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Golden Light Project 4 Begins Sept 6 – Please Say You Will Join Us

Note From Cyndi: Feels like yesterday since I and 1110 of my friends participated in the 13 days of the Golden Light Project 3 – but here it is just a few days until Golden Light Project 4 begins. Each time we go through the process the energy builds, we become more powerful, and more capable of serving. Whether you were with us for Golden Light Project 3 or not I urge you to join us now. Renata tells me that this is the last time the Golden Light Project will be made available on a donation basis – so if you feel even just a little nudge than go for it. The commitment is less than 30 minutes a day for 13 days and you will be blessing not only yourself but us all.

To sign up for Golden Light Project 4 visit http://www.rainbowmedicinecircle.com/golden-light-project/

In addition to the Quarterly Golden Light Project events – Renata and Steve have now made the program available for purchase – so that you can go through the entire program (or just pick the parts you are most drawn too) as often as you are inspired to.  The following is the introduction to the ebook that accompanies the audios when you purchase the program.  If you have already been touched by this work and are ready to purchase your forever copy than visit: The Golden Light Project


Our journey with the Golden Light began on 4 July 1991.
You may wonder why I remember this date so clearly – it is the birthday of our angel daughter Rosie. Little did we know then that she was the messenger – a precious member of our soul family – who would change our life paths forever.

As with most life changing events our initiation into the Golden Light was not an easy one. Rosie was a beautiful little baby girl who was born prematurely in a hospital that did not have a neonatal ICU. She came into our lives like a delicate and rare butterfly, resting for a while in our company before setting off again on her journey back to Spirit. She died in my arms, her tiny hand clasped around Steven’s thumb as if holding on to the short bit of life that was hers to experience.

Looking back on this experience it seems to me that at that point something within us opened up – a portal to the dimensions of light that would never be closed again. And as the Golden Light – unbeknown to us – started to flow into our hearts and into our lives, a healing and softening began to happen that allowed us to accept Rosie’s death as part of the Divine Plan instead of a tragedy that would leave us marred for the rest of our lives. That was the first time I experienced the transforming power of the Golden Light, moving us from indescribable pain and emptiness to acceptance and surrender. This was also the time when the Rainbow Essences® and the picture of the 13 chakra system were born and with them began our intensive work with and research into the etheric and energetic bodies that make up a human being.

Reminders about our impending work with the Golden Light – our life purpose – surfaced at various stages over the next 20 years. Little notes in Steven’s diary about Golden Light therapy, extraordinary experiences with people and places involving gold and reconciliation of ancient greed and eventually Steven’s inspiration to compose the Golden Light Songs – a serious of mantric tunes dedicated to each of the 13 chakras.

At the start of 2010 I began to experience an inexplicable period of sadness, agitation and relentless questioning of my life. The thoughts would torture me day and night, probing into my consciousness and often leaving me reduced to tears. Nothing that I did seemed to change the situation. So I decided to just sit in silence and wait for a sign, a message as to how I should continue with my life.
And one day, out of the blue I was given the inspiration for the Golden Light Project – a 13 day program of healing and transformation that everyone could do in the privacy of their own home. I was shown the power that a group of people dedicated to working with the Golden Light could have on our world and the prevention of impending crises and catastrophes. Clearly the Golden Light Project was meant as a powerful healing tool for individuals as well as for humanity and our planet as a whole.

With this recognition my depression and agitation ceased and a strange power surged through me, pushing me to put the idea into practice. So Steven and I worked day and night to put together the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT – the culmination of our 20+ years of work with the human energy system and the Golden Light.

We decided to document the effects of the program by charting the collective consciousness level of the participants through the calibration of consciousness as described by Dr. David Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force. To our surprise we found that over the 13 days of the program the consciousness of the group rose to a level of 925 which Dr. Hawkins equates with the process of ascension – a state of enlightenment. The feedback that we received supported our findings.

