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Happy Awakening: the Gift of The Intentional Candle Flame by Gabrielle Alizay

Cyndi’s Note: I have spent many hours burning candles following Gabrielle’s teachings and have found it to be an interesting and powerful teaching.  So when Gabrielle wrote me and told me about her new program with DailyOm – along with the sliding scale payment plan (as low as $1) I told her I would love to find a way to introduce this work to those that are interested.

So here are Gabrielle’s words – along with a free recording taken from her program.  If you feel the internal “push” to learn more then go for it  – I expect you will be pleased that you did :-)


So here’s the deal:  The Evolution has already started.

As many people already know.

Or hope. Or pray. Or at least are beginning to become stirred to such a notion.

My job?

Just call me Snake Medicine Woman, daughter of Pluto, Muse of Transformation and I come to you as another Awakener. And hopefully your heart and gut will hear me, and pause to consider my words, and continue to linger because I am not just speaking prose …but delivering a teaching that I have received after going on a self-healing odyssey journey to the Underworld, to the Galaxies of known and unknown Universes, as well as after countless travels into the mind-blowing possibilities found in time/space continuum.

Now, that’s a lot of places. I would listen if I were you.

I come bearing Sacred Spirit Gift.

The Intentional Candle Ceremony is a 2012 Tool Of Transformation from God-source, Higher Power, Innate Intelligence which instills in the Practitioner, the scientific formula for the miracle—a mixture of God/Science that is unstoppable.   Practitioners learn to harness and activate intentionally-charged Chi God Particles (CGP_9), the universal building blocks of mass, and direct them into time/space continuum.  Because Chi God Particles (CGP_9) are incredibly magnetized to intentional thought, the Practitioner easily achieves such focused objectives by learning specific visualizations and stating a sophisticated, scientific affirmation targeted into the flame of a non-toxic candle—the laser beam for the masses as well as the carrier and holder of your prayers and intentions into known and unknown existences.

The results are miraculous, awe-inspiring magnificence.

I believe that the education on how to Practice Sacred Activism with The Intentional Candle Ceremony is An Universal Response Call to our human pleas for personal and planetary survival. Our SOS has been heard.  Solutions already exist outside of our closed earth system.   The Practice of The Intentional Candle Ceremony trains us to open our mind to another way.

It trains us to crave the authentic healing of our hearts, the acknowledgement and release of our karma,  the purging of Ancestral DNA that lives in our bones, the repairing of the world, the awakening of our True Purpose, as we all, in this 2012 Time Of Morphing—transform  our traumas into Wisdom—to  become Spiritual Masters of Peace.

The news gets better.   And try not to choke on your coffee.

This Practice clearly activates a deliberate Human Consciousness Evolution.

You will immediately, as well as accumulatively over time with a dedicated Practice, start to witness astounding transformations, with your mental/emotional processes; the way you look; the way people treat you; phenomenal relationship reparation and healing; unbelievable event makeovers; as well as the reversal of medical symptoms, disabilities, acute and chronic pain, illnesses, addictions, fears, angers, grief and paranoia.

(Come and get me, AMA!!  I am cave hiding in time/space continuum).

And here is more Evolution Wow:

This Sacred Practice also stimulates the production of aggressively growing, newly added brain synapses. These new brain synapses naturally support a more functioning brain (much more than our now unimpressive 10% of usage). And remarkably, because of the newly produced, progressive brain synapses—musicians, artists, dancers, actors, performers of every kind, writers, inventors, and creative geniuses will revel in the Mastery that these new synapses contribute to the creative process.

These newly added brain synapses are consciously cultivated by the authentic healing discharge created when regularly programming Advanced karma Release Flames™ (Alternative Release Flame visualization and affirmation also taught to honor all belief systems) as well as the training of self-actualization that The Support Flames (The Dissolver Of Resistance Chant Flame, The Purification Flame, and The Self-Healing Flame) naturally foster. These new synapses are thus determinedly created to offer alternative, empowered ideas and harmonious resolutions. Behold The Synapses Of Solutions: The Peace Mind.

You will see.

But how can you?  Where can you learn how to Practice Sacred Activism with The Intentional Candle Ceremony in order to evolute personally as well as bring peace to the planet and the universe?

Catch your breath.  I love to spread seeds of good news.  They grow into fields of dreams.

Now available is my on-line 7 lesson, multi-media course offered by DailyOm.com: videos, audio recordings of me leading you through the programming of the different Flames (there are 6 of them), as well as loads of text that you can read from your various media technologies or print out on paper (like a hippie from the 1990’s). Each lesson comes to your email inbox for 7 consecutive weeks.  So learn as quickly as weekly or absorb at your own pace. Lesson #1 arrives as soon as you sign up.

The best part?  It is available to the peopleSliding scale, starting at $1 for the entire multi-media course. There are simply no more excuses.  The Time of Transformation, glorious Evolution, is now.

There is even a Discussion Board for New Practitioners to share, learn, and testify to the amazing transformations…so do yourself a favor and join the rap, even if all you do is lurk.

Sign up and get Lesson #1 immediately: Evolutionary: Burn Away Your Karma

And because you are an Evolutionary, I am including here the recording for the programming of The Ocean Healing Flame—something that participants of this course usually do not receive until Lesson #5.  But I know how it soothes, teaches, and directs. I don’t want you to wait for it. And then you can fill in the intellectual blanks when Lesson #5 arrives for your perusal. This Flame is High Ceremony—use a beeswax candle, or if not that—some non-toxic candle flame. Let burn from 15 minutes to three or four hours.

The Ocean covers 71% of the Planet. All of humanity, the rest of Terra life, inhabits the remaining 29%. It makes sense that as we heal and honor the Ocean; we are healed and honored. It has become my Divine Privilege to send Ocean Healing Flames to the Ocean daily.  This Practice of Sacred Activism has been a huge health and life booster to me and countless others who partake in this Dharma Burn on a regular to daily basis.

I have done this Dharma Burn for long enough to know that as our Ocean and its life forms gain true health so too do we as individuals. Sending Ocean Healing Flames to the Ocean starts a colossal chain reaction of Chi God Particle (CGP_9) showers of goodness onto the earth. You will get this stuff all over you. It feels like nurture.

Right Click Here  and Save As to Download The Ocean Healing Flame

Everything gets better with nurture. Everything.

Gabrielle Alizay has been an international Feng Shui consultant and teacher for over 25 years, is the author of several books, as well as being a scientist of the miracle, pioneering the harnessing and activation of intentionally-charged Chi God Particles (CGP_9) to direct into the home, office, as well as into time/space continuum. She manages the outside-of-the-box website: homepeace.com which offers viable and affordable tools towards Human Consciousness Evolution, the way to personal and planetary peace. She lives with her family in Santa Cruz, California and considers herself to be a lucky one on the planet.

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    Incredibly powerful! Thank you for sharing.

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