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Ask Cyndi – How Can I let Go of These Awful Feelings Once and For All?

I am encouraged to read that you were able to let go of panic and anxiety. I have been able to from time to time, but then it comes back. I’m a professional musician and it can be debilitating in my work. I also don’t travel anymore – just feels too risky. How can I let go of these awful feelings and sensations once and for all?

Hi Molly;

The key to the answer lies in your question….

It’s simple really.

If you were able to do it even once – then you can absolutely do it again – and again – and again…

At first it may appear difficult – and you have to be very conscious in what you do – but after awhile it will become easier – and sooner then you believe possible it will become automatic.

What I have learned is that panic and anxiety is stuck energy somewhere in our bodies. The stuck/blocked energy has little trigger points that our thoughts or the world around us set off – creating the panic feeling. We then tend to feed the panic/anxiety with our automatic negative thoughts and our breathing patterns – which essentially strengthens the trigger.

Every time we break the pattern we are loosening its hold on us. We are releasing at least some of that stuck energy and allowing flow where there was blockage – we do it enough times and the blockage is gone, along with those trigger points.

The key is to celebrate the victories and not to get too invested in when the anxiety shows up – because it will (at least once more).

When you were very small, learning how to walk, you fell down 100s of times before you really got the hang of it. Can you imagine where you would be if after the second time you fell you decided that walking was just something you couldn’t do?

Why not decide now that you will consciously work to transform that stuck energy at least as many times as you consciously went about learning how to walk? Do that and I feel confident guaranteeing you that you will be successful.

How to do it?  Oh – there are 100s of ways – many of which are mentioned throughout the ezine (check out 22 Powerful Ways to Transform Fear)  The key is to keep reminding yourself that it’s a process, that each success builds upon the next, and that if anxiety hits again it is just another bit of stuck energy revealing itself to you – and it’s another opportunity to practice the tools that will not only help clear the blockage – they will help you eventually expand into the Highest and Best Expression of You :-)

Would love to hear more about your music  – being a Professional Musician must be so rewarding …..

oh – and one more thing you may find interesting.  I just looked up the definition of “awful” and discovered that the first listing is “filled with awe”.  Interesting – right?   If we consider my definition of panic/anxiety as “stuck or blocked” energy as “stuck or block “awe” -then once its released you will have awe filling your body and your life experience.

If you ask me – that is definitely worth working towards :-)

Loving Life…..

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3 Responses to “Ask Cyndi – How Can I let Go of These Awful Feelings Once and For All?”

  1. James says:

    Hi Cyndi,
    I have fibro myalgia and have been getting regular treatment from my local healing centre in Aberdeen Scotland,in the past few weeks i have been thinking about starting Jogging with my dog,i have just came back from doing two laps of minor distance,but it makes the difference and i can build from there Yeees.All down to my healer last night saying just go for it.

    Peace and light

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  2. AdminCyndi says:

    I Love it James – and I see you go farther and farther distances :-)
    I have worked with people labeled with Fibromyalgia and I absolutely believe that it is more than possible to get the energy centers in alignment and balanced again – it just takes belief, support (yeah to healing centers) and the continuous intention to put one foot in front of the other…..

    Looking forward to hearing how you completed a 1/2 marathon with ease :-)

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  3. Steven says:

    I have claustrophobia. How can I get control of it?

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