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Advanced Lucid Dreaming Techniques by Rebecca Turner

One of the things that surprised me most when it came to inducing lucid dreams was the effect of frequent meditation. Learning to lucid dream means carrying a heightened sense of self-awareness into the dream world. And as I learned to meditate more frequently, I had more spontaneous lucid dreams without even trying. The two go hand-in-hand.

If you are skilled at meditation, you will already know that it provides deeper access to the subconscious mind, and greater self-awareness of your reality. Distinguishing the difference between reality and the dream world is a vital pre-requisite for lucid dreams.

Aside from engaging in general meditation and visualizations, there are specific techniques that use meditation to induce lucid dreams on demand. Any technique that lands under this description is said to produce a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD).

A WILD is an extraordinarily vivid type of dream that occurs when you walk your conscious brain directly into the dream state from a waking state. This is also known as “falling asleep consciously” and enables you to enter the dream with full clarity of awareness from the get-go.

WILDs are harder to initiate – but they are definitely worth the effort! Even an unsuccessful WILD attempt can be a deeply relaxing experience. I recommend this technique for intermediate and advanced lucid dreamers looking to have lucid dreams on demand, although anyone is welcome to give it a go and see what borderland states of consciousness they can achieve.

The WILD Method for Lucid Dreams

The best time to practice WILD is after 4-5 hours of deep sleep, after which your dreaming REM cycles become longer. Either set your alarm for the early morning, or tell yourself to wake up at a certain time while looking at your alarm clock.

Step One – Relax your mind and body - Close your eyes and lie on your back. Take three deep breaths in and out. Feel your body sinking into the bed, and let go of all the tension in your muscles. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation, and focus on your intention to control your dreams. Allow any thoughts to pass you by, without interacting with them. Keep your body totally relaxed and still. Repeat over in your mind: “One. The next scene will be a dream. Two. The next scene will be a dream. Three…” etc. This will set your intention and keep your mind alert while your body slowly drifts back to sleep.

Step Two – Observe Your Hypnagogic Imagery – After 5-10 minutes you will see hypnagogic imagery. This is the beginning of the dream state! Blobs of color will swirl around behind your closed eyelids. Observe it if you like, but also be aware of other sensations beyond your field of vision. Let your inner voice go quiet. As the dream state deepens, you will be aware of voices and sounds. This is normal – they are coming from inside your own head. Hold on to this state of blissful relaxation, while focusing on your intention to recognize the dream state when it occurs.

Step Three – Fall Asleep Consciously - Remember you are tricking your body to fall asleep consciously. So hold on to that thin strand of conscious awareness as your mind goes deeper. This is the great secret of meditation. It is not easy at first, but practice makes perfect. When your body falls asleep, you may hear a very loud vibrating or humming sensation in your head. It’s exciting or surprising at first, and may ruin your early attempts at the WILD technique. This is the point of transition: from waking to the dream state. If you try to move now, you may find your body has naturally entered sleep paralysis. This is normal and occurs every time you go to sleep – you just aren’t usually aware of it. It’s a weird sensation but nothing to worry about. Many people don’t even notice this state when practicing Wake Induced Lucid Dreams.

Step Four – Enter The Lucid Dream World – By now, your mind is aware but your body is asleep. Whether you followed your hypnagogic imagery into the dream state, or the images came from beyond your natural field of vision, you will notice a dream scene emerging in front of you. There are two ways to enter your lucid dream now.

First, you can simply step into the picture, so that it becomes 3D around you. To do this, simply push your awareness deeper into the dreamscape. It may pop into greater clarity suddenly, and you will find yourself in a very vivid lucid dreamscape. Alternatively, you can “climb out” of your physical body, as described by many people who report Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). In your mind’s eye, imagine you have two bodies; a physical body and a dream body. You can roll, sink, or float off the bed, but be careful not to move your physical body by accident.

Tips on How To Fall Asleep Consciously

I believe the hardest part about Wake Induced Lucid Dreams is staying awake while your mind and body become completely relaxed. If you lose focus for just a few moments, you can fall asleep completely. However, with practice you will learn to maintain this mental state on the very edge of consciousness. I urge you to take up a daily meditation routine to assist this state, even if it’s just as you fall asleep at night. Give yourself the time to fully relax your body and focus your mind inwards… who knows where it will take you!

About the Author

Rebecca Turner is the author of World of Lucid Dreaming. Check out her new free subliminal induction video for lucid dreams to help you have a spontaneous lucid dream tonight. If you are interested in learning the WILD technique and meditating before you sleep, check out Rebecca’s brainwave entrainment MP3 review which is designed to relax your mind and induce lucid dreams as you fall asleep tonight.

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2 Responses to “Advanced Lucid Dreaming Techniques by Rebecca Turner”

  1. Leila says:

    Thanks Rebecca for your tips on how to achieve a wake induced lucid dream. The advice on meditation is interesting as I find this is the state I gravitate towards when not asleep at night.

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  2. Jonah says:

    Thank you Rebecca,

    This is a helpful guide for achieving WILDS. If you or any of your readers are interested in my series on Advanced Lucid Dream Techniques, that focus on what to do once you become lucid, check out these videos:


    Dream Big!

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