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Your View of Life by Barry Goss and Heather Vale

We were hosting one of our famous 2-on-1 simulcasts a month ago and when we opened up the lines, like we always do towards the end of the call, one of the lucky attendees got a chance to ask their question to our guest mentor.

Our loyal regulars always know our protocol, which is to ask a concise, clear question and then let our teacher answer.

But, for whatever reason, we got a ‘talker’ this time around and it was almost hard to interrupt him. All we could do was listen to a man, from Indiana, tell the most incredible version of a self-sabotaging personal experience.

Meaning, he was pretty descriptively on-target about his current financial reality – complaining and whining to our guest mentor, like it was acceptable to hog the line, about how hard it is for him to travel and enjoy dormant hobbies because he’s working a 50-hour per week JOB that’s making him, in his own words, “just over broke.”

Not only that, he told us how he’s only 7 years away from retirement age with little or no funds and that Social Security may not be there for him.

Yes, the comments and questions went on and on… “How am I supposed to stay positive and focused when there hasn’t been any improvement with my money situation?”; “The only reason you guys make money is because you sell your knowledge and products…” blah, blah, blah…

Our guest teacher, in the most delicate but ‘take notice’ manner, said, “Wow, that’s pretty darn good. With a lot of detailed emotion, you’ve just mastered the art of getting exactly what you expect”.

“Wud ya mean?” the caller quickly asked.

“It’s simple,” he continued, “but I also know it’s so hard for folks who are used to immersing themselves into illusionary experiences. Like you, a lot of people’s reality will automatically line up in a way so that it can provide them with proof of whatever they chose to focus on and believe.”

The caller was still confused and said, “But, how’s that relate to my financial situation?”

Our guest mentor went on to explain how this person’s vivid self-talk and descriptions to us about what was really going on in his life was causing him to proliferate that reality into his experience.

Let us give you a scene from a recent Hollywood movie that might help you understand this whole idea of how everything in your life is the way it is because of how you think about and describe to others your unwanted realities.

The Wedding Date is a romantic comedy starring Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney.

In the movie, Kat (Messing) is flying to London to attend her sister’s wedding where Kat’s ex-fiancé (who dumped her) is going to be the best man. To create the illusion that she’s moved on with her life and is unaffected by the break-up, she hires an escort (Mulroney) to pretend to be her new fiancé. She found him by reading an interview of him in a magazine.

At one point in the movie, she’s talking to Nick (played by Mulroney) about a comment in the interview that she didn’t agree with.

She reads the section to him:

“You said (and I quote), ‘I believe every woman has the exact love life she wants’… do you honestly believe that I want to be single and miserable? Do you think I want to be hung up on some guy who led me on for years and then – out of the blue – shattered my heart?”

Nick replies, “First of all, there’s no such thing as ‘out of the blue’. And secondly… yeah, I do.”

She’s incredulous.

She yells, “What??”

Nick says, “When you’re ready to let go, to be un-single and un-miserable… you will. Till then…” and walks away.

There’s a HUGE lesson there that most people don’t get. Even the ones who SAY they get it don’t really get it. And, just like the case with the caller above, you can tell they don’t get it because they’re not living it.

The basic lesson is very simple: you are where you are right now – you’ve been experiencing what you don’t really want to experience – because you made the choice, at some unconscious level, to be there.

Some people will argue that they didn’t choose their present circumstances. Or that it’s luck. Or “the breaks”. Or they say they’re on “part of a learning curve” or something.

But the truth is that you can look at every area of your life: your marriage, your bank account, your relationship with others, your parenting, your physical health and the fact remains the same: you are where you are because that’s where your opinions, beliefs, and decisions PUT you.

Have you noticed that compared with the person who is ‘being’ sad, the person who is ‘being’ happy seems to have, all the time, all the money and all the energy to do important things in their life?

Many people think that if they had more time, more money or more energy, then they would be truly happy. But they don’t get the connection between ‘not being very happy right now’ and ‘not having the time, money or energy they want.’

There’s a principle we’ve learned recently that is one of the most IMPORTANT principles to “grasp” with all your mental strength.

Truly, if you can understand what we’ve shared above, and what we’re about to share right now, you can take your life into many WANTED experiences FAST!

The principle we’re about to reveal is unfortunately used backwards by most people.
It’s called BE-DO-HAVE and, just like we have in the past, a lot of people get stuck in “ruts” (whether financial, emotional, or mental) because they’ve got the flow reversed.


