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Tuning Into the Voice of Your Home! by Gabriele Neumann

Is it possible to have a compassionate dialogue with a home, a piece of land or even a business property for the highest good of all?

When I moved to Greece with my husband and children in 2007 I found myself in need of different management tools for our expanding Germany and UK property portfolio. I questioned myself, “What can I do from so far away when problems arise?” Problems like:

  • The right tenant just doesn’t show up,
  • a chimney (or other house asset) has unexplainable problems causing thousands of Euros/Dollars in damage
  • long vacancy periods are depleting our savings and patience?

Of course, there are established ways to deal with some property issues. Yet, something inside me was curious about whether there was a way to release and resolve a greater number of obstacles via energy approaches that could be done remotely.

Working with the energy of a place

My geomancy training naturally evoked this kind of questioning. Geomancy teaches the art and the science of creating harmonious “energetic” relationships with our environment – it’s the relationship of heaven to earth, spirit to matter. It’s the art and science of shifting energy for positive outcomes.

The world around us, our homes, places and buildings in which we live, love and work are energy formations and structures. Over the years I’ve experienced how it’s possible to become more conscious of the amazing beauty, harmony and wisdom all about us that contributes and forms the symmetry of love!

After much research and practical application, I developed a process which addresses the energetic and emotional blocks connected or stored up in a space. This can mean energetic blocks in your home, your rental, your workplace, your business or in any other space that is causing an undesired effect. I call this the Eartheart Matters ProcessTM.

Releasing and healing space energy

Each case presents is own unique dynamics and issues, and the process of release and healing is specific to each situation. Yet, three things are always common to each case:

  1. The process takes place remotely (allowing for positive outcomes anywhere).
  2. For the process to be most efficient, a clear intention is worked out with the client.
  3. The approach is based on the interconnectedness of all that is.

Places and buildings have their own energy field (consciousness) with memories and emotions, and clear ideas and wishes about what they want. Some places just want to be left alone. So getting “the lay of the land” is vital to successful outcomes. In construction projects it can be very useful to know and to respect the intention of the land. For instance, during a remote viewing of a property located on a beautiful Mediterranean island, I picked up the following communication about a pending development project!

“I welcome development with small units and parcels of land which allow vegetables and fruits to be cultivated and flowers to bloom. Beautiful but affordable homes for people with heart and goodness.”

Having this information, the developer could then make a more informed decision about how to proceed.

Tuning In

If you feel like meeting the spirit of your space with a heightened consciousness – in order to both extend and receive more harmony, well-being and love – here are three simple things you can do:

1. FIND THE LOVE SPOTS – Do you know your best energy spots in your home? They might be the places where you prefer to read, relax, meditate or that inspire you artistically. Try this: the next time you are with a group of people in your home, like your family or friends, ask each of them to choose the best spot in one particular room. What spot resonates invitingly to them? Once everybody has chosen their love spot ask them to describe what quality this spot has to offer or what energy essence he/she receives there! Don’t be surprised if there are as many love spots in the room as there are people!

2.    DIALOGUE WITH THE SPIRIT OF THE PLACE — Sit quietly, heart centered and with closed eyes in your favorite spot in your home. Invite the “spirit of the place” to come closer, so close that you can have a dialogue with it. Ask what you would like to know. Listen, feel, and see the answers. Trust what you get!

3.    ENERGY SENSE- Wherever you go, sense the energy and notice how different places make you feel. Notice your moods or if there are any body reactions! The more you practice this, the more second nature it becomes and you will be able to identify and differentiate how you resonate with different places.

I believe that everyone can have a compassionate relationship with the place they call home.  From my experience it just takes the heartfelt intention to do so!

It’s with the eyes of the heart that we see, sense and feel the underlying symmetry of love in all that is!

Gabriele Neumann is an expert in energy and change processes related to personal and professional issues. Since 2000 she has worked with the energy dynamics of places and buildings. For an Eartheart MattersTM consultation you can contact Gabriele at eartheartmatters@yahoo.de or visit her website
www.eartheartliving.com or you can connect with Gabriele on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eartheart-Matters/131295730306368?sk=info

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Tuning Into the Voice of Your Home! by Gabriele Neumann, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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4 Responses to “Tuning Into the Voice of Your Home! by Gabriele Neumann”

  1. Ann says:

    I really welcome this article. I use remote viewing for clients personal energy alignments,to balance energy, ancestral balancing, and sould retrival and balancig. Often as the result , my clients also ask me to view their house,or living space , into alignment and balance too. This involves clearing old energies, specific individuals who are attached to the house, and or ‘technical’problems ie , just recently a downstairs ‘loo’ was causing negative energy vortices, and drain in the centre of a house. Distance viewing largelly sorted the problem plus some on site smudging and canlelight plus redecoration and new ‘kit’.
    I love the idea of connecting with the house/land too
    Thank you


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  2. Leila says:

    Thanks for this article. It’s a good idea to make a connection to a distant house you are connected to. Maybe you can imagine yourself walking around it in a good way. I like to connect with my house and see what it most needs – your methods would work well.

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  3. Lily says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderfully informative and helpful post, Gabriele! Your insights are and the excellent tips you generously share are wise and timely – for us all. Brava!

    With abundant blessings and gratitude, Lily

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  4. Gudrun says:

    It´s a fantastic work you do,Gabriele.I hope and wish,that you can support and help many people with your talent.

    Lots of love,light and inspiration

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