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Free Music to Feel Better Song Sampler – A Gift from Tupelo Kenyon

Hi, I’m Tupelo Kenyon and I would like to give you a free album of music, deliberately composed and performed to inspire, uplift and empower.

Feel Better Song Sampler

There is a place deep inside where very few things can touch us. But music can. Music has access to our feelings. It communicates with our emotions directly.

Knowing that, we can fortify our self-confidence and bolster our sense of personal power simply by choosing to listen to positive, soothing, empowering music.

To manifest the good stuff in our lives – to feel better and attract what we really want, it’s imperative to feed our minds a steady diet of the good stuff that
provides balanced nutrition. This idea of “garbage in . . . garbage out” applies to all areas of our lives: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Your “Music to Feel Better Song Sampler” album will put you on the fast track to feeling better by replacing the typical negative garbage in the media with positive, uplifting, empowering influences.

• Not preachy.
• Never “my thunder is louder than yours” . . . just songs deliberately composed to help you and me feel a little better.
• Because I can.
• Because I love it.

I just love the feeling of being inspired

My songs don’t endorse or recommend any particular “brand” of inspiration.

My intent is . . .

for the songs to help ignite YOUR personal lightening storm in order to directly experience your own thunder . . .
your own personal inner truths.

So, click on the link below and you can download your free “Music to Feel Better” Song Sampler album immediately. An inspiring video will begin playing automatically – also free. There’s more free music and videos available. Lots more. Here’s the link to see the first video and download the first album right now:

Feel Better Song Sampler

Celebrate Life,

Tupelo Kenyon

The Evolution Ezine may receive a commission if you place an order after clicking a link in this post.  This helps us keep the ezine free of charge.  We thank you for your continued support

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