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How Does Music Affect Our Body and Brain? (Plus Listen to Super Mind Music for Free)

Music appears to be processed in the right hemisphere of the brain. The way we experience music also affects our nervous system.

There are different neurons that respond according to what kind of music is playing. Music can effect hormones, encourage the production of cortisol, testosterone, and oxytocin. Music can even trigger a release of endorphins.

Beyond the biology and the actual responses of your body, there are definite responses of the mind as well. You’re aware of how you feel when you listen to music, but how do you know that it’s actually having any sort of effect on you? There is scientific evidence of the way it can affect your mind! It’s clearly more than just a suspicion — it’s fact!

The most famous experiment related to this is probably the one that was performed at the University of California at Irvine. College students were assigned to three different groups. The first group listened to Mozart’s sonata for Two Pianos in D Major. The second group listened to a relaxation tape. The third group listened to nothing at all.

After listening, they took a Stanford-Beinet reasoning test. The results were clear — those who had listened to Mozart had improved scores!

Many musical therapy experts recommend making music a part of your daily life, because its effects can improve with time. There is evidence that, over time, your language skills, creativity, happiness, and more, can improve with regular musical therapy.

The evidence is also stacked up strongly in favor of music’s healing power! A positive link has been found for those suffering from things like autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Tourette’s.

There are neuroscientists who are working to discover exactly why music has healing powers. After all, it’s pretty amazing that it can stimulate certain areas of the brain, speed healing, and decrease anxiety and increase optimism.

There are different components to music that can have an effect. Pitch, harmony, frequency, melody, and rhythm all effect the brain in different ways. We know that some of the brain locations are involved in helping to heal and soothe the body as well.

The brain can be taught and stimulated to perform better — and it seems that music is the perfect vehicle to do that.

However, there is science behind music and its healing power and Dr. Mike Miller of the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, set out to study this.

He used high-tech imaging to measure blood vessel size while listening to music. What he found was that the lining of the blood vessel relaxed and opened up. It also produced chemicals that help protect the heart.

Now when you add brainwave entrainment to music, you get something very special – Super Mind Music

The primary function of brainwave entrainment audio is to help TUNE the brainwave rhythms of the person to specific states. Brain science and EEG research dating back over 100 years has shown that specific brain rhythms are associated with specific emotional and cognitive outcomes. For example; it is known that when a dominant brainwave pattern or rhythm has a frequency of 10 cycles per second, it is very likely that the brain will produce the positive brain chemical serotonin. Serotonin is has a powerful effect on mood and increases sense of well being.

This is only one example of 1000’s of possibilities. Specifically, brainwave entrainment audios exerts its positive effects by offering specialized audio frequencies to the ears and skull that encourage the brains internal patterns and rhythms to match and then follow the frequencies in the audio. This is called “The Frequency Following Response”.

The Frequency Following response is a natural phenomena that occurs when the right frequencies are heard. Using this natural phenomena combined with advanced audio processing technology and over 100 years of brain research, we are able to create brainwave entrainment audios to help tune and optimize the brain for an unlimited amount of possibilities. ..

So with Super Mind Music, you get all the usual benefits of listening to music as mentioned above …and it can help you:

You get all the usual benefits of music as above, plus it can help:

* Build new neural pathway growth – increase in your brain power

* Balance the brain’s electrical activity – whole brain functioning

* Improve your memory

* Balance your emotions

* Multiply the benefits of The Mozart Effect

* Regulate your sleep cycles

* Release positive brain chemicals such as DHEA and Serotonin

* Elevate your mood


Watch the video below to learn more



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How Does Music Affect Our Body and Brain? (Plus Listen to Super Mind Music for Free), 8.5 out of 10 based on 42 ratings
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7 Responses to “How Does Music Affect Our Body and Brain? (Plus Listen to Super Mind Music for Free)”

  1. Keith says:

    I only got half way through the first CD – Piano music – as I found it vaguely disturbing. It did not make me relax at all, quite the opposite in fact and I stopped it soon after. It reminds me of an old record player with a stretched drive belt; The sound is not consistent and the speed seems to alter. The ‘waves’ sound somehow manufactured and not what you would hear on a beach at all. I already have other relaxation music featuring wave sounds and can get totally lost in it. This, I am afraid to say, did nothing for me whatsoever.

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    Rating: -2 (from 8 votes)
  2. Jessie says:

    Blissfull Meditation, absolutely amazing !!! Im certainly going to order the CD !!! Thank you very very much.

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    Rating: 2.6/5 (5 votes cast)
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    Rating: -3 (from 5 votes)
  3. Rachael says:

    Creative genius is Uplifting and Joyful. It puts a spring in my step and i felt really happy. Thank you, it was lovely.

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  4. Irene says:

    This may sound kind of strange. When I first heard the music, I felt strong tingling sensations up my back, like goose bumps. I also became aware that a smile had formed on my face( not consciously). I took this to mean that my body liked this. So I said okay, and just sat back, listened to the music, and observed a symphony of vibrations, ranging from strong goose bumps to very, very subtle ones moving over various parts of my body at various times, in tune to the music. It was awesome. Like getting a sonic shower and massage all in one.

    I understood the idea that we are vibrational beings resonating to different frequencies on an intellectual level. But now I got the chance to actually experience it physically. Have always loved music of all kinds and now understand why it always made me feel so good

    And as I write this, am aware of subtle vibrations still going on deep inside my body.
    Thanks so much for your great work
    Like this music better without the sounds of the waves

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  5. Irene says:

    Just a follow up to what happened after my sonic shower and massage vibrations.

    For the past few years have been experiencing financial difficulty and just could not take meaningful action to deal with it. Felt helpless, overwhelmed, and procrastinated something fierce. But the one thing I didn’t feel much was fear.

    I listened to your CD, went to bed and awoke to an emotional detox in process. Boy did I feel fear… all day long, especially in the solar plexus. It was very physical. I told my self that it was happening for good in my life and just kept breathing.

    End result? I am no longer paralyzed by fear.
    The next day I picked up paper and pen, and started to brainstorm how to get money to pay off my $50,000 debt.

    This was a HUGE breakthrough for me. In the past I just couldn’t do that. That sum of money just seemed overwhelming and I would give up and go do something else. And this came just in time, cause I am facing legal action and the possibility of losing my home.

    The way events are unfolding makes me think that there was some divine intervention in the way the CD affected me. But none of this would have happened if you had not created and put out these 3 audios for us to experience.

    Don’t know what will happen next, but am feeling more confident and hopeful. Not just trying to convince myself that there was hope, but now actually believing it.

    So thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work you are doing.

    hugs and much love

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  6. admin says:

    Hi Irene,

    Thanks for the update – that’s wonderful news :)

    Please stay in touch and let us know how you get on.

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