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5 Empowering Teleseminars – Julie Hart

What an amazing time we live in! Are you feeling the Call to Awaken?

Many of us are waking up to lives that are changing at warp speed, and the systems of the world we used to rely upon as stable are crumbling away. And, while many people are being tossed about, Julie’s  intention is to help empower YOU to ride out these tidal waves of change with ease, so that you may live your most fulfilling life ever… AND so that you will be equipped to help others. She believes this is the way we can truly create Heaven on Earth!

NOW is the Time to Awaken the Power of your INNER Greatness!

and to help Julie wants to gift you with these 5 Empowering Teleseminars, including….

Click Here to Access these Empowering Teleseminars*

*Dr. Bernie Siegel ~ Discover Dr. Siegel’s wise reflections on the art of living, loving and healing. Learn from the wisdom of the sages and ages, so that you do not need a disaster to awaken to life and overcome the wounds of the past.

*Marie Diamond ~Explore ways to create abundance by simply aligning your inner and outer worlds, and by designing clear resolutions for what you want in your life. Learn practical insights and tools for accelerating and reinforcing your awakening process ~ especially in times of crisis!

*Alan Cohen ~ Learn the benefits of relaxing and ‘trusting joy’ in order to allow miracles to happen in your life. Follow your passion to success and let your path be easy, rather than a struggle. Gain the inspiration to trust your true nature, and learn practical techniques that can help you transform all difficult situations into assets.

*Dr. Carl Calleman~ Your intentions CAN and will impact the future of humanity on this planet. Explore the importance of this pivotal time we are living in and what we all must do, according to the ancient Maya, to further our evolution and avoid the downfall of our civilization.

Call to Awaken – Click Here Now to Access

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  1. STEPHEN says:

    I LOVED IT!!

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