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Lisa’s Headache Eased…..

just wanted to share a couple of positives that I have experienced recently through SMA.

A few days ago I had for the first time in ages one of my bad headaches (not sure if it was related to missing my morning BWE). By the evening I was unsure of doing my evening BWE because it was still very uncomfortable. I also normally find the Month 3 1.2 a little intense at times. However when I put it on, it was like the vibrations were massaging my brain and it was the most pleasant sensation. It really helped ease my headache and allow me to sleep well.

Also, this morning while walking my dogs I was feeling really tired after a tough week. My dogs naturally picked up on this and started misbehaving. Normally I would turn them around and take them home, because as a dog behaviouralist I know how important it is to be “on your game” especially on the walk. However last night I had watched the Month 3 Week 3 video about change of state. And I used the example of “powerful and confident” from the video, so I changed my physiology to match it. The effect was instantaneous. The dogs picked up on my change of state and started falling back into line like magic. I realized that I have been naturally doing this with my dogs and when consulting with other people and their dogs but just wasn’t aware that I was doing this. So thanks for the insight.

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