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Your Ancestors are Calling – Part 1 by Julie Umpleby

“The choices that we make in life are not unique to us. They are a distillation of all that has come before us. The more we become aware of our ancestral lineage, the more freedom we will have to honour what is best and let go of the rest” Denise Linn from her book, Descendants

As a student, I had an inherent dislike of history. Not only could I not understand the need to simply remember and regurgitate dates and places, I also didn’t see the point in spending so much time in the past. Having a natural scientific mind I was far more fascinated with how life and things worked . To me this seemed to be a much more important endeavour that was worthy of my focus and attention, and I so thoroughly enjoyed biology and the physical sciences.

Of course, it could also have something to do with the fact that my biology teacher found everything she taught us simply ‘amazing’, and her passion for her subject was clearly evident. She encouraged us to look deeply and to see things with different eyes, and for me this is a theme that has continued throughout my life. This compared with the very droll, mundane, date-recalling approach that was history!

The life sciences then became the focus for my own university degree as I became enamoured with what seemed to be a hidden magic in the way that the natural world unfolded, changed, evolved and presented itself. I still find it fascinating!

This dislike of history also took me through a period of denial about my own past, including my genetic lineage. Having grown up within an alcoholic family environment with all of its associated dramas, I gradually turned my back on what had gone before and all the pain that went with it. I forged ahead with my own life, creating a career that took me into senior management in the corporate world. In that space, it was the future that was more important, as we dealt with budgets, targets and goals for the next quarter, the next 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and so on.

Within this framework, the Ancestors were something that belonged to the superstitious realms of the indigenous folk. My flawed understanding that the various indigenous cultures ‘worshipped’ their ancestors was something I couldn’t relate to, couldn’t see the point in. So many of the rituals they practised as a part of their daily life simply felt irrational and a waste of time. Even though I had a lifelong interest in all things paranormal and beyond the ordinary, it was from a scientific perspective and a belief that somewhere there was an answer that would explain some very strange occurrences – in my own life as well as of others. My enquiring mind searched but relegated anything that even vaguely resembled ‘superstition’ to the heap of the old and redundant. I had no real sense of the sacredness that underpins all of life, but without realising it, that is what I was actually searching for.

The Ancestors certainly didn’t enter into the mindset of who I was then and what I believed in.

When I began to experience a deeply profound spiritual awakening in 1997, the strange and psychic phenomena taking place around me intensified, which spurred me on to search for even more answers to the mysteries of life – my own life in particular. From spirit people emerging from my wardrobes to a UFO appearing over my house, from lightening bolts of light shooting through my head into my heart, to the spontaneous emergence of healing gifts, I went through an incredible range of experiences within a time frame of approximately 12 months. There was no doubt in my mind that I was experiencing something very real with senses that had lain dormant for a very long time.

In seeking for an explanation for these life-changing events, I was gradually drawn into and through an understanding of the Higher Self, Soul Groups, Past Lives, Spiritual Healing, Colour Therapy, Neuroscience, Kundalini, Channelling, Other dimensional beings, Reiki Healing, Shamanism, Quantum Physics and so forth. I devoured self-help and spiritually oriented literature as so many people do in the heady days of discovering a whole new aspect of self. I learned about lightworkers, starseeds, ascended masters, native American wisdom, rituals, meditation, and of course Angels. I was introduced to a sacred and divine presence that is at the very heart of life itself.

The process initiated my own healing journey, which of necessity required revisiting elements and aspects of what lay buried in my subconscious and in my personal history. Years of pain, hurt, disappointment and anger were brought to the surface in order to be healed and transmuted. Although each journey is unique, it is pretty much the healing journey that many of us take when we dare to venture into the realm of the ignored. I viewed my journeying as personal and although I understood the concept of interconnectedness , it was my past, my healing, my soul. If others benefited in some way from the process I was going through, then that was wonderful but I was only responsible for myself, listening to my Higher guidance and managing my own emotional reactions and responses.

I communed with the angelic realms, the higher light beings, my higher self, Tibetan llamas and a number of other higher dimensional beings. I learned more about the nature of form, energy, sacred geometry and alternate dimensions. I followed my Higher guidance and relocated from South Africa to the UK, the land of my birth which I somehow felt was important, but still I considered communicating with my long gone Ancestors a rather quaint tradition that had no place in my life.

