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5 Ways You Can Live Fully Today…and Every Day by Jodi Chapman

Do you ever feel tired, numb, or disconnected from life? Here are five ways that you can wake up and start living more fully—today and every day!

  1. Be grateful for where you are starting from. We sometimes have a tendency to beat ourselves up for not being where we think we should be. And this just makes us feel even worse about ourselves. Accepting where you are right now in this moment—being OK with it, and even being grateful for it—is a great first step toward truly embracing your life exactly as it is…while still moving into the life you want.
  2. Open up to the magic all around you. It’s great to focus on what you’re doing—on the task right in front of you, on your life. But sometimes—especially if you’re ultra-busy—that focus can turn into tunnel vision. When that happens, it’s easy to forget that there’s so much more to life. But when you take time to look around and open up to the magic, the signs, and the beauty all around you, your entire world changes. And you’ll see how you fit into this beautiful world, how you’re an integral part of an amazing whole.
  3. Connect with others. Do you ever feel like you’re a solo act? Like you have to do it all yourself? It’s great to be self-reliant, but this can lead to you feeling disconnected, overworked, and overwhelmed! Whenever you’re feeling this way, remember: You don’t have to go it alone! The more you let others into your life, the more you’ll find that the world is filled with good people who genuinely want to help you, care for you, and connect with you. And when you do reach out and connect with these good people, you’ll notice that your own heart becomes fuller, you’ll feel so much more plugged in and alive, and you’ll have more to give back to all those wonderful people in your life.
  4. Take your fear out of the driver’s seat. We all feel fear, but that fear doesn’t have to call the shots! Living fully—and soulfully—doesn’t mean being fearless. It means listening to your soul and saying yes, even when your fear is screaming no! It means living on purpose and having faith that you’ll always be supported. It means leaping toward your dreams even when you’re scared. Living this way may not feel easy at first, but the more your soul overrides your fear, the more natural it becomes. Remember: fear is a weed that can only grow if it’s watered—so stop watering it! Tend to the other flowers in your mind and heart, and pretty soon they will far outgrow the withered, dried-out fear!
  5. Finally, love yourself and know that you are enough. Are you always trying to be who you think you should be, rather than simply being who you are? Are you always trying to be perfect, pushing yourself harder and harder, trying to reach this unattainable goal (and, possibly, making yourself miserable in the process)? Isn’t it time you said, Enough!? Enough pushing yourself like an insatiable slave-driver! Enough with not feeling like you’re enough! Because you are! And when you fully realize this, you’ll start to honor and care for yourself. You’ll start to experience the power of self-love. And you’ll start coming back to life.

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  1. Leila says:

    Thanks for your simple steps to enjoying life more. I like the idea that fear is a weed that can shrivel through not being watered.

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