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Three Simple Changes to Kick Your Intuition into High Gear by Angela Artemis

Reasoning at every step he treads, Man yet mistakes his way, Whilst meaner things, whom instinct leads, Are rarely known to stray. ~William Cowper – poet

Want to kick your intuition into high gear? Look no further. These three simple changes will have your intuitive motor purring like a kitten.

The simplest way to stoke your intuition is to master being present in your life and body at all times.

When you are fully present you are aware of your thoughts, emotions and the sensations your body experiences.

When you are preoccupied by thoughts that take you off into an unknown future or pull you back into reliving your past, you drown-out intuitive thoughts and ignore the intuitive cues given off by your body through feelings and physical sensations.

Our intuition sends information to us by making us aware of brief feelings. It’s usually a “forewarning” of something that will occur because of our actions.

Say, you are driving to work and hear that you received a text on your phone. You want to see if it’s your boss. You reach for your phone and just as you look down to read the text you become aware of the “slightest” little “tug” of a feeling telling you that you shouldn’t look away from the road. But, you do it anyway and even though it took just five seconds you end up in a car accident. After the accident you “recall” that you got this little “feeling” and, wish you’d listened to it.

Why did this happen? Yesterday, and the day before, you read a text while driving and you didn’t have an accident but, you didn’t get that “tug of a feeling” either. That “feeling” was there telling you that your luck with driving and texting was going to run out today. Your intuition was trying to tell you not to drive and text to avoid the accident. (FYI: I do not advocate driving and texting. I want to make it clear that this is just an example).

When we ignore these cues from our intuition it comes back to bite us later

These feelings don’t crop up all the time which is exactly why you should pay attention to them. You will only get them when you need to warned about something. If you’ve made a habit of multi-tasking, busyness and pushing your feelings away, over time it will result in shutting out your intuition.

Once we have instilled the habit of not being present we operate on a “new normal”

In this “new normal,” feeling uncomfortable becomes the new normal. In other words, we’ve suppressed our intuitive feelings for so long that we are used to not being in sync with our feelings. We believe it is the way we are. We get an intuitive nudge and feel briefly uncomfortable but, we pay no attention to it. We’ve become accustomed to being out of sorts and living with feelings that are incompatible with our actions.

Becoming aware of these slight nagging feelings in the back of your mind or in your gut will no longer set off the warning bells like they were intended to do. Therefore when you go to make decisions you’ll always second guess yourself afterward and never feel sure that you’ve made the right decision.

Intuition is intelligence for your life

What is intelligence? Intelligence is being able to learn or understand something and it’s also knowledge and information. What your intuition does is “inform” you ahead of time about things that can be avoided by heeding this information.

Intuition’s primary function is to keep us safe. It’s an instinct that is born within us so that our species survives.

Everyone is born intuitive

It has to be that way since the primary function of intuition is to ensure our safety. We have evolved since the times when we relied on our intuition to keep us safe from predators like tigers and dinosaurs. The good thing about that is that our intuition has also evolved. We can train our intuition to give us more information about what’s going on in our environment and it will provide the “intelligence” we need to make the right decisions and choices.

Are you ready to rev the engine of your intuitive motor?

Here are three simple changes you can make to kick your intuition into high gear:

1. Learn to be mindful. Be present. Pay attention to the task you’re doing. Try not to multitask. Every time you catch your mind straying off on some tangent have a signal like, snapping your fingers, to bring you back to the present. Do one thing at a time and do it well!

2. Begin to focus more on your feelings. Make an effort to zero in on your feelings when you’re making decisions. Your feelings will tell you whether to proceed or not. If you feel calm, enthused and confident when making a decision, that’s a sign that your feelings are in alignment with your actions. It is the green light to go ahead.

2. Become aware of your body. When you’re truly present you are grounded in your body. Did you ever notice how when you’re stressed you have no body awareness at all? That’s because you’re living in your mind and have vacated your body. Uncomfortable physical sensations are signals to stop and rethink your decision.

