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Joy increases her Donation to Charity

Hi I’m in the second month of the SMA training at the moment and I just wanted to share some of the effects and reactions that I’m experiencing right now – maybe you’ll identify, maybe you won’t but hey I thought it would be good to share! For starters my friends say they have never seen me so calm; my boyfriend who was always the one talking me through things is now asking me for advice. I was recently able to really help him by explaining to him about asking yourself the right questions (as in the video for Month 2 – wow so powerful!)

I find that I am always happy, and the things that used to bug me just don’t seem to effect me any more (even the bad British weather!) I find I am really optimistic and confident and am developing a steady belief in the Universe’s power to deliver. Which is all quite weird as everyone around me is talking about downturn and recession.

I am listening to BWE Goal Manifestation 1 and 2 every day plus the financial abundance Dream Programme every night. I haven’t had any significant improvement in my financial situation of late but the other day felt the urge to increase the monthly amount I give to charity. In fact I decided I would commit one tenth of my monthly wages to a charity and it felt really exciting deciding which one I would choose!

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