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Free Lucid Dreaming Mp3

This is continuing our series of free subliminal mp3s we are giving away in partnership with Real Subliminal. Last time we gave away one of their most popular albums in the law of attraction niche titled Attitude of Gratitude, keep reading as this week we have another fantastic album to offer you!

Please be assured there is no catch, there is no hidden cost, or charge later on – this album is 100% free, both ourselves and Real Subliminal have made this agreement to give away some free albums purely to raise interest in subliminal audio and to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Read on below to find out more about this album, or if you are brand new to subliminal audio then check out our master article on how subliminal audio works.

Your Second Free Album – Lucid Dreaming Subliminal MP3s

This week’s free subliminal audio from Real Subliminal is an album called Induce Lucid Dreaming:

Download Induce Lucid Dreaming Here

This album works by entering your subconscious mind and implanting subliminal suggestions to help get you into a state of mind where you are more likely to have a lucid dream.

One simple practice to induce lucid dreaming is to repeat to yourself over and over as you lie in bed that you will be dreaming, that you will remember your dream and that you will have full control over your dream. This is a really simple method, but often it is not enough.

This subliminal album works on the same principles, only that it sends these kinds of suggestions directly into your subconscious mind, so that not only are you consciously thinking about lucid dreaming but your lucid dreaming goals penetrate right through into your subconscious mind too – so that your entire conscious and subconscious mind are working towards the same goal and you will be much more likely to have a lucid dream.

For best results listen to this album just before you go to bed so that the subliminal messages are fresh on your unconscious mind.

Whether you want to fly to the moon, meet celebrities, or simply gain power and control over your nightmares this subliminal audio download will help you to induce a lucid dream state and over time to increase your lucid dreaming skills.

Download this album here, it usually sells for $11.97, in-case you don’t believe us here is the regular sales page , but don’t buy it, download it in full (exclusively from Evolution Ezine), for FREE here:

Download Induce Lucid Dreaming Here

Here are a couple of experiences from people who have used this album recently (and if you would like to share your experience too please leave a comment below!)

I had a lucid dream the first night after using your mp3s, I can’t believed it worked that fast. In my dream I just became aware that I was dreaming while I was on a train with some friends, I said to myself that I diddn’t want to be on a train, so I went through a door and was at a music concert instead, I think I was too excited that it worked and I was lucid and woke up just after then :) WOW Thanks so much, I cant wait for my next dream now :)
Jenny Jackson, Columbus, Ohio, USA

It is to soon to say but after I have listened to the CD, my dreams became longer and more vivid. I think it is something good in those messages.
Gheorghe Petrescu, Mount Rainier, USA

Download this album in full (exclusively from Evolution Ezine), for FREE!

Download Induce Lucid Dreaming Here

p.s. if you like this album here are some others you might want to take a look at: Remember Dreams, Easy Astral Projection , Aura Viewing ,  and Deep Meditation .


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4 Responses to “Free Lucid Dreaming Mp3”

  1. Tatiana says:

    Thank you but the link doesn´t work!

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  2. Gertrude says:

    i was opting for the stop caring what others think mp3. instead there is again the link to lucide dreaming.
    As i am in a bit of a state, due to trying to get out of a toxic contact, i never saw or wanted as a relationship, but entered into as a professional healthadviser, ending up being used for free advice and ultimately having my ptsd childhoodtrauma fully triggered.
    Hope it will work like homeopathy in the end, like curing like. For now i am just hanging on in sheer panic.

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  3. Dan says:

    the link doesn’t work. only brings up a blank page supposedly having a .gif image.

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