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No Love is Ever Wasted…Introducing the Global Coherence Initiative

Do you remember the last time you listened to a speaker who lived and breathed his message?

Whose truth was so powerful that you found yourself listening with every cell of your body, breathing it in and finding a way to make it your own?

My goal is to make Howard Martin’s message my own, and to find ways to make it yours as well.

For Howard Martin, of Heartmath, teaches us that our hearts’ are much more than biological pumps that move blood through our bodies.

The organization that he represents has scientifically shown that it is the strongest source of bioelectricity in our bodies.

That it is a Master Control Center, sending information up to our brains, down throughout our bodies, and out into the world.

And that the language of the Heart is emotion, and one of the strongest emotions is Love

And when we learn how to access the power of the heart, we can join with others and essentially…

Change the world.

Heartmath has launched The Global Coherence Initiative, it is already 12,000 people strong, and is,in the words of Jack Canfield, “perhaps the greatest experiment in the history of the world”.

Watch the video, then go to www.glcoherence.org and sign up to take your place in creating the world you want your children to grow up in.

And click here so that you can register and take part free in the remaining Healing with the Masters Teleseminars.

Global Coherence Initiative, changing the World One Heart at a Time

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