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FREQUENCIES by Dr. Katie Garnett

The convergence of mysticism and the new physics has brought us to the gateway of our own humanness. Beyond lies something that is literally beyond our language.
Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe

Penny Peirce writes about the shift in our global and personal energy fields in her book Frequencies. I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing her on our radio show, Living in the Quantum Field on Contact Talk Radio and Penny’s assessment of the current research and the conclusions she has drawn are absolutely fascinating.

The most important aspects for you to know about these energetic changes actually has to do with the highly personal subtle – and at the same time disturbing and disruptive – affects on the human body and psyche.

You may have noticed that over the past few years you have developed a short attention span, you are more exhausted or fatigued, you may be a little sick all the time, and you may have trouble sleeping – or perhaps you want to sleep all the time. You may be short-tempered or irritable, unable to relax or focus. You may find yourself much more subject to instant gratification and may even notice more addictive responses to all kinds of things, not just food or smoking, but even things like TV, the Internet, or daydreaming.

There may be a greater incidence of higher frequency, over-activity in the body, which can increase dysfunctions like allergies, fevers, infections, nerve disorders and even more serious illnesses like cancers and other immune systems disruptions.

And when it comes to the planet, are these weather patterns, earth quakes, tornadoes, tsunamis and other earth–based changes simply naturally occurring patterns? Or are they something new and/or accelerated?

Wow! So is there any good news? Fortunately there is a lot of good within all this energetic change. The key for most of us is to learn to Allow. That means allowing the new higher frequencies to flow through our body-mind, to allow ourselves to relax into the process of the cellular-energetic changes.

The gifts that accrue from living at a higher level of experience are things like finding a greater level of inner peace, which allows for the recognition of new ideas, new ways of being in the world, and has a positive outcome of having more good ‘luck’ in your life.

My clients have routinely recognized that the more they live in their peaceful place, then the more they are able to see and receive opportunities that they missed recognizing while living in their hurried, chaotic or fearful mind-sets.

Ultimately you will find yourself with a higher level of awareness, a desire to live a life that includes more compassion, more generosity, and more creativity. You may find a stronger desire to keep learning and to serve others – without a sense of loss, but with a sense of personal expansion.

You will be open to learning more about self-healing and keeping your body-mind as strong and healthy as you have ever been. And you will embrace adventure in your life.

Lynne McTaggart has found in her studies of wholeness and community in her books, The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Bond, that essentially and genetically, we are driven to wholeness. She discusses the research that counters the interpretations of the Darwinian research that says we are driven by the survival of the fittest – which is not really the interpretation we find when his research is studied as a whole.

We know from the study of quantum physics and the unified field that subatomically everything is entangled and our continued research demonstrates that even at a level as complex as human beings, there is no separation.

McTaggart studies the research on ‘fairness’, equality, agreement, sharing and caring without losing who we are, because this fairness also includes offering to yourself your fair share, honoring your willingness to ask for help, and embracing your joy in relationship. In surrendering to wholeness, Lynne McTaggart suggests that you learn to hold a strong intention for coming together in mutual understanding, sharing, caring and fulfillment in your life.

In her expansive global programs which are based on her research, she shows you how to live in ways that are different than the ‘ladder’ you have been taught to ‘climb’ in the educational systems of our schools, TV shows, and other media.

We are slowly learning to expand our thinking and take a fresh look at what our values and priorities are as individuals and as a species, and we are more likely to be open to these ideas based on the universal shifts in our energy fields and frequencies.

Gregg Braden discusses all this in his numerous books on the planetary changes. Spontaneous Healing of Belief, Fractal Time, The Science of Miracles, The Divine Matrix and others. Several of his books are Gold winners in Cosmology and New Science and/or Silver winners in Spirituality. Gregg’s books lead us to the energy fields of the synergy between science and spirituality in a demonstration of the things we knew in other eras and the things we are learning and re-learning now. We have lost our sense of community, our sense of ‘rightness’ in how we treat one another, and now is the time, in this era of higher consciousness, that we get to come ‘home’ to who we truly are.

One way you can track your own positive changes is by the simple technique of keeping your own Journal. Whether you choose a Success Journal (tracking the new things, big and small in your life that help you witness your own greatness), or a Thought for Today Journal (where you record your own great thoughts or borrow wonderful things from the internet-based daily thoughts like, Mike Dooley’s TUT, or the wonderful messages from OM), any type of journaling will help you stay aware of what is happening in your life.

