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Joy: A Special Diamond Light Grid Transmission

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I am one of Julie’s subscribers – and when I received this transmission I wrote her and told her that if  she ever made it available for free that I would immediately post it on the ezine.  It came to me at a time that I was having some difficulties staying in a positive emotional state and it really really helped.

Julie wrote me a few days later with the youtube link – as well as the following which she asked me to share.  Please note that we do not receive any financial compensation from Julie…..

When I released my 11-4-11 integration meditation last month, it was with specifically oriented to supporting us with with accessing the vibration of JOY. No matter what may be going on around us or in the world at large, if we can access and embody this emotion in our own life we automatically transcend and transmuste negative feelings. My passion is in using energetic tools to enable others to do this by shifting their vibrational state quickly and gracefully.

So, when I published the meditation (which is for subscribers only), I included this lovely little Light encoded transmission to go along with it as additional support. With feedback from a number of people saying how much it helped them to lift their energy and literally feel happier, I thought it would be a great idea to release it for free for non-subscribers as we so need this energy in the world!

Diamond Light World therefore offers you the gift of a special diamond encoded transmission to align you with the inherent joy of your soul. Using the vibrations of sacred geometry, solar encodements, vibrant colour and the ultimate power of the diamond, this energy experience will lift your spirits no matter what may be going on around you. It will support you in aligning with your true essence!

I have also made a special Diamond Light Code Transmission to align you with the flow of Prosperity and abundance (which we can all benefit from!). In the spirit of providing as much help as possible to people during these challenging times, this has been made available to you at the low price of just £9.99 (approx. $16), which is a real gift!! You can purchase this for immediate download at http://www.diamondlightworld.com/promo.html. Watch or use it each day to help anchor in the vibrational frequencies of prosperity and watch what happens.

The Diamond Light Grid and the Diamond Light Codes are our bridge to anchoring and aligning with the new consciousness. Through the diamond we come into deeper alignment with our soul and enable the expression of this to flow out into the world and to enrich our lives. Find out more at http://www.diamondlightworld.com where there is a wealth of resources to support you through this incredible Shift of the Ages.

I am also going to be leading some life-enhancing Diamond Light workshops in the US in August this year (in Atlanta, Georgia), where we will be working with the Diamond Light Grid, the Diamond Light Codes as well as introducing multi-generational healing through the diamond. Details are currently being finalised and will be sent out in the next week or so.

Please register your interest by emailing workshops@diamondlightworld.com so  we can keep you informed!!

With love and blessings always!

Julie x

(to watch directly on youtube: Joy )

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