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Goodol-Sized Particles Larger Than Thousands of Galaxies

An ancient subatomic signature extends across the universe. It seems that some subatomic particles, invisible and untouchable effects of the very creation of reality, might exist simultaneously across all of space. We’re honestly surprised people who say science is boring don’t spontaneously combust from the foolishness of their statements.

“Relic” neutrinos, like the relic photons that make up the cosmic microwave background, are leftovers from the hot, dense early universe that prevailed 13.7 billion years ago. But over the lifetime of the cosmos, these relic neutrinos have been stretched out by the expansion of the universe, enlarging the range in which each neutrino can exist.

Of course there’s a little bit of physics involved when you talk about particles pouring out of the beginning of time. Neutrinos are tiny, almost undetectable neutral particles which stream through pretty much everything, ever. Over one hundred trillion have passed through you while reading this sentence. Most of those came from nuclear reactions, but a blast wave of neutrinos were also released shortly after the big bang and are, we presume, still going strong.

“We’re talking maybe up to roughly ten billion light-years” for each neutrino, said study co-author George Fuller of the University of California, San Diego. “That’s nearly on the order of the size of the observable universe.” These oldest of the subatomic particles might each encompass a space larger than thousands of galaxies, new simulations suggest.

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  1. Evoltage says:

    Physics have always interested me. I have to admit that this is slightly above my understanding but its quite fascinating. Another interesting post.


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