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I Wish… (Printable Art + Setting An Intention) by Jodi Chapman


I Wish

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Dan and I were playing mini golf yesterday, and towards the end of the course, we came across a wishing well. We each made a wish, kissed the pennies, and then threw them in. And we went about finishing the game. (We were tied up until the 17th hole, where I took 11 tries to hit the ball in. Needless to say, Dan won.) :)

But this whole wishing well idea got me thinking about intentions and goal setting and visioning our best life.

My friend, Steve Aitchison, recently posted on his Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life blog about how powerful making wishes truly is. He believes (and I completely agree), that when we state our intention (or our wish), we set the wheels in motion for our wish to come true.

I believe that wishes have two parts:

  1. The part where you say your wish to something bigger than you (God, the universe, love energy, etc.) and ask for help in making it come true.
  2. The part where you take your wish and treat it as an intention or a vision for your best life. And then take concrete action to get you there.

Let’s say your wish is to start your own business. And so you go to the metaphoric wishing well and throw your penny in. In my belief, the universe immediately responds and begins to work on “your order.” And let’s say that your role for this particular wish stopped there. Let’s say that you figured once you put it out into the world, the universe would just make it happen. So you wait. And you wait. And you wait some more. And your wish never comes true. And then you feel sad and badly about yourself and your life and think that nothing ever is going to happen for you. And you vow to never make another wish again.

That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it?

Let’s take that same example and say that you take your wish of wanting to start your own business and you keep it to yourself. You know how badly you want this wish to come true, and so you work harder than you’ve ever worked – doing everything that you can to make sure this happens. You figure that you don’t have time to ask for help – you’re simply too busy. And so you struggle to get it off of the ground because you’re overworked and overly tired, and you stop and wonder why you even bother. Why do you even try to change your life. It’s just too hard.

That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun either, does it?

Now, let’s take that same example and bring both parts into this wish. You want to start your business. So, first, you get really clear about your intention. You close your eyes, make your wish, and send it out into the universe. (By doing this, you’re asking for help from this expansive, never-ending love energy that is always all around us and always available for us to tap into.) You then get really clear about your intention and create a vision for how you’ll make this your reality. So for your business, you can start moving toward this dream every single day. You can start learning more about it, start planning, start taking steps to make it real. And all the while, you’re aligning with the universe – who is already working at making your dream your reality – and you’re noticing that things begin to flow. Help begins to come your way. You can see your wish starting to come true.

And this is how it works: we take action ourselves, but we also allow the universe to help us. I’ve found this to be a winning combination in my own life, and I hope that it works for you, too!

I would love for you to share your wishes below! Set the intention to live your best life, and watch it come true right before your eyes. 

I Wish Poster200by275Be sure to download the I Wish… poster here, which is free for you to print out! It measures 8×11, and it’s saved at high resolution for you. I hope that it inspires you to always wish, always dream, and always visualize the life that you want to live.

Jodi Chapman is the author of the inspirational blog, Soul Speak and the bestselling Soulful Journals
series, co-authored with her husband, Dan Teck. She would love to help you reconnect with your soul! Receive
over 100 soulful writing prompts for free by clicking here.

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I Wish… (Printable Art + Setting An Intention) by Jodi Chapman, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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3 Responses to “I Wish… (Printable Art + Setting An Intention) by Jodi Chapman”

  1. I wish for my book, Find Your Paradigm: The Art of Living With Grace and Ease to go viral. Thank you for your post – I’m saving this one!

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  2. Leila says:

    You’re right. It’s easy to forget that you need to do both things – let the universe help you and take steps towards your goal. Thanks.

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  3. marguerite says:

    What you are saying is exactly the same as the Saying ‘God helps
    them who help themselves’.

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