When you become calm by being present with your thoughts and emotions you “come down” from your head and reenter the body. When you fully occupy your body you become aware of “sensations” such as feelings in the gut, feeling of weakness, or muscle fatigue and aches in the head or back. These sensations are the body’s way of communicating information to you. Think of these bodily sensations like a “Morris Code” sending you a message about whether to proceed with a decision or not.

When you are fully present in your life and body your intuition will come through loud and clear!

What questions do you have about this process? Have you had any experiences with your intuition you’d like to share?

Angela’s Bio:

Angela Artemis, an intuition coach, is on a mission to teach readers around the world to “speak intuition” so that they unlock all the brilliant potential that resides within and start successfully living the life of their dreams.  She blogs at www.PoweredbyIntuition.com and is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life you Dream Of,” Free bonus material is available to readers of The Intuition Principle here.

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3 Responses to “Three Simple Changes to Kick Your Intuition into High Gear by Angela Artemis”

  1. Leila says:

    Thanks for this article Angela. I agree that becoming aware of what your feelings are telling you is a great step towards being in control of and loving your life.

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  2. iSIDORO says:

    “BEING PRESENT”… that’s the key!!
    Although I had learned it, I had forgotten lately and that’s been taking me off the path, wandering from the past that is gone forever, to the future that will never come, forgetting about the present which is all there is at any time.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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  3. Jeanna says:

    I got the clear message I was going to have my wonderful beautiful healing cannabis plants seized several months before they were. I ignored it. LOL Been growing all my life because I know the government is not my true governor, especially in regards to something as silly as calling cannabis dangerous, and this was the only year I had a paranoid feeling, and yes it was because I started using my amazing powerful focus toward the imagined police state in regards to the underlying reason for the drug war, to bypass the actual Sacred Constitution Of the USA, boy oh boy did I see the manifestation of this focus…LOL Granted I know the power of my being and I blessed the water with the essence of healing and inspiration and the plants were just beginning to sex out, and this worked wonders for the man I was helping by growing for him, not for profit but for his well being, in the two years I had been helping him. But since I did not listen to the very clear intuition, (that sounded quite a bit like my son who had recently refocused into non-physical…Gotta love him for that…:)), I mistakenly allowed three leaves to escape the confines of the green house and they were photographed by a man dress in a costume, uniform who mistakenly thought I was an evil criminal…LOL Everything worked out gently as I had a prosecutor who found a way to keep me out of prison, and I would have used the one true power we as Americans do have outside our inner being, and that is jury nullification, where the Constitution clearly states that if you are on a jury and you either do not believe the punishment fits the crime, or if you do not believe the law is just, you simply ignore the dire warnings of the prosecutor, and the serious charge line the judge gives out, and understand that if the law is silly, or unjust then the person being charged is not guilty. It is called jury nullification, and more Americans should know about this law. But I took a plea deal instead and paid a state tax per plant. The whole thing is about money, not about harm to others, and I know better than to keep focused on the unwanted, I simply focus on the solution for the freedom of choice for all adult citizens, and the awakening of those who think they are in power.
    The other thing I think could be a little more clear is that when I have intuition it isn’t always a warning for safety it is sometimes an impulse to go toward good things. Just recently, since I have been very present and I found a young filly who had no one to look after her, her mother died 3 months after she was born in January, and the owner just left her in the pasture, I found her in August right when the grasses had all dried up and she needed feeding and companionship. I was told she was born in April so I named her April delight, but later found out she was born in January…I still call her April and she is still a delight. Also I have had other intuitions to go places where I discovered good things. One time recently I had thought someone took some hay and was concerned since they had said they were going to bring extra hay, on my way home I had this light idea and impulse to stop by and see how the filly was doing, which I usually do in the morning and only sometimes in the afternoon after work, I was tired, but this idea gave me energy…and there I saw that not only was the hay replaced but 9 more bales were there…this helped keep me in the lightness of being, rather than being home that night thinking negative uncertain thoughts about my friend, I was able to be in appreciation, which is the best way I find to expect these impulses, especially if they feel light when the ideas come in…maybe inspirations and impulses from our higher selves are different from intuition. I’m not sure but I’m sure they are awesome!

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