At that point it became absolutely clear that the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT was not just a one-off event, but that we had to keep repeating it. So we decided that we would offer this program at every solstice and equinox right up to winter solstice 2012. As Steven was looking at the yearly cycles of solstices and equinoxes he found to our utter amazement that by doing that we would be offering the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT exactly 13 times – the number of chakras in the new and expanded human energy anatomy.

From then on beautiful synchronicities and miracles started to happen.

One of our good friends and a hugely gifted mandala artist was so inspired by the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT that he spent four weeks creating the most beautiful painting of the 13 chakra system called “The Pillar of Reality“. He felt guided to mix our beloved Rainbow Essences® with the paints as he was painting the picture.

We suddenly were led to lovely people who understand the importance of the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT and are wholeheartedly supporting and promoting it.

For the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT 3 we asked for a sign that we were on track with this work. The sign came right at the closure of the registration period – the final count of participants registered for the program was 1111.

The GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT was created as a way of re-connecting to the Divine Source of all life. When we begin to work with the light of our Highest Self – we invoke the power of the Golden Light to heal whatever stands in the way of us living our highest potential.

It seems strange to me that we put so much emphasis on the worldly side of our existence and devote so little time to creating the invisible framework for an empowered, fulfilled and radiant life. And yet, the only way we can change our lives is by manifesting more of our divine nature – our true Self, which always rests in the peace, abundance and infinite love of the great Source.

Changing our lives and becoming more of who we are is not a quick fix operation. Real transformation and healing only happen when we have the courage, the commitment and above all the wisdom to connect with the part of us that can grant us all of it – our Divine Self. Anything else are short-lived solutions that do not deliver what they promise.

So we invite you from our hearts to give the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT a chance to work with and for you. Real healing and transformation are so very possible but the process is not always easy and smooth; sometimes it can even be painful as we are asked to let go of our old identity and become vulnerable like a little child. Yet if we trust in the wisdom and infinite love of our Highest Self then we can allow the Golden Light to transform that within us which keeps us from living our brilliance and fulfilling our life purpose.

We encourage you to give your true Self a chance to direct your life and override the power of your Ego to keep things as they are. There is so much magic and beauty waiting for you at the end of the Rainbow.


The GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT will be repeated at every solstice and equinox right up to winter solstice 2012 and beyond. Each of these events is an opportunity to join a large group of people committed to their personal growth and to healing for themselves and the planet. We are aiming at reaching 144.000 people with this program by winter solstice 2012 and we ask for your support in reaching this goal. It is not for our personal gratification but for the fact that it has been long predicted that 144.000 people committed to their own and to global healing, peace and goodwill on earth have the power to change the collective consciousness of humanity. Perhaps now you can see why we were guided to create and offer the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT.

The more you work with the Golden Light, the faster your transformation can happen. We invite you to make the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT part of your daily meditation practice. As you learn about the influence of your chakra system on the way your life unfolds, you will begin to notice which chakras are most out of balance and then you can work with them in a more concentrated and direct way.

It is important to go right through the whole 13 day program when you first start working with the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT. You are beginning to blaze a trail of light through your energy system and in order to gain the most from your work with the Golden Light you need to initially cleanse and activate all 13 chakras in the correct sequence. We also recommend that you participate in the global events as the collective energy of a large group will speed up and intensify your experience with the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT. Let yourself be guided by your intuition and trust your Highest Self to work only towards your highest good.

We would also like to recommend to you the use of our Rainbow Essences® – high energy vibrational remedies that are precisely tuned to the 13 chakra system. They are an integral part of the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT and it is through our work with the Rainbow Essences that we learned to understand and respect the immense healing power that is available to us from the nature kingdoms. The Rainbow Essences hold this healing potential for you together with our prayers and intents for your highest good.

Both Steven and I wish you a time filled with power and magic as you travel the path of the Golden Light and may the blessings of Heaven and Earth be on you always.

With love and immense respect for you and your personal journey,

To Join Us Beginning September 6 Visit  Golden Light Project 4 Now to Register…


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