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Free Music Download to Open Your Heart

A few weeks ago we were blessed to be able to offer you some of Joel Wallach’s music, with accompanying meditation.

I am thrilled to state we get to do it again :)

To access the firstĀ  recording: Free Gift from the Heart

To Learn more about Joel and his work visit Who is Joel Bruce Wallach

Life Keeps Getting Better and Better

Meditation 1: Simplicity Recognized

Click here to Listen to “Simplicity Recognized”

Moving beyond illusion, you discover simple truths within.

Some truths are so basic that they seem obvious, and this can be a pleasant,
refreshing revelation.

As you immerse your attention in these inner simple truths, the space for
grace expands.

Let the grace space expand from your core, opening up all around you, giving
you more room to be, and to breathe in your essential truth.

Some of the truths are as simple as noticing that you are still you, and
that you exist as you from moment to moment.

Such simple truths have depth and presence, for everything has an energy,
and you can let yourself feel the energy of these truths, subtle and simple
though they may be.

From these humble recognitions, you gently expand your awareness to notice
that you are part of the universe, and that there is a deep harmony and
order in the universe.

Amidst the complexity of the universe, there is the grace of simplicity, for
everything within the universe is made of the same essential substance, and
you can feel that essential substance now.

As you feel into the universal energy, you are delighted to find that it is
everywhere, and that you are safe with the universal energy.

Each breath lets you quietly breathe the universal energy in and out of you.

This helps you recognize the simplicity within the universe, within your
life, and within all that exists.

To Download Right click and save as: Simplicity Recognized

Touch of Grace.


To order all 15 songs on Awakening Touch Of Grace:


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2 Responses to “Free Music Download to Open Your Heart”

  1. Ruth Read says:

    Thank you Joel. I love this music. I do already have the whole CD. I got it from CD Baby online. I think it does make a big difference in how I paint when I listen and paint. I can feel the different patterns in the music and my soul resonates with it. Magical.

    I tried the above meditations and they feel so good. I completely lose the feeling that I have a body. I have had to wiggle my fingers to see if I am still here. I am so grateful for the music. At first I thought I was just daydreaming and tried to direct my dream. It worked better for me when I brought the dream up and then let the dream take over. Guiding myself back when I drifted off course.

    Just fantastic. Thank you again.

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  2. Thanks for the free music download. I hope to listen to it and enjoy the benefits.

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