You know these people (maybe it’s you).

Like, you probably know of somebody who’s said stuff like, “If I only had more money, I’d invest,” or “If I only had more time, I could start a business…”

We talk to many, many people every day who are in the process of creating a true “Life Without Limits” experience for themselves… but, still, even in this pool of ambitious people we know, a great majority still don’t take certain “assume the role” steps that are essential.

For instance, most people, when asked “what do you want out of life?” respond with:
More Time
Travel the World

Yet statistically, only 21% of the entire population even has a passport. However, $54 Billion dollars were spent on lottery tickets in 2005 alone.

So, which group of people do you think is most likely to travel the world?

The BE-DO-HAVE principle says…
“In order to have something, you must first take on the role of already having it.”

So, for instance, if your goal is to become a full-time online entrepreneur, like us, then with every choice you are given on a day-to-day basis, you simply ask yourself the question:

If I already was a full-time online entrepreneur, what would I choose?

BE-DO-HAVE is simply BE the person first, DO what that person would do, then you’ll HAVE what that person has.

Emulate someone who is achieving the results you want. Ask yourself what that person would do in your situation given a decision that would bring you closer to your goal. You will get an immediate response, void of the limiting emotions and beliefs that often hold us back.

Whether you understand it or not, the BE-DO-HAVE principle applies to your life. Choosing not to apply it could be the very thing that is keeping you from achieving results in every area of your life and from obtaining all the wealth and freedom you desire.

Study this principle, apply it to everything you do, and just imagine what you can achieve!

Sure, when you strip it down to its core, it’s nothing more than a way of looking at life. It is nothing more or less than that. Yet this way of looking at life could change your life – and probably will!

Now, there’s one other thing we have to mention (or repeat) here:

BEING results in HAVING!

And, how to BE is often closely related to who you learn from, hang out with, and get to know.

The Law of Association basically says:

Unhealthy, unhappy, and broke people hang around unhealthy, unhappy, broke people.

In other words, you can get a “leg up” or an edge on BEING who you want to be by associating with others who have already BEEN where you want to go.

After all, if they can do it… why not you?

Barry Goss and Heather Vale are metaphysical investigators, researchers, interviewers and writers dedicated to helping people discover new perspectives, key information and powerful tools by uncovering the inner-world secrets, personal growth techniques and spiritual principles of the universe.  They are often referred to as “The Fox Mulder of Manifestation” and “The Dana Scully of Success.”

These two live their passion every day by working together towards their mission:  to change the world for the better, one person at a time, and empower individuals in a big way.  They do this by tracking down, researching, sorting, and selecting the mentors of the world who can help us grow ourselves by expanding from the inside-out; and by creating, publishing and marketing fresh, candid, uncensored, real-world resources and information that question how things “should” be, and expand perceptions about what’s possible in a bona fide Life Without Limits!

To Learn More about these incredible teachers and their products click here

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4 Responses to “Your View of Life by Barry Goss and Heather Vale”

  1. Jeanne Meger says:

    Right on Barry and Heather are terrific. What they write is truth. Universal truth. So it applies to everyone when they are ready to own this truth. Everyone is on their own spiritual path and finding truth is sometimes hard to recognize. Barry and Heather could not have said truth any more plainer. BE-DO-HAVE. Simple. Now I just have to follow through. That is where I am.

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  2. Kobus Otto says:

    Be Do Have is a scientology principle. I clearly remember it from when I was still actively involved. Not that it doesn’t work though, I have used it to put myself in the exact position I wanted to be. I would advise everyone putting this principle into practice to use LOTS of visualization and self-affirmation, just to get to the point where you really ARE(be) in that situation mentally. Eventually, you start being there naturally (practically habitually) and only then to you start to have and do.This technique does require persistence though, so keep at it until you get results. Getting closer to someone who is what you want to be also helps. The MIND POWER books by John Kehoe also describe what I consider to be the same technique and really helped me.

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  3. ron says:

    Ya know when ego gets in the way…

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  4. Chris says:

    Beliefs are key and the only thing anyone has to see isthat knowing is not an end result but an example of giving up on exploration in any conclusion. In otherwords they way I see reality everything is perfect an I am broke an just lost everything hahaha, Hay I never wanted anything in the first place, it kinda scares me cause all I do is think of something an it happens, what more does anyone want. I wonder if anyone knows that they may be the only one an everything else their making up!

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