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Opening the Doors of Intuition via Tarot

I was introduced to Tarot about 20 years ago and what a precious gift it has been; one that has allowed me to open the doors to a world within, providing glimpses and insight into Self, a remarkable tool for self-reflection, that holds the key to so much, inside and out in the Divine Universe.

If you are even a little bit familiar with Tarot, besides being a great self-development teacher, you know it is also an excellent way of enhancing and tapping into one’s own Intuition. It is not only a valuable tool of divination but one that also helps in accessing one’s own inner or higher wisdom – insight that is for one’s greatest good.

What is Intuition, you may wonder?

Intuition is another name for ‘gut’ or ‘instinct’ or we can even call it a ‘sense of knowing’. Contrary to the general belief that only some of us have this sense, all are gifted with it; not everyone may be aware or in tune with it, that’s another thing. Intuition can also be considered as a sort of an internal “guidance system”, one that helps align us with our Truth. Away from all the fears and insecurities, judgements and programmed beliefs that often keeps us away from ourselves – our soul, purpose, answers to life’s big and small concerns both. From what I have experienced and have come to believe, Intuition helps us stay connected with our authentic self.

Let’s take a daily life example of how we may use Intuition –

1) You take a certain route when you drive to work every day. Today you’re sitting in the car getting ready to drive down the same route and all of a sudden you say to yourself, you want to try another route, it’s a bit longer, an extra 5 minutes but you’ve never taken it and it’s a bit more scenic. So you do. As you’re driving and get close to the office, you turn on the radio, the traffic news comes on and you hear how an accident has caused an hour long delay due to a traffic jam. Aren’t you glad that you took this different route today?

Whatever it was that asked you to make this change, be it a little voice or a feeling or a sense, is called Intuition.

Think about examples in your life where you may have made decisions, where you had no reason to or logic was pointing you in one direction, yet something kept telling you to do it differently and when you followed it, the result turned out to be positive and better than what you had expected.

So how can one use Tarot to develop Intuition?

Typically our left brain or linear side of the brain works by using logic and analysis, on the other hand our right hand brain, let’s call it the seat of Intuition uses emotions, feelings, visuals, pictures, impressions and symbols for communication. It works by recognizing patterns and distilling different parts into a whole – one of the main reasons why so many intuitive flashes are typically “aha” moments.

Tarot as we know also speaks to us via symbols and imagery and hence well-suited to be a pathway to Intuition.

There are more than 350 decks available in the market today. Not every tarot deck would speak to everybody at the same time though. Just like in life, you find a better, stronger connection to something, same way attention must be paid when going shopping for a tarot deck. One must seek to find a deck where there is a connection, a pull of sorts.

Best way to find the right fit is to hold the deck in your hand and see how it makes you feel? Do you feel anything? If the imagery evokes ‘nothing’ in you, it is probably best to continue searching and look for one that does speak to you.

Once you do find the ‘right deck for you’, it is time to examine each card and allow them to communicate with you. Every deck has 78 cards and you want to look at each, one by one and see how it makes you feel, not think but ‘feel’. If you keep all of your senses open, you will probably get something, either a feeling or words or visual of some kind, when you look at the images. If you start with a simple 3 card spread, certain symbols should come forward in each and a theme should form when combining and looking at the spread collectively.

As you connect, without your conscious interrupting, you are tapping into your Wisdom and Intuition. When you look at the cards, the first impressions or feelings without the interference from fears, insecurities or any sort of critical judgement is what we’re looking for.

Let me walk you through the process and also give you some key pointers that will assist you in your journey -

1) Sit in a quiet place and be still – Whether you’re doing an interpretation for yourself or just seeing and feeling the card for the first time, in order to truly connect with them intuitively, you have to be relaxed, peaceful and still. You can’t be mentally scattered.

2) Don’t read the guidebook that comes with the deck – Although tempting, I suggest if you want to develop your Intuition, don’t read the guidebook which contains the author’s interpretation to their deck. Reason being, we are looking for ‘your’ interpretation which will based on your inner voice.

3) Framing a question – Be specific and precise when asking a question in order to get clear answers. How does my boss feel about my work? Will my mechanic be able to fix my car?

4) Develop your own style – Let your sense guide you when it comes to how many cards to layout or how to interpret. There is no right way or wrong way. If it feels right to you, follow that. Idea is to familiarize yourself with your inner sense and learn to trust. In my experience and opinion, the more free you leave it, better it is.

5) Intuitive Interpretation – So you ask a question and decide to lay out 3 cards, as you look at those cards, what comes up for you – words, thoughts, emotions, visuals, you hear something – open all your senses, take your time and write down everything that comes to you. If it’s elaborate, great, if not and it’s just a few words, that’s fine too.

Practice will help you get comfortable connecting with the cards and in turn with that inner voice. The verifiable information that you will receive will help you trust what you’re getting. One can use the valuable insights received to navigate through life with confidence, in day to day matters, be it professional or personal in nature.

You may have heard that all answers lie within us, we don’t really need to look out, and that is very true. Tarot can be your life-long friend that assists you in providing you with your answers and ultimately guiding you in a direction that is for your best interest and highest good.

———–All written material is copyrighted by Ruchira Agrawal – InnerVeda Communications 2010————–

Ruchira Agrawal is the CEO of InnerVeda Communications and an International Intuition expert. She Predicts, Coaches, Writes and Teaches Individuals as well as Entrepreneurs, helping them up-level their lives, businesses as well as income. She runs Coaching programs and has a special one for Women entrepreneurs called – Savvy Women who lead Meaningful Lives! She’s available to work worldwide telephonically. More can be read about her and her current work by visiting her website – www.innerveda.com

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5 Responses to “Opening the Doors of Intuition via Tarot”

  1. reuben says:

    Why do use Tarot cards when God is against it?

    Deu 18:10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,
    Deu 18:11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.
    Deu 18:12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

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  2. Davy777 says:

    Reuben: Obviously this ezine does not resonate with you – please move on.

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  3. julie says:

    Thankyou for this “down to earth” look at what is a part of everyones inner world.It certainly spoke to me and was most helpful.

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  4. Susan says:

    Reuben, Tarot is another way of getting to know yourself. I don’t see it as someone else telling me how to live my life. It is a method of self awareness when you are having trouble listening to your inner voice.

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  5. Anna says:

    When I was in my 20′s and 30′s, I used Tarot cards with some success. I was drawn to Tarot cards, and always found them useful. Then in later years, I began hearing that Tarot cards could open portals which could be dangerous or not beneficial to us.
    I have a beautiful deck of Tarot cards, but have been hesitant to use them these last 10 years or so.
    Could you enlighten me as to whether or not Tarot cards have the power to open unwanted “portals”? I would love to get out my Tarot deck again but have been hesitant because of these negative reports.
    Thank you.

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