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Another Excerpt from Messages From the Future – A Free Ebook From the Readers of The Evolution Ezine

We Asked The Evolution Ezine Community:

If You Were Living 100 Years in the Future, and You Could Send a Message to People Living Now – What Would You Say?

We took your many inspiring responses and condensed them into 15 KEY messages…

For Instance…

NOW is All We Have

Reader Contribution:
Truth is,… We have all been to the future as we have all been to the past, I can say unequivocally that “now” is the time ever. Loving, healing, sharing, communicating, caring, simply being and so much more, are all only possible in the “living now” it is our real connection to everything. ‘without a doubt the time machine is a marvel of the ages, a work of genius in applied quantum mechanics, physics, electrical engineering and who knows what! It is interesting though, is it not, that anyone who has taken the so called “ride of the ages” is so much more appreciative of the now than those without the experience. Many a participant has stepped out of the machine looking both wide eyed and full of wonder like children . This being Christmas Eve allow me to share with you this “present” through which all change comes. Such is our manifest destiny. – Contributed by Eduard

Many of us have a habit of expending our energy in two directions: past and future.  We focus on the past with regret, anger or resentment; and we look toward the future with hope, determination and excitement.  But we often forget to focus on now; this moment.

Recent scientific theories tell us that there is no past or future – there is only now.  All possible realities and experiences are actually happening simultaneously, just in alternate dimensions.

If you were to accept this as the truth, how might it affect the way you live your life today?  Would you stop worrying about things that happened in the past?  Would you stop trying to control the future?  Would you let go of old hurts and grudges and fears and instead just focus on enjoying this present moment?

One of the reasons people often resist living in the present moment is that they believe they must control the future by taking specific actions today.  This perception comes from our linear view of the universe – seeing the past, present and future as consecutive events.

What we often fail to realize is that by making THIS moment the best it can be, we automatically lend that energy to creating a better future.

The happier we are, the more love we share, the more kindness and compassion we can express to others, the more we focus on the blessings we have right NOW – we carry that positive energy into every moment in our future too.

We don’t have to purposely try to control the future because our thoughts, actions and attitudes right now will keep echoing and replicating into every aspect of our future lives.

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please use the comment section below to add your own messages of love and hope

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Another Excerpt from Messages From the Future – A Free Ebook From the Readers of The Evolution Ezine, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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  1. Leila says:

    When I feel calm it’s usually because I am focused in the present. To project ourselves into the past or the future is like dissociating from part of ourselves and makes me feel anxious. Thanks for (another) free e-book :)

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