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Healthy Habits


Welcome to our new Feature – Healthy Habits


Let’s make 2013 the best year so far! Sometimes all it takes is a shift in focus. So every three weeks (the time it takes to form a habit) we will be introducing a new tool to help you transform your life.  We know change can be difficult and not all of our tools will be appropriate for you. Try the ones that fit your life and if they resonate…make them a habit.  If not, leave them behind, and try another.  Take things slow and easy and remember to be kind to yourself.

We hope that these suggestions will enable you to approach transformation with anticipation and a sense of adventure! So please check back often.

We would love to know about YOUR Healthy Habits, so please let us hear from you!

Support Yourself

We wanted to start off with something that can be VERY beneficial when making new Healthy Habits.  Your Support Group.  Who are the most positive, loving and inspiring people in your life?  Those people who have a very real and loving interest in you and who will be your cheering squad AND hold you accountable.

Sometimes we are lucky and our significant others/family/friends are right there with us. Sometimes they can be resistant and concerned with how changes will affect their lives. So whoever you choose….make it part of your focus for 2013 to spend more time with them. We all deserve our own personal support team!

● Take some time and think about all of the people in your life.

● Pinpoint the ones that will be an asset to your Support Group.

● Talk to them and let them know why these changes are important to you and that you value their support.

● Check online for additional support groups making the same changes.

● Be Inspired! Find other people who have made similar changes in their lives…get to know them!

● Surround yourself with people who are passionate about change and who will share in your journey.

● Be open to making changes/additions to your group as you move forward.

Remember…you are not alone!  Your Support Group will be there to encourage you, give advice when you need it and maybe even an occasional “kick in the pants”. They will also be the first ones to celebrate your success!

We want to be part of your Support Team!  Please come and join our growing Facebook Family – Like our Facebook page – Tell us about your journey – Post questions, share your success, exchange tips and advice and make new friends!

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One Response to “Healthy Habits”

  1. Leila says:

    I’ve been changing my eating/drinking habits for health. My son has been very supportive of the changes and it makes it a lot easier to do.

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