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Falling Out of Love with My Drama by Dr. Katie Garnett

Falling Out of Love with My Drama

I have been fortunate to study with some of the most amazing teachers over the decades, and all of them have talked about letting go of the drama in your life.

It took me awhile to truly let go of it all and learn to live in the present, to be present with my own life and with everyone in it.

I found that I took myself through several steps to get to the Freedom I desired:

Step 1- Forgiveness

In order to start the clearing out process I realized that forgiveness was the key that would open the lock to all else that was within. Even though I knew better, it was still easy to get caught up in the idea that by forgiving the person, I was approving the act. And also that forgiveness was for the other person when it is really always for us, and for our own inner peace. Once I got myself past those old mind-sets, it was an easy road from there – simply a process of letting go.

There are a number of wonderful skills and techniques that help us find our way to forgiveness – The One Command, Ho’oponpono, anything from the Dalai Lama, almost any great book by authors such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Marci Shimoff, Debbie Field, etc.

You have most likely heard the saying, ‘Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.’  It costs you everything and costs the other nothing.

Once you truly start forgiving events and people, and most importantly yourself, then you will know how liberating it is for your spirit and how peaceful your life can be.

Step 2 – My History

How many of us are ‘married’ to our stories. It is easy to believe that if you give up your ‘story’ you will no longer be yourself and you will never be able to rectify what has happened and create something new. The truth is, it is your stories that keep you stuck and interfere with your capacity to create the new life you want. Once you choose to create what you want instead of what you have, you have no need for what was.

When we look at how our biochemistry and our neurology works, we can understand that we are primarily light or energy that is affected, changed, modified and created by our thoughts, our environment, and the entire energy field.

Our history is essentially frozen memories that may or may not even occurred – Mark Twain said, “I’ve suffered a great many catastrophes in my life. Most of which never happened.”

The truth is that the past is truly irrelevant – think about how often remembering past events has made you feel better, or helped you avoid the same mistake again, or improved your relationships – as a coach and psychologist I can tell you I haven’t seen that in others and certainly not in myself.

Your history is over – let it go!

Step 3 – My Future

Finally I got to the point of looking ‘forward’ even though I am aware from quantum physics that there is no time – just ask Einstein.  For me this was sort of a way station. It was a place I lived for a while until I really understood that my future is right now. It was useful in the sense that at least I had separated out from my past.

Living in the future may be slightly better than living in the past – but for me this was true only because it was a stepping-stone to get me to see the value of living in the present.

The most important lesson I learned at this level was to start seeing a different future, something fresh and new and sometimes seemingly impossible.

Many people are very skilled at picturing the potential catastrophes in their lives – all the things they fear might occur. But when asked to picture a really amazingly wonderful future, all the things they ever wanted, they then feel very blocked and unable to picture anything.

It wasn’t until I really looked at how I use my knowledge of the quantum field and the capacity to change my DNA with Intention – that I was able to move myself into the future now – by bringing the future to me in the present.

Step 4 – My Now

And this is where I want to live for the duration.  Staying in the present is so much more interesting than you might ever imagine. This is where your greater capacity lives and this is where your joy resides

My present is the only possible reality and it is the one that we are just really learning about. We have a lot of epigenetic learning from our family, community and schools, etc. that have trained us to look backwards for information and look forward for success.

Our success is here now – we can only exist in this moment and the rest is all made up from only slightly accurate information – flawed views of life that are often based on fear and longing rather than what we can actually know for sure.

In the present you are always fresh, new and available to every idea, opportunity and resource that your world is offering to you.

Choose your way to stay in the present by having a good friend to check in with, or meditating, doing your One Commands, taking long walks in nature, reading great books – what ever skill or technique works for you to keep you aligned with your present.

I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else.

Love and blessings, Katie

Dr. Katie Lynne Garnett is the co-founder of The Brave Woman Seminars, a counseling psychologist, personal coach, international corporate consultant for Fortune 500 companies, university professor, Certified One Command Seminar Leader and Practitioner, and founder of Unfolding Your Spiritual DNA.

Dr. Garnett’s study of the phenomenon of quantum physics, paired with her research in the psychology of human behavior, healing, social change and the significance of the theta brainwave and energy shifts in relation to human potentiality, brings her clients the capacity to reprogram their lives as they choose and align with their spiritual mission.

Dr. Katie co-hosts the radio-show Living in the Quantum Field with Asara Lovejoy on Contact Talk Radio. She also hosts the 4th week Wednesday Teleconference each month focusing on the significance of The One Command and the quantum physics of body-mind healing and transformation. You can read her articles in Evolution Ezine and on her blogs at www.bravewomanseminars.blogspot.com and www.thespiritwalk.blogspot.com

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  1. Thrity says:

    Thank you. That was truly wonderful; one tends to forget this so now I will keep this article, where I can read it often and remember to stay in the present.

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  2. Hi and thank you for your comment – you may also be interested in Bonnie’s (my teaching partner) and my bravewomanseminars.blogspot.com and our new gratitude yahoo group – http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/freedomofgratitude/

    These are blogsites and groups for women (and the men who love them) who want to focus their lives on coming into their greatness in profound and gentle ways – in gratitude and in grace.

    Love and blessings, Katie

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