Whatever you choose – choose something that engages you in expanding your own life. This is your time, our time, and our planets time to Witness our Mastery.

Blessings, Dr. Katie

Dr. Katie Lynne Garnett is an educational psychologist, co-founder of THE BRAVE WOMAN Seminars, founder of Unfolding Your Spiritual DNA, co-founder of Behavioral DNA Programs, co-founder of Programs for Awakening, Certified One Command Seminar Leader, a Health & Wellness Coach and published author. Her professional work includes coaching, counseling and teaching in the areas of psychology and energy-healing techniques,

Dr. Garnett’s study of the phenomenon of quantum physics, paired with her research in the psychology of human behavior, healing, social change and the significance of The One Command and energy shifts in relation to human potentiality, brings her clients the capacity to reprogram their lives as they choose and align with their spiritual mission.

Dr. Katie co-hosts the radio-show Living in the Quantum Field with Asara Lovejoy on Contact Talk Radio. She also hosts the 4th week Wednesday Teleconference each month focusing on the significance of The One Command and the quantum physics of body-mind healing and transformation. You can read her articles in Evolution Ezine and on her blogs at bravewomanseminars.blogspot.com and thespiritwalk.blogspot.com

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FREQUENCIES by Dr. Katie Garnett, 9.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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5 Responses to “FREQUENCIES by Dr. Katie Garnett”

  1. Lauren says:

    I’ve been more susceptible to allergies in the lst four or five years, starting with a rash that I eventually traced back to a reaction to the shortening in tube biscuits. Then, I had reactions to both sulfa drugs and ampicillin which I never did before. The little bit sick? There are days when I wake up feeling a little ill esp. when I’ve spent a lot of time outside. I’ve never slept well in beds other than the one I’m used to and even in my own my sleep is disrupted. My good news? I’ve been searching for that way to wholeness as well; a journey. In the last 16 months, I’ve learned techniques that are helping me move more into myself and my connections to the Universe. We are all pure consciousness and I’m coming into contact more and more with what that is. I’ve been writing in more detail in my own Journal unlike I’ve done. I’m actually gaining a longer attention span in that regard though there are times during the day that I don’t want to do something-like housekeeping. I’m fortunate that I have the tools to deal with this restlessness. Thanks so much for this article; it explains a good deal of why I’m feeling the way I do and my continuing “education” in this regard. Love and Light

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  2. Hi Katie,

    I love the fact that the wisdom I discovered as a teen back in the 70s (I was just a little too young to be a hippie, but I “got it”) is oozing out everywhere. We all feel better, more grounded, more chilled, more in touch with our higher self/spirit when we slow down, breath, and meditate. As one of many people who should have known this, I too am struggling to shake off a second virus in row… BUT it has reminded me to rest, sleep, listen to my inner self, write in my journal.

    I have been reminded over and over that we are all feeling these things. And of course one of the main resons for the repetition is of course that is how we all learn – for we are hard-wired to some degree. None of us are so clever or perfect (yet) to learn until we have had the lesson over and over and over. Some folk reckon the magic number is 70 – I hope that we don’t have to face every challenge 69 times before we get there, but if so, then so be it.

    Acceptance has been my repeating lesson and gift, allowing is just another way of saying it.

    Thank you for your wisdom, and for the affirmation and explanation of how and where we are becoming.

    With love,

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  3. Mallo says:

    Mike Dooley’s TUT website – Very highly recommended

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  4. james says:

    Hi, I have not long started a Personal journal, the problem is trying to remember to write something in it and trying to figure out what to put in it
    Peace and light James

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  5. Hi All – thank you so much for your comments – Yes!! I read TUT every single day! and his books too.

    Personal Journals – yes! Sometimes pictures are literally worth a 1000 words – I use my journals for my One Commands and dreams and I use them not just with words but as ongoing vision boards. I recently moved and found some old ones and all the things I was really passionate about have shown themselves.

    And Derby – I am old enough to be a hippie and was one – those were the days where I worked as a social worker during the week and on the weekends hung out at the beach and never saw a pair of shoes – but enjoyed lots of music and ‘philosophers’ – it was a grand time of hope.

    Again thank you all for your comments, hugs and blessings, Katie

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