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Free Super Mind Music Album: Contemplation Stimulation:Classical Peace – This Week Only !!!!

We are so grateful to be connected to every member of our community – and in appreciation for all the love you have passed our way we wanted to do something very special.

And so the week beginning February 10 is Love and Peace week at http://mindpowermp3.com and we have been doing our best to make the whole week a beautiful celebration.

For the first time ever we are offering a…

Free Super Mind Music Album Download


Free Super Mind Music Album


Download your free Super Mind Music Album

This 52 minute long track contains various frequency ranges that will help you achieve peace of mind as it facilitates deep, contemplative and profound thinking. It is also perfect for boosting creativity, light meditation and enhanced reading. The track also uses a brand new brainwave entrainment technique (see below).

Highlights of the music include great baroque oboe concertos by Albinoni, the Tchaikovsky “Nocturn”, a lyrical piece for solo cello and orchestra and the famous “Romanze”, by Mozart, from his Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

We recommend using this track in the following ways…

Contemplative Thinking

Use this track to contemplate and explore new possibilities. For instance we like to use this track when thinking about the wonders of the universe :-)

Light Meditation

Many people like to use this track for light meditation and fostering a peaceful way of being. The frequencies used in this track can help you sustain and hold one thought or idea in your mind for an extended amount of time.

Enhanced Reading

Because this track fosters a peaceful way of being and contemplative thinking, we encourage people to use this track while reading stories, positive fiction or reference books that are meant to stimulate thought.

Track Specifics

This track is constructed with frequencies that move between 6.5 cycles per second and 17 cycles per second. This track cycles between the higher ranges and lower ranges several times. Moving up and down in these frequency ranges not only helps to train you how to relax and feel peaceful, it also helps you think about things in ways that may have eluded you in the past.

We have constructed this track with a few different (virtually unnoticeable ) curiosities. The left and the right stereo channels output virtually the exact same frequencies at all time except when ramping up or down between frequencies.

What this means…

When the track is playing a consistent 6.5 cycles per second, the output is identical for both the right and left channels. When the track is moving from a consistent 6.5 cycles per second to a consistent 12 cycles per second, the output is slightly different in each stereo channel during the time it takes to move from 6.5 to 12 cycles per second. Once the 12 cycles per second is reached, the output is identical on both the right and left sides.

The process used to create the ramping up and down is a proprietary.

Brand new brainwave entrainment technique

Why did we do this? Well It’s part of a secret new technique that helps simulate natural transitions between one state and another thereby reducing resistance to entrainment.  It also makes the brainwave entrainment barely audible, so the beautiful music can be enjoyed enhanced …and almost exactly like the original.

Download yourFree Super Mind Music Album

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