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Introducing Renata and Steven Ash of The Golden Light Project

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Have you registered yet for the Golden Light Project? If not you can read more about it here: The Golden Light Project

More than 400 people from our Evolution Ezine have already committed to this 13 day Meditative Journey and I would adore it if  by the time it begins on June 7 we have more than 1000 of us raising our vibration, and collective consciousness, together.  Just Imagine the power of that :-)

Thought I would take this space to introduce you to our guides – Renata and Steven Ash – through this 5 minute video.  After watching the video click on the link above to learn more about The Golden Light Project and click through to Renata’s and Steven’s site so you can register.

I have done this 13 day journey on my own – and now I can not wait to begin it again with all of you…

(to watch directly on youtube: Renata and Steven Ash)

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One Response to “Introducing Renata and Steven Ash of The Golden Light Project”

  1. Amelia says:

    That is so cool I wish I had read my emails earlier I would have participated. As over the last few weekss without knowing you guys were doing this I was passionately saying to all my friends wouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone in the whole world who is spiritually aware on the universal collective consciousness level were to meditate at exactly the same time even for and hour and focus on raising the spiritual vibration of all those who are metaphorically asleep. How awsome would that be. So fortunately I have come in on the last day so will do my bit morrow. Yeay for other people in the world who operate on this level….. xxx

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