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The Feel is Real, The Why is a Lie…

The following is some of what I have learned by actively listening to Guy Finley’s interview with Jennifer MacLean on “Healing with the Masters”.

It will be awhile before I have integrated it all…

I learned that ALL (yes ALL) fear is the result of negative imagination.

That we can prove to ourselves that this is true by recalling the last time we witnessed a group of people experiencing something that some would label “fearful”.

Did everyone in the group experience the same fear?

Ask yourself – if the fear is real and external to the individual imagination – why would it not have the same effect on everyone who experiences it?

Wait – slow down – don’t rush – this is important.

Can you see it?  Can you feel it?

All fear is a result of our internal interpretation of external events.

Your imagination, what Guy calls your  “divided mind”, can give any explanation it wants to the events that take place around it.

Are you with me so far?


This same mind – that has just interpreted an external event as fearful – is now going to tell us what we need to acquire (which is – notice please – something external to yourself) to handle the fear.

And, chances are, we are going to believe what it is telling us.

Guy equates this logic to being out in a boat, having a killer shark ram the boat and throw us overboard, and then us believing this killer shark when it tells us to be safe we just have to climb on its back.

I had to sit with that visual for a few minutes – so please, feel free to do the same.

Pretty wild, isn’t it?

Another way of putting it..

The divided mind creates the fear

And than the divided mind (ie the fear) tells us what to do to escape the fear.

And the divided mind always tells us the answer is external to who we are – that the answer is always out there.

And whenever you hear that – whenever – know this – beyond a shadow of a doubt -

You are hearing a lie

So what do you do?

Guy teaches that in the face of Fear you should Stop, Drop and Endure…


The minute you feel even a tinge of fear.  Realize that there is something within you that is resisting the Present Moment.


The story that the divided mind is telling as a result of that tinge of resistance.  Don’t try to stop the story.  Just drop any type of identification to it.  Let the thoughts, the story come, and then let it go.


We have been taught to fear pain.

We have been taught that there are positive feelings and negative ones – and that negative feelings are to be suppressed or run from.

But all birth, or rebirth, comes with some degree of pain.

And all suffering comes from a resistance to what is in the present moment.

By being present to whatever is being felt in the moment, without resistance, we are allowing the gift of who we are, and who we can be…

I think I am beginning to understand.

Are You?

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5 Responses to “The Feel is Real, The Why is a Lie…”

  1. Very interesting article, explaining very well how imagination is involved in most of our fears. A lot of fearful thoughts arise from our desire to control the future, while being in the moment leaves us more open to experience what is good about our lives right now.

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  2. Danne says:

    Great article! I was on that call also and actually listened to the replay 5 times. Guy is always thought provoking and his talks – heart/mind altering, there is never a time where I am not gifted by the insights and given new ways to integrate and apply the truths.

    Jennifer is doing an awesome job with her Healing with the Masters series and the guests are amazing. A truely “teaching” experience and heartfelt sharing without the focus being on selling and all the marketing hype.

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  3. min says:

    I hear so much about “being present in the moment”. What is “being in the moment”? Does it mean feel and notice every thing that is going on around you?
    All the talks about being present (by every one and thing you hear on radio and TV) dose not tell us how to be present!!


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  4. Vic says:

    I have heard a lot of different things of what fear is from many different motivational/spiritual speakers. I look at fear as that which is keeping me from doing or acting upon a thought. Another seminar of Guy’s expanded on this that identifying the feeling brings the feeling and the story into the light and then fear is nullified. Rhonda Britten says that fear is an indicator to us about a feeling that we may not be conscious about and is usually linked to resistance to risk. Allison Armstrong says fear is linked to a feeling of failure that what you want will not work.
    Probably all of these views and more are close to the truth although I don’t think anyone has identified the truth about fear.

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  5. sam danon says:

    I am going mad

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