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Imagine a World…

Imagine a world where you are in complete control – where no one or no thing can effect you unless you give it permission.

Imagine a time when you can bring into your life all that you have every dreamed, all that you have ever imagined.

Imagine it…

And, based upon the teachings of Shelby Collinge, this is exactly the world we are all living in today.

In a no nonsense, no excuse kind of way Shelby tells all that will listen that we are experiencing – NOW- the sum total of what we are.

And if we want to change our experience…

We must change what we are carrying around inside of ourselves

Our thoughts, our beliefs, our expectations.

In Shelby’s conversation with Jennifer McLean on Healing with the Masters

she  asks …

When you squeeze an Orange what do you get?

Orange Juice

Now – when your Mom or your Boss or the boy next door squeezes an orange what does he get?

That’s right

Still Orange Juice

In the same way when your Mom or Spouse or Boss or Child squeezes you (ie pushes your buttons) the only thing you can give them

Is what is inside of you – whether it be anger or sadness or depression

Or acceptance and love and compassion

By looking at how you react when your buttons are pushed you can get a very good idea of what you are carrying around inside of you.

And this in turn gives you a wonderful picture of what it is that you can, as you decide, work on

And as you raise the vibration of what is inside of you your experience of the world outside naturally changes.

Simple, right?

It can be.

To learn more about Shelby’s teachings – click here

But before you do – a word of warning – as was evident during the conversation on The Healing with the Masters – Shelby’s teaching style is not for everyone.  She makes excuses for no one and no situation.  The way she sees it – everyone has the opportunity to live their highest life – everyone…

And everything they need to make that happen they already have

That being said – if you still want to learn more about Shelby Collinge and her Teachings you can find it by

Clicking Here

But don’t say I didn’t warn you

Evolution Ezine may receive a commission if you buy through one of the links – these proceeds help keep the Evolution Ezine free.  Thanks for your continued support.

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2 Responses to “Imagine a World…”

  1. min says:

    This is so wonderful. I never looked at it that way. I guess she is right. Unfortunately, lately there are lots of rotten oranges around us. I guess somehow we are reacting the same way too.


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  2. There is no need to imagine that because it is already so, and guess what your doing it rite now, whats so hard to figure out about it anyway, everyone get what they want, they just don’t always know what they are asking for or what they want and the funny thing to me is there is nothing to realy want in the first place, you all just think there is. I’m glad for all the dirty little tricks people play on eachother cause if it wasn’t for them I would be totlay bored, O did I say bord, maybe I should have stated the truth here that none of us could or would even want to exsist if not for the dirty nasty discusting things and people an places we have created here in playland, LOL.

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