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Free Teleseminar Replay and Guided Imagery – Energy Tools for Planetary Healing

Last Thursday Brad Yates and I and a number of our community got together and did some tapping and Energy Ball Creation and it was really powerful.

I mean really powerful.

Creating Energy Balls on your own is one thing – doing it after some EFT Tapping with Brad – and as a group – was something else.

And during the last 20 minutes Brad did a guided imagery session for us that was so powerful I could see the energy he had us scooping up from the sky around us.  And I was so relaxed I didn’t want to come back from that place he took us.

But I am glad I did – because after Brad ended the recording and just before he and I were about to hang up we were greeted by Kim calling in on skype from Tokyo (hi Kim :-) ).

Talking to Kim really brought home to me how small the world is – and just how much everything we are doing is making a difference – every time we stop and create and toss an energy ball towards Japan – every time we fill our hearts with love and light and direct it outwards – we are making a difference – and a much greater one then we can possibly imagine.

So – Kim – thank you so much for being on the call – and for talking to us – and it would be great if you could leave us a comment here and share with everyone a little bit of what you told Brad and I.

When you visit Energy Tools for Healing the Planet you can download both the call and the guided imagery.  Please do so – and listen – and participate – knowing that in doing so you are making the world a brighter place.

I am so grateful to be playing this game called life with everyone of you.  Together we are making a difference…

One Energy Ball at a Time :-)

With Joy and In Celebration of this Most Magnificent Journey


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Free Teleseminar Replay and Guided Imagery - Energy Tools for Planetary Healing, 7.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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2 Responses to “Free Teleseminar Replay and Guided Imagery – Energy Tools for Planetary Healing”

  1. Barbee says:

    What a wonderful meditation–thank you so very much. It was such a terrible day at work, and my head hurt and my shoulders held so much tension. All of that went away!
    When I was shopping for my parents last Saturday at several stores, I was sending lots of energy balls to as many shoppers as possible; and was growing rather discouraged, feeling like I was just wasting my time. At the last store, I sent an energy ball to a little girl who maybe was one and a half, just barely walking. She had her back to me. When I envisoned the light flowing over her, she turned and stared at me. She continued to stare at me as she was walking off, nearly crashing into things. She felt that and it was all I needed to continue to send energy balls.

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  2. [...] not – then it’s about time – and a great way to start may be with this teleseminar he and I did last year where we created Energy Balls and sent them flying over to japan.  [...]

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