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Kundalini: Become Your Own Energy Guru by Gurutej Part 2

Last week we published  Kundalini: Become Your Own Energy Guru by Gurutej Part 1 - and if you haven’t read it yet I suggest that you do so before you continue here.  And if you have read the article it would be fabulous if you can take a few minutes and let us know how the exercises are working for you.  Remember – they can only benefit you if you do them – and do them on a regular basis :-)

The following are a few more exercises – equally as powerful as the ones we posted last week.  Take the time to do them and then just watch – I know you will be pleased :-)

This first exercise is so pertinent to the times. It helps release stress and will make you feel very clear after doing it. It is easy and also helps release EMF’s from the vast exposure we receive from the constant connections we have with our computers, cell phones, PDA’s. Try this it will renew you. Breath while you do it.

Meridian Face Massage: AHHH!
Using your fingertips tap your temples, the back of your neck, shoulders and chest. Then tap the top of the head, and the TMJ points (located in front of the ears on the connective jaw point), last dust over the third eye (the space between your two eyes) in upward brushing movements with your fingertips.

Gift: This is a great pressure release. Rejuvenator
Time: 60-90 seconds

Our Brains are so deeply overworked and underfeed. We have no grace space in most of our lives. So the action and reaction times are usually very immediate. We can’t take one more thing. This next exercise will help you release some things held in your brain that you would like to release ie. obsessive thoughts, and difficult interactions. When we speak on the phone the conversation goes immediately into our brain cells. This exercise helps to release and rebalance the arcline, which goes ear to ear, in the process it realigns the brain. In that realignment process the conversation or obsessive thought process will be released.

Rebalancing the arcline is no small thing yet this small exercise will help that to happen. The EMF’s from all our electronically filled lives make our arclines weak. This gives it renewed strength.

Shaking Hands: Change energy
Hold hands on either side of your head close to the ears and begin shaking the hands keeping the wrists loose and the fingers semi tight.

Gift: Brain Balancer. Helps release unwanted conversations and obsessive thoughts
Time: 90 seconds

Here’s a video on another way to balance the brain…

Our body parts are amazing. They were put together with such innate encoding. Our hands fit perfectly in our own arm pits, over our knees, behind our knees, in the arches of our feet we are truly a great design.

Another of the bodies perfections comes in the reflexology points in the hands, feet and ears. It is the tips of the fingers and toes that contain all the points for the glands that reside in the brain, the pituitary, pineal, thalamus and hypothalamus.

This next exercise helps us get these glands working for us and calms the parasympathetic nervous system. It is simple and profound. I have watched entire offices of people immediately calm down with just this simple exercise. The Pituitary gland is know as the master glad for it is the one responsible for giving the signals to the rest of the glandular system that it is now time for them to secrete their various hormones.

Finger Tip Release: Releases over-worked hands
Lightly place fingertips touching, move them in and out bending the fingers. Another variation is lightly rubbing the tips of the fingers against each other in little circles.

Gift: This stimulates the glands in the brain. Makes you more alive and relaxed
Time: 60-120 seconds

I am purposefully giving you really simple exercises that can save your lives and give you immediate energy because I want you to do them and share them with others. This is just a minute particle of the vast depth of Kundalini exercises but I want you to have them accessible so you will do them. If you have the experience there is a greater probability that you will want “the more”.

This one is truly one of the best exercises for calming the parasympathetic nervous system. You can’t always do it at your office but you can do it at the end of the day to get to true relaxation.

Spinal Rolls: Calms the nervous system

Lye on a soft surface: rug, yoga mat, and bed. Pull the legs into the chest and wrap your arms around your legs. Roll as if doing a summersault. On the inhale roll back like a back summersault and exhale as you roll forward till your feet touch the floor in front of you.

Gift: Calms and collects you. Side bonus, strong abs.
Time: 6-180 seconds

I don’t have a video for the Spinal rolls – but here is a spinal flex that you can do in the office (it feels great :-)

Show up, do the work, Don’t be attached to the results

Gurutej is known as the Energy Guru. She has known since she was six years old that she wanted to lead others to their own inner self. She is a born leader, a creational genius, and a visionary thought leader. Her energy brightens your day, and her gift for lightness, comedy, and humor radiates with every breath and every word of her powerful message. An original disciple of Yogi Bhajan and a founding practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, Gurutej is one of a handful of Kundalini Yoga Masters in the world. She has taught people for over 40 years to connect to their essence through healing, meditation, yoga, and chanting. She lives and breathes the meaning of her Sikh name, “the one who brings you from darkness into light at the speed of light.”

Gurutej has created products that support and uplift humanity. She has 4 yoga DVDs 2 of which are listed in the top 10 yoga DVD’s of all time, Chakra pillows that are a line of channeled color and aroma therapy healing pillows, a new book -  A Slice of the Beloved -  a yogic based book supporting couples in creating delightful relationships. There are two new audio/video series launching in the New Year 2011.  One is Get Your Skinny Back?  She has also developed a series of highly innovative teachings called The Moon Centers

To learn more visit:  The Energy Guru


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7 Responses to “Kundalini: Become Your Own Energy Guru by Gurutej Part 2”

  1. Leila says:

    These exercises were really fun to do. I loved the forehead dusting and face tapping. Great :)

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  2. Eugene says:

    Wow! What a great presentation. Something simple, easy to do and the results are bountiful! Thanks

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  3. valerie hope says:

    Thanks for the videos very helpful, and the energy is highly enjoyed
    and internationally shared, please continue in grace and relaxed enjoyment,your wildly appreciated.wishing you great success with all your healing assistance..best wishes always
    valerie hope Amsterdam Holland

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  4. valerie hope says:

    This is the first time I have seen Kundaline videos, and I wanted to share my appreciation, to these videos also, its not important to me
    if its published, but to the maker of the videos, it is from our hearts
    here in Holland that we show our appreciations for her efforts, we have never seen her video before and we enjoyed them, we have added our comment to one other video yesterday,I am sharing these videos with my
    friends in Holland,and we all felt the need to show our appreciation,
    so please get the facts straight, and thanks for the reply Have a great day
    valerie Hope…Holland

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  5. Ruth Magnan says:

    Namasté Gurutej,
    A few years ago, as I was flipping the pages of a magazine, I saw a picture of you without knowing who you were and as I thought that an aura of energy radiated from you, I kept it and have looked at it a few times since them. And, coincidence ?, here came a link to you through Evolution Enzine. Enchanted I was.
    I received your e-mails and I really appreciated them since I am also a very energetic person. I value the exercises and suggestions you propose but … I have a new e-mail and would appreciate if you would make the necessary change so I could receive your messages. THANK YOU!

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  6. John-Arthur Daley says:


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