body is a projection of the Mind.

Though these concepts are difficult to grasp, they are the truth of your existence. All you experience, must be filtered through the Mind to be perceived.

The entire universe, is quite literally within you.

You already understand this on some level, for when you dream, the Mind constructs vast landscapes, places actors and extras, props and plots into your reality…

They all seem external; outside of you, don’t they?

And yet, you’ve lived your entire life knowing they too were illusion, as you were comfortable in your bed… your body in a state of deep sleep, resting and relaxing.

Those who “wake up” while in the dream, realize they gain an amazing amount of control over it.

When lucid, things no longer happen to them; they create all they observe… and can begin to direct their dreams in any way they desire… the dream world becomes their playground… they become creator.

So the act of using Mind Power, is learning to “wake up” in this dream world we call physical reality. To realize that if we are one, and all we have ever seen, heard, tasted, smelled or touched has been an illusion within an electrical matrix of information and light energy…

Then we can go lucid while in this waking-state…

We can wake up and understand our place and purpose…

And we can use our Mind Power to control this dream.

If you have a Mind, you can use your Mind’s Power.

It is but a term we can use to describe the amazing phenomena we can observe as a result of utilizing the power and capabilities of our Mind, to its full potential.

Most people are so “stuck”… so caught up in this physical dream and all its external affairs that when they begin to use Mind Power, they try to change the external world…

They want a bigger house, a fancier car, more money in the bank… a love relationship… a trip around the world.

So often, they have great difficulty in manifesting these things into their dream… their inner-world remains unchanged, and so cannot be projected by the illusion into the external reality they are experiencing, inside the visual cortex of their brains.

It’s like trying to change the reflection in the mirror without changing its source, you.

But once it is announced to all aspects of the Mind… proclaimed from the inner-mountaintops of your highest being that YOU are creating as you observe, on every level and in every way… then you gain access to the control room… you can now create your reality.

Outer illusions seem to fade away into the vast sea of infinite potential… as does any concept of limitation.

So the real use of Mind Power, is using it to change your inner-world; the inner-qualities you wish to possess… the ones that create winners, masters of their destiny…

Self-confidence, greater focus, better memory… an open imagination, strength of Iron Will… higher intelligence… access to the deepest dimensions from within…

These are the hidden keys to the Kingdom, and they are already present inside of you… waiting for you to discover them and activate them fully and consciously.

For once these inner qualities are developed; exercised and mastered… you can truly begin to Know Yourself.

All the external things you want begin flowing to you.

You become the success you have been seeking, because you are now fully controlling the waking-dream world.

You are now manifesting from the inside-out.

As you create in your Mind, you are using its power to “out-picture” what you observe in the physical world.

But seek first these inner-qualities, the real treasure.

This is a meditation.

Be in this moment, and observe what you are creating.

Know that it is not what it seems to be… as your entire concept of space and time are both as false, and as real as the space and time you experience while dreaming.

To the Mind, there is no difference.

And so to you, the conscious, intelligent awareness inhabiting a temporary body… you are dreaming.

But this dream allows you to have anything you want.

It is a continuous dream, so you can experience it fully.

You are creating, and you are observing your creation.

It is both in the same moment, since there is no time.

Awaken and learn to operate with this understanding and you will become an active creator of your reality.

All Mind Powers begin and are developed from this secret.

Mind Power techniques are instructions you can consciously give to the brain that allow you to unlock the Mind’s power.

There truly are no limits, but the ones you create for yourself and reinforce through your beliefs, be them for or against you.

So expand your boundaries… become boundless in your thoughts and actions, as an infinite sea of potential energy only knows abundance.

Then, you are using Mind Power to its fullest capabilities.

This manifesto is also a meditation. As you read it, your understanding of the world inside you manifests with crystal clarity.

You become the NOW. You immerse yourself into this moment and are awe-struck by the immensity of it all… the wonder of your creation.

For you ARE the infinite sea of potential, experiencing itself in every conceivable and inconceivable way… in every life of every individual… not just human, but all of creation is within you.

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3 Responses to “The Mind Manifesto by Jason and Skye Mangrum, Authors of Uberman, Almost Super Human”

  1. Leila says:

    Great idea for a book – ideas that work! I like the article here. Thanks.

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  2. Anthony says:

    Personally, I don’t think it’s really about “controlling” your environment. I mean, like you’ve said already, you’re always creating your environment; because, the outside is the inside, as the inside is the outside. You’ll realize your true potential when you accept yourself for who you are, or your environment for what it is. Life is simply a dance, a motion, a current. The only form of freewill is resistance, just go with the flow, and everything you desire will miraculously flow “your” way… It’s almost paradoxical, the more you can accept EVERYTHING, tolerate EVERYTHING, the more “control” you’ll have, but you won’t even need it because everything will “go your way” anyways.. lol

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  3. BOB SCHREINER says:

    dear jason, my name is bob and i tre=ied to sign up for your free newslstter but the sign up link does not work!!! i need help with my failing memory so can you please manually sign me up for your free newsletter? thank you for your time sincerely BOB SCHREINER– oneguns@hotmail.com

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