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Free Listening ‘Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica’ for pain relief, anti aging and more

Our newest Super Mind Music album  – Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica – may be the most “potent” yet – or at least the one you discover not only “eases” your familiar aches and pains – but makes them nothing but a distant memory…

Other benefits of increasing delta brainwaves include:

* Human growth hormone (HGH) release * Extreme bliss * Advanced healing of mind and body * Deep connection with subconscious * Deepest level of relaxation * Increased psychic abilities * Boost immune system * Perfect intuition

Pretty cool – right :-)

Here’s the scoop…

Typically we experience Delta Brain Wave patterns only during deep sleep – and it is during “deep sleep”  that our body gets to “truly” relax – which essentially “turns on” the bodies ability to rejuvenate and heal.

While in Deep Delta the bodies limbic system moves into a state of balance (day to day stress plays a number on it) – and the pituitary gland is free to release growth hormone (which isn’t just for babies – growth hormone is essential in cell rejuvenation).  In general during deep delta our body is bathed in the chemicals it needs to reset and rebalance – and when we don’t  get our daily dose of delta – well – we pay the price…

Sleep scientists are discovering that those experiencing chronic pain are not entering these deepest levels of sleep – their bodies/minds are just not allowing that much relaxation.  And the lack of this time in Delta is (may be) causing the limbic system to move even more out of whack – which is causing an even greater inflammation in the system – which is increasing the pain level – which is making  it more difficult to enter deep sleep – which is….

Well – you get the picture

To Break the Cycle….

We have created an audio – which we have named Deep Delta – Elixir Acoustica -  which has been designed to teach your brain how to easily entrain into Deep Delta.  Over time (how many listenings will depend upon the individual) it is expected that a portion of your brain will begin to ease into Deep Delta – which will then turn on all the relaxation and restorative functions of the Delta state.

Listen to the whole album for free here

We expect you to discover….

*You will be able to control your moods with ease

*Chronic pain will dissolve – not because the symptoms are being masked (we will leave that job to the little white pills) but because your body can enter the state that allows natural anti inflammatory chemicals to flow through your system – as well as growth hormones and other chemicals that act to rejuvenate and heal.

*You will begin to sleep better, deeper at night – as your system relaxes and remembers

What if if my pain isn’t Chronic?

We expect this audio to also be effective for the occasional headache – or pain from over exertion or a bug bite or just about anything else – once your body/mind learns how to entrain to it.   So our recommendation is – for those who want to play with the idea of putting those little pills in the back of the closet – to listen to this audio daily for 3 or 4 weeks to get yourself entrained to delta – and then check it out the next time that unexpected headache hits….

How to Use Deep Delta – Elixir Acoustica

For Optimal Results….

*Use Headphones

*Listen once, perhaps even twice a day (but no more than twice)

*Sit quietly during your session, using the time for Relaxation, Meditation, Healing Codes, EFT, etc.  Let this be your time to be without adding any additional stress or strain to your body system.  (The audio will also be effective if you read, or check emails, or anything else you can safely do in an altered state – but if you are looking for the most effective use of the audio practice stillness…)

*Open to the possibility it will be 1-3 weeks, perhaps even more, before you really begin to notice any effects.  If you have been carrying around chronic pain for awhile your body/mind may need to ease into a different way of being.  Give it that time and be prepared to be very pleasantly rewarded.

Want a taste?

When you visit the  Free Listening page, you will be taken to a page with a very special offer.  Not only will you have access to Free Listening for 24 hours, you will also be given the opportunity to purchase both versions of this audio for the Special Introductory price of $12.95

—————-But only for 24 hours———————-

Why 2 Versions?

We have learned that some people with chronic pain/auto immune concerns have had some uncomfortable side effects from brain wave entrainment and have not been able to listen to it.  So, to be able to get this work to those who can really benefit we have created a “lighter” version to help ease you into the work – with the thought that as you begin to relax it will become easier to work with the more intense version. (that said – please read the “who can safely use bwe” section on the free listening page and make your decision accordingly)

Are You a Super Mind VIP Member?

As a Super Mind VIP member you will be given free streaming of these audios – as well as a limited time free download – but not until next week.

This audio is so new we haven’t set it up in the VIP Club yet – but we didn’t want to wait to get it to you – as soon as we realized what we had we wanted to make it available to everyone that can benefit.

We are really excited about it’s potential.

Not yet a VIP Member?  Signing up is easy – just visit VIP Trial Membership for all the details…

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Free Listening 'Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica' for pain relief, anti aging and more, 8.3 out of 10 based on 21 ratings
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2 Responses to “Free Listening ‘Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica’ for pain relief, anti aging and more”

  1. Tatiana says:

    Thank you so much for the free listening of this beautiful piece of wonderful music. I did feel relief, I had a strong headache and it slowly disappear after listening the track. Very timely!
    Many, many thanks!

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  2. Jose Loyola says:

    I am a subscriber of Evolution Ezine and payed for the music which I often listen at home, the only problem I have is when I receive the emails with new or free material to listen in your website, the player (Yellow button with the black arrow ) is never active, I click it and nothing happens….. any help in this matter will be much appreciated.

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