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Clairvoyance and Managing Your Energy – Free Webinar Replay with Jim Self

JIM SELF is an international speaker and author (Spirit Matters: Down-to-Earth Tools for a Spirited Life) who is often introduced as a teacher’s teacher and a healer’s healer. Since childhood, Jim has had the ability to recall his experiences within the sleep state. Over the last ten years, this awareness has expanded into relationships with the archangels, ascended masters and teachers of light. The tools and information presented in the program, Mastering Alchemy, is a co-creation of these relationships.

In this webinar Jim discusses different aspects of clairvoyance – making it accessible to all with an interest in expanding their ability to interact with the world around them

Right Click the links below to download this invaluable webinar…


Question and Answers Part 1

Question and Answers Part 2

Question and Answers Part 3

And for more of Jim Self visit  Mastering Alchemy

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Clairvoyance and Managing Your Energy - Free Webinar Replay with Jim Self, 9.0 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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One Response to “Clairvoyance and Managing Your Energy – Free Webinar Replay with Jim Self”

  1. Silverio says:

    Dearest Jim: Thanks a lot for your superb gift. I’ve been listening for the last three days continually your audios. I’m still astonished with the sudden revelations that i’ve been experiencing about the fields of energy and the emergence of the rose Unique!
    Simply and miraclously I made immediate contact with my soul and that was quite an EXPERIENCE
    Congratulations you are a wonderful master of alchemy
    Certainly I’ll enroll in your seminars
    Deep thanks Silverio

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