I developed the ability to see and hear into the hidden realms and found I could see into others energy fields and ‘read’ the energy. Through a long process of personal initiation I was given some deeply profound information about the diamond lightbody, and subsequently developed teaching and alignment programs using this incredible energy field that we have available to us.

And then, in 2010, the Ancestors started demanding attention.

In the highly synchronistic ways in which Spirit communicates with us, the words, concepts and connections began linking up until they all converged in a direct communication. This happened while doing a special full moon group drumming circle at West Kennet Longbarrow. This sacred place in southern England is often thought of as a burial chamber, but the distinct celestial and other sacred site alignments suggest that this was a special ancestral ceremonial place. The barrow is aligned with the enigmatic Silbury Hill, Avebury and Stonehenge, as well as numerous other ancient energy spots.

This direct communication was with an Ancestor known as Albon who had been waiting for an opportunity to speak and guide those who are ready to listen. Through Albon, I then connected with Umlumbi, a magnificent African Ancestor who went on to guide me ultimately to a sacred inter-dimensional portal in the oldest mountain range in the world in South Africa. Umlumbi is a zulu word meaning ‘magician’, as I have subsequently been advised, and he certainly is weaving his magic. Through the events and circumstances surrounding this connection, I have finally come to understand that it has never been about ‘worshipping’ our Ancestors, it is about honouring them and what they still bring to our lives.

A primary key to understanding this, is that we are a genetic compilation of everyone that has gone before in the history of humanity. At a very real biological level it has been established that our modern human genome can be traced back to approximately 6 original hominid women. Whether you believe you are a starseed or the reincarnation of an Atlantean priestess, for as long as you are present in a human body, you are inextricably linked to all of the civilisations and human beings long gone. They live on in our genetics. They are us.

Our healing as a human race cannot be completed without recognising and working with this aspect of who we are. When we look the other way, or ignore them we effectively deny a very real part of ourselves. Part of the New Age lore around “activating DNA”, is actually awakening us to a new level of understanding and connection across cultures, races, belief systems and so forth. The sense of separateness and isolation that haunts so many in the modern world cultures is a direct consequence of ignoring the depths of this connection across time and space. We ignore the ancestors at our peril, as each time we turn our back on them, we leave behind a fragment of our very essence, our soul, both personal and collective.

Our Ancestors have been waiting for us to hear them so that they can also provide us with support through this major transition we are going through on our planet.

Are you ready to hear the call?

Watch for Part 2 of this article which explains our DNA, energy, the links with our Ancestors and how you can begin connecting with yours.

It is suggested that you spend some time with the Diamond Light Code transmission, Calling the Soul and notice how you feel as you watch it. Part of its purpose is to assist in connecting us with the lost fragments of ourselves that may be linked with ancestral lineage.

There is also a beautiful free e-book called “Dumisani’s Gift” available on my website for download. Written in 2010 by Yasmine Rooney, it is a novel oriented around collective, cross-cultural healing including and guided by The Ancestors. It is well worth reading and places a new level of understanding on the subject. You can download this free e-book here :


Julie Umpleby is an international teacher and speaker, as well as being an energy and bodywork therapist. She developed the very special Diamond Light Grid Alignment process which has incredible significance for our spiritual evolution – it creates a powerful link between science and metaphysics, past and future, masculine and feminine energies. More than that it acts as a ‘shield’ to help your physical body cope with the increased solar and cosmic radiation currently hammering our atmosphere. Visit http://www.diamondlightworld.com for more information.

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Your Ancestors are Calling – Part 1 by Julie Umpleby, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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3 Responses to “Your Ancestors are Calling – Part 1 by Julie Umpleby”

  1. Rich says:

    This is a good read for me as I have begun to explore the mysteries of the human race which is much more deeper than I ever imagined so Thanks

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  2. Helen Duigan says:

    Julie! Good to hear what you’ve been involved in since Judie’s course, when we first met. So much still to discover and understand…

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  3. renu says:

    Dear Julie,
    its really surprising to know the wonders of god.Can you guide me how to go about it?
    Thanks for the beautiful article.

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