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Free MP3: Activate Your Inner Healer :-)

Use the power of your mind to heal your body!  You have an Inner Healer that when activated knows exactly what to do to get you healthy and keep you healthy. Your Inner Healer is a powerful ally for bringing your body, mind and spirit together for healing on all levels, not just physically.

Underneath every pain and every illness is an unheard message from your body.

Chronic pain or poor health is your body’s way of saying “Pay attention here. Something is out of balance. It’s time to do something.”

In this teleseminar you learn to pay attention to those messages and begin making new choices about your health. This content rich call also includes a powerful tool for instantly changing your beliefs that contribute to poor health and a deep level healing meditation to enhance and integrate the healing.

Listen to Activate Your Inner Healer and discover for yourself how to take charge of your health, become partners with your body to enjoy greater health and vitality.

To Download your copy of this recording just right click on Activate Your Inner Healer and then save as (or save target as)

Bonnie is a trained medical intuitive, coach, and teacher with 25 years of experience in the healing field. She is founder of InnerResources, co-founder of The Brave Woman series and co-author of the Nightingale-Conant program The Theta Code – the key to finding your own etheric healing blueprint.  Contact her at 253-719-8167 or bonnie@inner-resources.net.  Visit her website at www.inner-resources.net and sign up for a free consultation.

Awaken the Brave Woman Within

Break through now to all you are meant to be.

Step off the curb and into your own greatness.

You are aware at many levels that you are in transition from your ‘ordinary’ self to your extraordinary self. You are breaking through to the greater capacity that fulfills your dreams and fulfills your destiny. And it may be that your dream is to be the greatest grandmother in the world, or be the first female president, whatever it is, it lives in your heart and now you can own it.

Coming up November 19th – The Brave Woman & The Freedom of Gratitude           – Repurpose Your Life

Gratitude is a Powerful Tool for Change – science has demonstrated it and people have validated it.  Join us to learn how to use Gratitude as a tool to change YOUR life!  To Learn More Just Visit:   The Freedom of Gratitude

Dr. Katie Garnett &  Bonnie Strehlow, MHA

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