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Now Is The Time – Light Up Your Spiritual DNA!!! by Dr. Katie Garnett

Your Spiritual DNA encompasses the programs that you share with all living things. These are the programs that come directly from Source, and are a part of Source – the programs that hold your integrity, compassion, sense of service, and most importantly, your spiritual love.

We know from quantum physics that biologically and energetically, you come in with ancestral programs, take on cultural and family programs, and have inherent behavioral DNA programs. These include all the information that shapes how you think, how you perceive the world, and how you interact with others.

And beneath all of that programming is your Spiritual DNA Blueprint. The programs in your Spiritual DNA blueprint include your sense of integrity, honesty, caring, compassion, self-appreciation, love, and joy.

One thing you won’t find in your Spiritual DNA is fear. Fear is incorporated in your core behaviors, like the flight/fight responses, and in your learned behaviors like family beliefs and cultural beliefs and personal experience. Fear does not exist in your Spiritual DNA because when you are living from your deepest core, you are aware that you are not a body, you are in truth a spiritual being with a body.

While in the body, you may sometimes experience angst, pain, poverty, health challenges, and all manner of difficulty. It is easy to believe that this is the nature of human life, but you also know that there is a deep inner feeling that calls you, saying, I am here, you are not alone, you are not this little limited being, you are greater than you know, you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience.

You can connect with your Spiritual Self by simply opening the door –

Here are the 6-Steps to creating all the beautiful things in your life -

1. Ground – close your eyes and send your energy down through your body, down through the planet to the core of the earth.

2. Align – bring your energy back up through the earth and notice the light that comes down from above, through your body, down through the earth and beyond.

3. Go to Theta – with your eyes always closed, let your eyes roll up into the top of your head (the Tibetan eye-roll) as you follow that light out into the deep black velvet of space, and now you are in the theta brainwave.

4. Command – in theta say this One Command – I don’t know how I light up my Spiritual DNA as I re-align with who I truly am, I only know I do so now, and I am fulfilled.

5. Expand – and now relax your closed eyes as you move into the space of Expansion, that place of all resources, all information, all that you ever need.

6. Receive in Gratitude – slowly move your energy back into your body and as you do, notice as you unwind your old limiting beliefs and rewind in your new, expansive, safe and lovely thoughts and beliefs into your DNA.

Enjoy the sense of opening to your Spiritual Self as you align with Your Spiritual DNA and I’ll see you next month.

Dr. Katie Garnett
Have you experienced The One Command Life?

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Now Is The Time – Light Up Your Spiritual DNA!!! by Dr. Katie Garnett, 8.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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